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Fiilex Features Spectacular Lighting Kits at NAB

Fiilex logoFiilex features two of their lighting kits at NAB 2014. They are the K302 Kit and the new K681 Kit. These professional lighting products have a little something extra for people whose work requires spectacular lighting solutions.

The K302 Lighting Kit has three P360EX lights with enhanced weather protection. The light has an IP-24 rating. It can handle high humidity, extreme cold, and downpours. The Fillex lights are two lights in one. They have color tunability between 3000-5600K.

It is one of their first lights to feature DMX control, which is made possible by the optional DMX Connection Box. One box lets you daisy chain all of your lights together and control them all through one panel. Or, you can use multiple boxes for individual control.

The K302 Lighting Kit includes three P360EX Lights with Barndoors, three AC/DC power adaptors, three Reverse Leg Light Stands, a 15” x 15” softbox, a speedring, and a rolling travel case. It can give you professional results in challenging or varied environments.

The new K681 Lighting Kit has six of their award winning P180E lights. The lights weigh 1.2 pounds each and have 200W equivalent output (40W draw). They are color tunable from 3000-5600K, and all with a CRI >92. The P180E can run off AC or DC power. You can plug them into standard broadcast batteries or even a car charger.

The lights have a life expectancy of over 40,000 hours. The K302 Lighting Kit has the IP-24 rating, which means it can withstand rain, snow, or sleet. Add the optional rain shield and you get IP-25 protection. The K681 Lighting Kit is comprised of six P180E Lights with Barndoors, six AC/DC power adapters, three Reverse Leg Light Stands, two Back Light Stands, a Cold Shoe Mount with Stud and a rolling travel case.

You can find Fiilex at booth number C12649 at NAB 2014.