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ECOVACS is Cleaning Up CES 2017 with UNIBOT

EcovacsWho’s ready to leave the housework to someone else? I know I sure am. Unfortunately, my life choices haven’t really worked out in such a way that I can afford to pay for housekeeping. Regardless, we are now truly entering the World of Tomorrow here in the 21st century. And that means robots. More specifically, robots that will clean your house. The future is indeed a wonderful time to be alive!

Robotics company ECOVACS returned to CES this year to show off its latest creation, UNIBOT:

UNIBOT combines floor cleaning and air purification with aspects of household monitoring and security, as well as the control of various household devices in the owner’s home. The new home management robot combines quality and efficiency with cutting edge technologies from existing floor cleaning modules, home management modules, air purification modules and humidification modules into a single, programmable, versatile unit.

So, this UNIBOT is like a Roomba combined with an air filter and a humidifier? That’s a pretty versatile thing to have around the modern home:

…floor cleaning robot, and is further enhanced with other modules to create a totally customizable, intelligent and novel customer experience. This allows ECOVACS to advance to the next stage in its long-term plan – that is, household appliances which are no longer just single-function tools, but are now multi-functional home management systems.

Looks like UNIBOT isn’t the full solution for all of your housekeeping needs. But it’s definitely a step in the right direction. No information is yet available as to when UNIBOT will be on the market or how much it’ll cost.

Ecovacs Robotics Deebot DA60 is Cleaning Up at CES

DeebotCleaning house. It’s almost as inevitable as death and taxes. Unless of course, you’ve got a helper that can cut thru the tedium of the task. Robotic household cleaners aren’t new. Many devices have been devised over the last 15 years to vacuum, wash, and sweep messy floors. Ecovacs has been working in this space for awhile and it’s bringing its latest robotic helper to CES 2016 in the form of the Deebot DA60, nicknamed “Slim.”

Slim is so-named because of it’s somewhat diminutive stature. Measuring only two inches tall, the Deebot Slim is a smart robotic vacuum designed for use on bare floors. The device is smart enough to detect stairs as well as objects in its path, so it can be used in almost any environment. Slim is designed to automatically clean once per day without having to be manually activated. That means you can really “set it and forget it” when it comes to floor cleaning.

Deebot Slim features a no-tangle direct suction system that automatically adjusts to uneven surfaces as it moves thru the environment. The robo cleaner works great as a vacuum but it can also pull mop duty thru the application of the included mop attachment and microfiber pad.

The Deebot Slim is on display at the Ecovacs Robotics booth in the Sands Expo Center, booth #72545 during CES 2016.