Interesting Group of people at Gnomedex!

Having participated in vastly different conferences in my regular JOB. I must say that the mix of people attending Gnomedex is a mix of users, software developers and trend setters. Was able to meet up with my GoDaddy representative today, and we had a nice chat. For those companies looking to start advertising on podcast, GoDaddy is very happy with the performance of the Ads in the Geek News Central Podcast.

Ironically very little talk of the commercialization of podcasting thus far. Lot’s of questions from companies wanting to know how thing are going, and I am telling them they need to jump on board.

The Gillmor Gang at Gnomedex

The Gillmore gang at Gnomdex, Steve Gillmor, Daug Kaye, Dave Winer, Adam Curry, Dan Gillmor, Dean Hachamovitch and Robert Scoble on the Mic

They discussed the history of podcasting and some of the discussions adam had with Apple, in that Adam encouraged Apple to build a directory from his exsisting directory, dave has asked Microsoft if they are going to get onboard with OPML and build their own directory, Dean did not really answer the question. Steve attempted to nail down Dean on whether all of the RSS data that they are intergrating into Longhorn will be able to be touched by other developers and the answer was a maybe. The point Steve was trying to drive home was a prelude to the next topic on Attention XML and how Microsoft is going to play in this space.

Adam was asked how apple is going to play in the podcasting realm and thinks that Apple will make deals with big media but he thinks people will react the same way to big media today that if the content is boring now it will be when it is put on podcast. But he thinks that once the masses realize they can create content we will see a significant shift in media consumption.

Dave extended the comments in that the podcasting can move to video and other media types and once the media realizes they have to compete with those of us already in the space they are not going to be happy about.

Discussion turned to metadata in the audio content with the limitation of the ID3 tags and the encouragement for people to really look at Media RSS like Yahoo has adopted. If you are not familiar with Media RSS I suggest you go to Lucas Gonze website at

IE version 7.0 demonstrated

Microsoft is saying they are betting big on RSS in Longhorn and IE 7

1st Throughout Windows RSS enabled
2nd provide a RSS platform that will help expand RSS
3rd Cover more scenarios

Internet Explorer version 7 automatically detects rss and shows a view that people can see the feed in a readable format and it integrates directly with RSS aggregators. They are creating an my feed directory like you have my pictures which will contain all of your feeds that will integrate with all RSS Aggreators.

Dave Winer’s presentation

Is talking about the Internet being a platform without a platform vendor, dave is hinting that Microsoft is going to go with the flow, RSS is the flow. Dave is talking about RSS not being controlled and that it is not owned by anyone. With the wireless connection fixed Dave is now demonstrating his new OPML editor which He is updating his weblog nearly instantaneous with any waiting for pages to rebuild. The depth in which you can do editing is amazing. Their are collaboration tools built in.

Note: Connectivity here is really bad.

Live Stream from Gnomedex! will feature a live streaming link from Chris Pirillo’s Gnomedex 5.0.

Courtesy of Rob Greenlee, the remote features a 3 microphone set-up from the floor at the conference. As the team of Rob, Andy and Todd are able to line-up guests, a list of streaming times will be posted so that you can listen live. Check this link after 8:00 AM Pacific Time on June 24 and 25 for some great audio content from one of the most talked about conferences of the year.

(this is a Windows Media stream)


Geek News Central Podcast #76 2005-06-24

Short show on initial meet up of Gnomedex conference attendees. We will have update all day tomorrow so please stay tuned to the site. Very short non traditional show. It is midnight here so a very short podcast.

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Be sure to watch these Gnomedex participants tomorrow, Dave Winer, Robert Scoble, Audible lots more information tomorrow.



Bags are Packed and were ready to roll to Gnomedex

Well the portable podcast production studio is packed. My portable rig has fresh batteries in it. I have triple checked the cables and wires that I will need and my suitcase is loaded. Homework is done for the week and I am ready to jet out of here tomorrow afternoon and be ready to hit the streets in Seattle Thursday. I’m excited and it should be a lot of fun.