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I have a simply amazing deal for you.. This special is good through the end of the year. GoDaddy Advanced 4GH hosting is hosted across multiple servers with proprietary Dynamic Traffic Management. No longer will you have to worry about some rogue website using up all a servers resources. You are assured high performance of your website at all times GoDaddy Hosting is Easy-to-manage and affordable. It’s the next generation of Web Hosting.

Some of the Features of 4th Generation Hosting:

  • Hosted Across a cluster of Servers!
  • Automatically Scales as your Traffic does
  • Site scanned daily for vulnerabilities
  • Protection against DOS attacks
  • Easy to use and manage through  control panel
  • Protected against URL Spoofing
  • Plus you get Free a $100.00 Google Credits
  • FREE! 10 Fotolia® photo credits

Get 3 months of shared economy hosting for $1.99/month, after which price increases to regular list price. Note: Use one of my renewal codes to lower the price after 3 months. Offer available for new hosting plans only (not renewals). Use Promo Code Geek11

This is the perfect Christmas Present! Deal Valid November 15th through December 31st!

GoDaddy Website Tonight Special Offer

Want a website but really do not have the technical chops to build one. The folks at GoDaddy have a great product called, GoDaddy Website Tonight.  That will help people that are less technical enabling them to quickly launch an optimally designed website.

They have over 3,000 design and color combinations, with 120 pre-built websites they make it even easier select a style edit the text and graphics and you are ready to launch.

Here is the best part. The site pays for itself with the premium  account you get $100 Advertising Credits for Google®, $100 Bing™ / Yahoo!® Search Credit, $50 Advertising for Facebook®, 10 Fotolia Credits restrictions do apply on these credits so be sure to check the website disclaimers.

There is a great product overview and you can see actual websites designed within GoDaddy Website Tonight.

Note: What I really love about this product is with other GoDaddy services available you can integrate shopping carts and whole host of other services no longer do you have to pay someone thousands of dollars to design you a website.

Offer: 20% off WebSite Tonight plans (12 months or longer) Use Code Geek12
This promotion above expires on November 15th, 2011

Disclaimer: GoDaddy is a paid sponsor of this website. This website is hosted on a GoDaddy server which I pay for. All products that I endorse at GoDaddy are products that I have trialed and used and carry my personal recommendation.

GoDaddy Online File Folder Special

Want a better way to back up, store and share your files? I have a great deal for you over the next two weeks. GoDaddy Online File Folder is a secure, affordable way to access to all your documents, photos, music and more! This is your own online network drive, where you can back up, store, retrieve and share your data from any online computer or even your iPhone®. You can even access the files with your iPhone.

Some of the cool features

  • Share with Friends and Co-Workers
  • Store Any file Type Easily
  • Backup Files Securely
  • Access Files almost anywhere anytume
  • Seamless Integration with other GoDaddy Services

Get the Deluxe Plan for  $1.99/mo (12 months or longer)  Use my GoDaddy Promo Code “geekfile

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GoDaddy has made available the most amazing hosting offer eve!. Sign up for a GoDaddy Web Hosting account and get web hosting at $1.99 “per month” for the first 3 months. This is simply a crazy offer and you can only find it here at Geek News Central.

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Godaddy Special Short Time Offers!

I have several short term special GoDaddy deals that are quite remarkable. These Special offers will not last long. Be sure to pay attention to the promotion codes and instructions on how to utilize them.

GoDaddy Deal #1
Free .info with $7.49 .com purchase
New domains, first year only!
Promo Code: This deal has expired!
Important: Once you choose a .com domain on the search page the .info will appear in the list and the price will be free. User needs to check that box and continue to the cart.

GoDaddy Deal #2
Offer: .co domain for $10.99
Promo code: geekjune
Expires: June 30, 2011

Godaddy Deal #3
Get FREE Private Registration ($9.99/yr value) when you register or transfer one or more domains
Promo Code: GeekFree
Expires June 30, 2011

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GoDaddy .co domains for $9.49 One Week Special!

This .co special is for a very short time frame, and is an “exclusive” offer here at Geek News Central. Starting “now” aka 7pm CST May 30th and for the next 7 days only you can get a .co domain for $9.49 this is a historically  low price. Get your .co domain now to complement your current .com domain name.  Follow this link for all the details. Note this is for a 1 year registration!

Promo Code at Checkout is “Geek949

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Also congratulations for Danica Patrick’s great finish at the 100th running of the Indy 500 this past weekend.

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GoDaddy Super Bowl Advertisements

While not everyone likes the GoDaddy Super Bowl advertisements, you have to admit this year, they really threw us a curve ball in announcing the latest girl. While I am sure they used some video editing to give the new GoDaddy girl the figure of a 21 year old . I really did find the angle of the ad as the work of a genius.

If you have not seen the new GoDaddy girl, I am not going to spoil it for you as you have to watch the ad yourself. Congrats to the GoDaddy team for making me laugh during the Super Bowl, very few ads this year did that.

Bob Parsons is the man in coming up with a marketing message that guarantees everyone knows who the leader is in domain registrations is.

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GoDaddy Offer New GoDaddy Customers 25% Off

GoDaddy is one of our key Sponsors for our CES 2011 coverage. They have put together a deal that is simply amazing. Until March 31, 2011 new customers can get 25% off their first order by using the promo code CES25.

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GNC-2010-09-28 #614 Giveaways Galore

This weekend simply crushed me and it hit me like a ton of bricks during the show tonight. Nevertheless the show has to go on. Details in the show and some cool pictures at the bottom of the show notes. Saw the F22 Raptor perform at an airshow this weekend and what an amazing airplane. Two new contest started on tonights show listen to win.

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A couple of Pictures from the 2010 Kaneohe Bay Hawaii Air Show on Saturday!

The Best Flight Demo Team in the World! The Blue Angels!