GNC-2009-10-27 #522 Back in Studio H!

Well my trip to silicon valley took a interesting turn and I am back in Hawaii after a down and back to Silicon Valley. Glad to be back in the studio here. Although a rather hot studio as the Tradewinds have dried up here in Hawaii for the past week or so.. Lot’s to catch up on and some great tech stories. Take our National Listener Survey Please see link below.

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Does Skype have an Underpants Gnome business model?

For those of you not fans of South Park, the Underpants Gnomes featured in an early episode.  They would sneak into peoples houses and raid their underwear drawers.  When questioned they reveled the great business plan.

Step 1: collect underpants

Step 2: ?????

Step 3: Profit

I would not be the first person to suggest a similarity between this and many Internet business plans.  Thankfully I don’t believe any companies actually tried to build an underwear theft based empire, still

Step 1: attract lots of users

Step 2: ????

Step 3: Profit

has an eerie similarity.  This model was always based loosely around the theory of network effects.  Network effects are well illustrated by the phone system.  If you own the only phone it is of little use to you.  The more of the people you know that own a phone the more useful it is.  This is a network effect, where the value to you of the product depends on how many other people have one.

If you look at companies like Facebook or Twitter it is obvious that they need a base level of other people in the system before it offers you any real value.  You certainly wouldn’t be tempted to pay for the service if it only had a thousand or so users.  This is the main reasoning behind the “everything for free” model many Internet companies start out with.  They are trying to get the network effect kick started.  The problems occur when they try to then monetise the users they have.

As I have discussed before, advertising models are often flawed, particularly in a market so oversaturated with a consumer base so jaded.  Turning free services into paid services generally loses you a lot of users.  And whatever way you want to introduce charged services, your product needs to be sticky enough that people will stay with you, or pick up the charged content.  In general, if you do not have a viable method for generating revenue from day one you have an Underpants Gnome strategy which can only dream of future profits.

Early on in the piece Skype looked different from this.  While it offered an attractive proposition for free Internet calls, it very early on had a revenue model for calls to non-skype phones.  And while it probably will never be able to charge for all calls, it could also easily have added a premium service where conference calls, calls with QoS, or assurances you would not be used as a node attracted a reasonable charge.

And then when Ebay took them over it still all looked rosy.  Ebay were themselves an Internet company that started with a viable revenue model so they at least appeared to have some idea of how to profit online.  The promise has never seemed to pay out under this combination though.  While Skype is still generating a reported $550M per year, this is still clearly not enough to pay for their costs.  So while Skype is generating about $10 per user each year some analysis has estimated it costs them up to $45 to acquire each user.

So was Skype actually out there collecting underwear?  A collection of private equity, and venture firms obviously believe that this is an issue of bad management enough to pony up $2B for theor controlling stake.  That is generally the sort of situation that drives these companies to buy.  At the same time Skype is fighting a legal battle over its technology and inking big ad deals to help acquire more users.  The latter is arguably a bad move when it is still losing money on the users it has.  As with most things time will tell, in the meantime my underwear drawer will remain closed when I am using Skype, just in case.

GNC-2009-08-11 #501 Sick Host but show must go on!

I have been fighting a nasty bug for three days but had to get the show out tonight no matter what. Lots of great content and follow ups from show 500. Thanks to everyone once again for the continued words of encouragement. Also my 20% off Godaddy Hosting code is working again feel free to use the Todd20 code once more.

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Note: I was about dying at the end of the show, will catch up on all emails next show..

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GNC-2009-02-24 #454 PogoPlug GiveAway Listen to Win

We had a great Round Table of Saturday and from it I ordered two devices. If you want to win one listen to win. Also just had to do some edits tonight as I jacked the intro.. It will have to go into a Blooper Reel.

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GNC-2007-12-18 #326

Big ramp up for the 24hr show lots of details of the event and I hope that you will join me live for the event. Particpate be heard and lets have a lot of fun.

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Special Give Away on the Show tonight. Big thanks to the sponsor Energizer and Pandora’s new message boards for providing the three Energi to Go portable power for iPod

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GNC-2007-10-02 #305

Back from Podcast Expo lots to talk. Major jet Lag tonight and my energy battery is on low.

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GNC-2007-06-15 #276

Certain Phone company takes the brunt of the Soap box tonight. Strap in this is a wild ride on this show and congrats to our flag winner and listen tonight to win!

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I have not read the daily commentary yet, as I have been to busy dealing with a sick kid, a speech and presentation that is in final markup and about a million things to do with Podcast Awards and our pending new site launch. Yea life is good. Not to mention I am way overdue on a submission to Chris.

Anyway had a reader IM this to me tonight, and I’m sorry who the heck wants to have a Blog on ebay, building someone else brand is not my idea of good business sense, then againI have only bought 2 items off ebay in the past year, and the only reason I did was because I did not need new equipment.

My prediction will bomb and I have not even explored the site. Sad but it does not even excite me enough to go beyond the landing page. []

Gmail Scam Used by Phishers to Gather Personal Data

Internet e-mail scammers are using the popularity and allure of Google’s Gmail service to phish for personal data, including e-mail addresses and passwords. Gmail e-mail accounts are one of the most coveted holdings for hip and techie Internet users. A quick eBay search proves the popularity of invitations to join Google’s upcoming e-mail service that offers 1GB of mail storage.

The current Gmail phish reads “The Gmail Team is proud to announce that we are offering Gmail free invitation packages to the existing Gmail account holders. By now you probably know the key ways in which Gmail differs from traditional webmail services. Searching instead of filing. A free gigabyte of storage. Messages displayed in context as conversations. Just fill in the form below to claim your free invitation package.”

Dave’s Opinion
Phishing, commonly used via e-mail and the web involve conning unwary users into releasing private data. The cons are best known for their attempts to garner AOL, Citibank, and eBay login usernames and passwords; however, there seems to be no end to how the cons can be applied.

Call for Comments
What do you think? Leave your comments below.