Dr Who 50th Anniversary

The TV show Dr Who turns 50 today with the broadcast of a major 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor. Celebrating 50 years of the Doctor, it will star Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt as different incarnations of the lead character, though some suggest the real star of the show is his space-travelling time machine, the Tardis. The 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi, will shortly be taking over the main role in a Christmas special. The anniversary has been noted round the world, with even Google getting in the act with a playable Doodle.

Dr. Who Doodle

The Doctor’s gadget of choice has always been the “sonic screwdriver” which has more functions that a Swiss Army Knife, rescuing him from many sticky situations. As you’ll imagine, there is plenty of Whovian merchandise, including this notebook and laptop case from the Science Museum shop.

Tardis Case Dalek Notebook

The episode is going to be broadcast simultaneously across the world so if you are in the UK, tune it tonight at 7.50 pm on BBC1. In the US, it’s  2:50 pm ET/ 1:50 pm CT/ 12:50 pm MT/ 11:50 am PT on BBC America. Other countries can the check the listings here.

For me, Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor, will always be my Doctor, but I will be watching tonight.

Google Maps the TARDIS

Earls street in londonHave you found the TARDIS yet on Google Maps? You’ll have to go to England, first!.

The Google maps easter egg is on Earl’s Court Rd in London, England. If you look at the directions, you will see a double arrow pointing to the police box sitting next to the kiosk. When you select that arrow, you enter in the TARDIS to explore.

The TARDIS is an iconic ship on the popular TV show Dr. Who. TARDIS stands for “Time and Relative Dimension in Space”. The story of the TARDIS is has a chameleon-cloaking device that can blend in with the environment, but this feature is broken and can only project a police box. The TARDIS also is bigger on the inside than the out.

Google Maps of the TARDIS

Unfortunately, we can only explore the main room of the TARDIS. You can move around that main room – climb the stairs and see the console from multiple angles. You can also belly up to the main navigation console and get a first-hand look at the gadgets and gizmos of the TARDIS.

When done, make sure the door is closed and head back down Earl’s Court Rd.