GNC-2010-05-14 #575 Machine is Fired!

Well as many of you experienced on the last show the audio went downhill at 1:11 minutes. Tonight it happened again! Backup recorder saved the day, meanwhile the machine in question has been fired and a replacement has been ordered from Sweetwater. Having issues like this is unacceptable to me at this point. Otherwise show went off without a hitch and I have a pile of stuff to share. Their will be a meetup on 5-22 in Coldwater Michigan. Listen for details. Special version of Geek News Central Insider coming be a Insider!

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Listener Links:
DNA Robots!
Boxee to have eCommerce Tie in!
Satellite out of control!

Show Links:
Phones moving more data than voice.
Prom Dress wars!
More Botnets controlled by Twitter!
Fungus Conspiracy!
Mini Bluetooth Keyboard.
iPhone for Verizon?
STS-132 Launch Today!
Pirate Bay ISP Ordered to shut em down!
Netural Net Neutrality Bill?
Fiber in your City?
Judge Rules against Limewire Chairman.
EC2 taken out by Car.
End of the World?
Subway has Lost It.
Hulu says no to HTML5.
Skype 5 Way Video Chat.
Skype no to Windows Mobile 7.
** Secret Mission of the Terminator!
Sony Looses more money.
Bing Navigation.
Have a 100k for Space Ticket?
PS3 Supercomputers Locked Out.
Adobe’s Hail Marry.
Philip’s LED bulb.
13 Port USB Hub.
Privacy and Facebook Origins.
North Korea attains Nuclear Fusion? 😉
Gold Dispensing ATM Machine.
Hotmail set for comeback?
Verizons plan to crush all carriers.
Broadband Demand Up!
See the Moon on MoonZoo.
Content Distribution Strategies.
Scoble to Facebook.
Are you from Future?

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GNC-2009-12-15 #536 Big Announcement Today

First of all folks I may have to go on Emergency travel, if I do I will have a guest host step in. No details I am willing to talk about at this point but I could be gone a couple of weeks. Second thing I make a pretty major announcement on the show which is surely to drive some comments one way or the other. But I explain all in detail on the show. Don’t worry I’m not changing anything show stays the same.

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Listener Links:
Link that is related to my announcement tonight!
Fact Check on Climategate

Show Notes:
Is it the Phone or is it the Service?
German Government to clean computers?
Google to shake up Mobile Industry!
Facebook CEO forced to show some Details.
UK Old Computers cannot collect Taxes?
Google employees drinking the Koolaid
Forecast 2010 from Business Week.
Best Buy King?
Contributors fro Twitter.
Cannon EOS 7d
Calibrate that TV?
Google Shrinks?
Domains go International in EU
Amazon bids EC2 Time Auction Style.
Turn that TV Ad down!
Super Earth only 28 Light Years Away!
Paypal 150k Challenge.
BluRay RIP?
Did your Business cut the Land Lines?
Delta 2 Launch!
2010 NASA Budget Approved.
Mars Orbiter Update!
Should FCC take back TV frequencies?
Chevy Autonet $199.00 for 7 Models.
Free Screencasting Tools.
Socialize your Twitter Feed (Gag)
Newspapers Self Imploding.

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GNC-2009-06-12 #485 On the Road again

This will be like the US Tour de Todd as I will be all over the place over the next week. No meetups as I will have little time between each stop. I will have another early live show with hopefully no issues on Monday around 9pm Eastern

