GNC-2010-07-02 #589 Chrome Takes a Dive!

The Lenova A63 Giveaway is happening now Listen to Win. The only way to Win is to Listen and act before the show on July 6th! I talk in depth about the July Fund Raiser. I understand some of you will have reservations but if you have thought about supporting the show. This will be the month to do it. I would like to raise $10,000 between now and the end of the month. Big number I know but I have some incentives for those that donate. Thank you in advance your contribution will go toward a major upgrade in the studio!

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Good Genes in your Family?
Instaload Batteries.
Tracking your Movements by your Hair!
Shuttle Launch Schedule.
Plagiarism Cheating Guide to College.
TwitPics looses their minds!
No Fly List what would you do?
Flying Car a Go!

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GNC-2010-02-12 #551 New Studio Layout

Fellows, our wives always know best we are often to stubborn to realize it. The new Studio layout is pretty good needs some tweaks but I think it will make for a better video experience over the long term. Lots of tech, lots of ancillary discussions about tonights show. While I was down and out sick one day this week a lot was accomplished and I have plenty to share in the tech world.

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$9.99 is not a good price for a Book?
Gaming Sales EXPLODE when Discounted!
Mud Volcano Man Made Craziness!
Hey Google over here for 1Gbps!
Martian Dune Formation still a mystery in my Opinion!
Shopper + Walmart + Bat + TV = Jail
Progress makes Approach to ISS on Video!
Do you go down Memory Lane on the Net?
YouTube Video Speed Measuring!
Google KILLS Music sites claims DMCA?
Endeavor docs at ISS.

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