Do Paywalls Ever Make Sense?

PaywallThere was a recent article at Arstechnica.Com describing how The Times in the U.K. ended up cutting its web traffic in half by simply requiring registration so that viewers could read their articles. Prior to this, the articles on the site were freely available. The registration requirement is in anticipation of their future paywall plans.

I have to admit that I’m one of the people who left their site more than once when I clicked on a link and was presented with the registration requirement. I’ve done the same thing on other newspaper sites as well. Will people pay for online news?

At its essence, news is often glorified gossip.

There are plenty of successful paywall sites. Here are three sites that incorporate paywalls that I personally find worthwhile enough subscribe to: Netflix.Com,  Rushlimbaugh.Com and FHU.Com.

Netflix began life as a DVD rental service and most recently added a very popular streaming service as value-added subscriber benefit behind a paywall. The Netflix streaming service helped convince me to sign up and become a customer, as well as the availability of Blu-Ray discs. If Netflix had DVD’s only, I wouldn’t be a subscriber. Streaming and Blu-Ray make me willing to open my wallet.

Rushlimbaugh.Com puts the site’s massive and growing archive behind a paywall that includes access to the Rush Limbaugh podcast version of his radio show where they perform the courtesy of cutting out all of the network ads. Being able to receive the ad-free podcast of the daily Rush Limbaugh radio program is why I subscribe. I rarely sign into the site and go behind the paywall. I want the ad-free daily podcast, so I pay, even though I could get the program for free by listening on the radio.

FHU.Com also puts a massive and growing archive of radio programs, books and video behind a paywall. I want access to this material, and since it’s a charitable organization, I am willing to donate to gain access behind the paywall and support them.

I don’t envision myself ever paying for access to a newspaper website. I have never subscribed to a printed newspaper. I used to subscribe to a number of printed computer, stereo and photography magazines, but somehow that lost its appeal a number of years ago and I let the subscriptions run out.

For a paywall site to be successful, it must have something behind that wall that people want access to. They must offer something of value that revolves around the essence of what they do best.

GNC-2009-12-29 #539 I make a Startling Announcement!

Some of you are gonna flip out when you here the conclusion, I came to today while visiting a local merchant. I reverse my opinion on something I have long stood against. Sorry no more clues. I get back on track today on the intro timeline. Enjoy I think this one will go down in the history books and I expect to get a torrent of email and voicemail comments. Yes I think it’s pretty dramatic.

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GNC-2009-06-05 #483 Video is a Main Topic!

Newsletter subscribers check your emails for clues but you have to listen as well to win. I talk about the Video Gravy train for a bit tonight. Looking for input from non podcasters details on the show. As we head into the summer months you will want to remember to take the show with you as you roll outside to do yard work heck you can even have fun with it by shouting out in agreement when I hit some company with criticism.

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Mark is correct free ride on Video is about Over!
Sony Digital Copies on UMD Library to be Available
45mps Wireless downloads on Airlines?
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Tuesday Next week will be a big Patch Tuesday
ICANN Finally taking action on DNS Security
Stem Cells Treatment cause site to be regained!
DVD Sniffing Dog makes big bust!
Go get them Cher!

LG Blue-Ray Player – CES 2009

Lg-logo-smallLG always comes to impress. Check out their new products that will be making there way into your home theaters this year.LG Blu-ray Player BD370

BD370 Full HD 1080p resolution and 1080p upscaling, this Network Blu-ray Disc player is the ultimate in picture quality. Plus stream movies, TV shows and videos, to your TV directly using Netfix, YouTube™ and CinemaNow without a computer. Simply connect it to a broadband home network through the built-in Ethernet port and grab your LG remote. Internet connection required and sold separately. Netfix subscription required. It is now able to stream HD in 720p. There are other contents that you can have access to like BDLabs a content that like an online server. The price point of the BD370 is $299. There is also a $399 version that uses a built-in WiFi card. Log on to for more information.

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GNC-2008-11-11 #423 24hr Podcast Date Announced

The 24 Hour Podcast will be November 22nd and 23rd. If you want to be on the show or know of someone that should be on the event I need your help in filling the 24 hours with great content.

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Seagate self encrypting laptop drives
Google fixes Android Bug
Nice Billboard Update

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GNC-2007-11-27 #320

Back in the saddle from the new location and new studio. A great show where I catch you up on the move and all of the exciting things that have been happening here.

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Firefox Reach
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GNC-2007-07-13 #284

I get on the soapbox over Verizon and the FCC along with getting you up to date on the latest online radio information.

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RIAA Make XM Pay
Microsoft to buy Facebook
Online Radio Saved
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GNC-2007-06-22 #278

Congats to Aaron and Cliff on the prize giveaways tonight, listen to win. Lots of cool stories, you will want make sure that you listen to the DVD Copy segment.

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High-Capacity Blue Laser DVDs In The Offing

High-capacity DVDs (Digital Video Disks) that use blue laser technology may soon be available to information technology professionals. Blue laser DVD-RW (rewritable) disks are expected by Sony in the U.S. as early as this June. The disks will store 23GB of data and the drives will initially be connected by SCSI or USB 2.0 interfaces. The expected cost of the first models is between $2,500 and $3,000; however, fast price drops should follow.

When the drives are redesigned for general consumer use, the format of the disks should hold about 25GB, using Sony’s Blu-ray format, or 20GB, using HD-DVD format.

Currently most DVDs recorders use red laser technology, and the blue laser devices won’t be interoperable with the existing crop of drives.

Dave’s Opinion
I’d be piqued if my collection of home movies that I’ve burned to DVD aren’t compatible with the new drives; however, I judge that the major drive manufacturers won’t let this happen: too many people have invested in the current DVD technology to leave it by the wayside so soon.

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What do you think? Leave your comments below.