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Show Topic Notes:
Six-Core Intel Nehalem
Zeo’s Sleep Coach
Linux get USB 3.0 Drivers First!
Sharp LED Light
Amazon EC2 Outage Issues.
Virgin Mobile in US to sell Prepaid Mobile Broadband Cards!
Sad Stats on Low Income Broadband Penetration.
Outlook Users can now Sync to Google
Scoble Building43 Info
Get your Facebook Username Saturday at 0000 EST
How to remove Google Penalty.
Microsoft Money R.I.P.
Data Centers Behind the Scenes
Microsoft Anti-Virus Program for free?
Periodic Table to get new Element
Japanese Crash a Spacecraft into the Moon.
Endeavor launch count underway!
Fair Use Defense thrown out in New P2P trial!
UK P2P users largely ignore warning letters!
Class Action Suit against RIAA?
DJ’s Greed lands them in Jail
New Chinese PC’s can be Hacked Easily!
Trojans targeting Mac’s
Doom for your iPhone (I’m in)
Digital TV day of Doom is here :)
Earth to play bumper planets.
Technicians find bad stuff on PC get ready for Jail.
Play Free Poker 😉 watch the fed banking lock down.
Student Programming work can be posted online. (This case may be Unique)
Fake User name in Texas may become Illegal.
Sirius / XM bills going up to pay Artist
Elsevier Reveals more on Fake Journals
DVD Jon gets over on Apple Big Time!
Teen figures out longtime illness on her own!
When your time is up your time is up!

GNC-2009-05-18 #478 TWC Call at End of Show

Official show ends 10 minutes before end of Audio file. Some bonus material after the end of the show. Lot’s to share tonight had a great weekend, hooked up with Trucker Tom we hit Fry’s and Guitar Center aka Geek Heaven. Lots of tech news tonight and congrats of course to the Hubble Heroes for their great work on Hubble!

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Listener Links:
Comcast Increases Lobbying Budget
Windows 7 Beta System Capabilities Check
Ann Arbor News R.I.P.
Soldiers being prepared for Telepathy???
Airman Notices Fuel Leak on Commercial Aircraft.

Show Topic Notes:
Hubble Heroes
Twitter and Facebook competing with Google?
AT&T Reduced iPhone Data Plans!
WiFi for your Camera
Massage chair for the brave!
Machines versus Man?
Plug guide for worldwide travelers.
FIOS from a Reseller at reduced prices!
Walmart replacing Compusa and Circuit City?
NASA tools used on Hubble
Tech IPO are back for profitable companies.
How much is your site worth if you want to sell.
Sarbanes Oaxley on chopping block?
Amazon EC2 adds automatic expansion.
Craigslist ask for Apology from S.C. Attorney General.
Seek and you shall find Twitter Users!
PowerPress plug thanks for the Mention.
Awesome Hubble Mission Pictures from
P2P Filesharing is Fair Use?
1220 Pound Meteorite found in farmers field.
Is Gas headed to $5.00?
Windows 7 may be more expensive will you still buy it?
Lawyer in RIAA battle throws in towel after 130K in expenses.
Mac sails dip in April again!
Wolfram Alpha let me know what you find.
Toshiba sues over DVD Manufacturing.
Atlantis crew wraps up repair mission.
New Airport Rules require ID and Ticket Match.
Office 2010 already on BitTorrent sites.
Ball and Chain Study Ball :)
Relief to Drupal users in New Book.
Google tells all including your college work.
Movie Studios want ISP to admit wrong doing.

GNC-2007-10-19 #310

This show is a wild ride and I get pretty wound up. Big thanks to all the loyal fans that are part of the Geek News Central Ohana. Are you going to Podcamp Boston?

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Listener Links:
Worst iPhone Accessory Ever
Verizon customers should call 1-800-333-9956 to opt out of this privacy sale

Show Notes:
It’s a Negative News World
Google Doc Mobile
China Cyberwar
Google Sitelink Management
Should I wait for the new Mac Pro?
The Road to Safari 3.0
Windows 7 Insight
FISA Bill Put on Ice
Motorola loosing to iPhone?
Airline Seats Gouge
iPod Classic has bug after Upgrade
Amazon EC2 is really packing a punch
Is Blinkx violating Copyrights?
Google has great Quarter
Are most Tech Blogger getting duped by PR People?
Popfly Application for Silverlight
Discovery Cleared to ISS
Fair Use Rights being stiffed again
Pirate Bay and IFPI Round 2
RIAA coming after your College Students
Grandma is Pissed at Comcast
Some Lawyers need to study Internet IP
Are you a Greynet Abuser
Pitch a VC better leave Google out of the Talk

Caught my Eye
Packing it Up :)
Hot Homework Tips
No Shirts
Women Stop the Clock