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Contour Returns to POV Camera Market

Posted by JenThorpe at 2:11 AM on April 22, 2014

Contour logoContour is based in the heart of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. Contour is now under new ownership. They have completed a financial overhaul, reorganized their plans for new product innovation, and built a framework for vastly improved distribution. This puts Contour, pioneers of the action sports camera industry, back in position to be a key contender in the Point of View (POV) camera market.

Contour currently offers two POV cameras and full range of accessories. The Contour+2 features crisp HD video, GPS data that helps to bring your adventures to life, and a wireless mobile app that turns your smartphone into a remote control.

The Contour+2 has an Instant-On Record switch that you slide into locking position when you are ready to start filming. You can shoot in four different HD modes including 1080p. It is also possible to use the Contour+2 to create super slow motion video because it can shoot 120 frame per second in 480p.

The ContourROAM2 is incredibly easy to use. It comes in four colors and is waterproof without a case. Slide the Power On & Record Switch when you are ready to start filming and it will start recording video. It offers crystal clear HD video. Contour bumped up the frames per second on the ContourROAM2 to 60 when shooting at 720p. This provides you with very smooth video.

The ContourROAM2 can shoot up to 3.5 hours of footage. The Instant On-Record switch does not have a standby mode that can waste power while it waits to start filming. The battery of the ContourROAM2 is only in use while you are recording video.

ContourRoam Bullet Cam for Action Sports

Posted by Andrew at 1:07 AM on February 6, 2012

ContourRoam video cameraSnowboarders, skiers, mountainbikers, sky divers, hunters – if you want to show off your latest adventures to your friends and enemies, then Contour’s new bullet cam is the way to do it. Andy gets the deets from Marie at Contour.

The Contour+ was launched back in spring 2011 and quickly gained a following among the extreme sports crowd for the great video quality but at $499, it’s a little pricey, even if it does come with GPS, Bluetooth and an excellent lens.

The new ContourRoam arrived in the autumn and is a more affordable $199. It doesn’t have all the features of its more expensive sibling but it does have the 170 degree wide angle lens and it’s very easy to use with a simple on-off slider switch suitable for gloves or cold hands. Battery life is around 3 hours.

In the video, Marie claims that the camera doesn’t support microSD cards, but all the literature on Contour’s website suggests otherwise. There’s some great video footage on the site, too.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and RV News Net.

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Adventure Cameras by Contour

Posted by KL Tech Muse at 6:41 PM on January 28, 2012

Contour Contour came by the TPN.TV booth at CES this year and showed some great action sports cameras; the Contour Roam, the Contour GPS and the Contour Plus. Theses cameras are great for filming while hiking, snow boarding, biking, skiing and other action sports. They all use a micro sd card up to 32 Gb. You can get up to eight hours of video at 1080p and up to twelve hours at 780p. They all take removable lithium batteries which run for about three hours of video taping . They also adjust the white balance and the exposure to create crisp clear videos. These cameras are waterproof up to 1 meter. With the water proof case you can go down to 60 meters, great for scuba diving or snorkeling. All three cameras can connect by USB cable. Both the Contour Roam and the Contour GPS have an internal microphone only.

The Contour Plus includes the internal microphone but it also has a mic cable out jack, this along with the ability to connect a HDMI cable adds live streaming capability. Now you can live stream your adventures directly to Ustream using the Cerevo Live Shell. Now instead of telling other people about your adventures, they can watch them as they are happening. You can control the camera on the Contour GPS and Contour Plus thru the Contour Mobile App on the iPhone or an Android phone The Contour GPS and the Contour Plus both have GPS included so now you can map your adventures. The Contour Roam at $199 is the newest phone and should be available soon. The Contour GPS and the Contour Plus are available now and are $299 and $499 respectively. Not only does Contour offer great action cameras but they also have some great mounts, including ones that allow you to mount camera directly to your helmet, pole, roll bar, surfboard and many other objects. So if you are into adventure sports and filming, Contour has everything you need and want.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Don Baine The Gadget Professor of Geek News Central

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The Smallest Live-Streaming Video Solution Launches at CES

Posted by KL Tech Muse at 9:50 PM on January 12, 2012

Contour+ Contour announced a partnership with Japan-based Cerevo to unveil the world smallest and least expensive live-streaming video solution. Contour is a hands-free video camera maker and in 2011 they released the Contour+ and ContourROAM cameras.  The Contour+ works seamlessly with the Cerevo LiveShell for live streaming video solution.

The Contour+ weights only 5.3 oz and has a 170° wide angle lens. It delivers HD video up to 1080p at 25/30 fps or 720p at 50/60 fps. With the new Contour Connect App any iPhone and soon Android can be used to stop and start and recordings. Contours exclusive Bluetooth technology allows Contour Connect to turn the users cellphone into a wireless viewfinder, so the user can adjust shots in realtime. There are multiple mounts available allowing the camera to be attached to almost anything. What the Contour+ was missing was the ability to stream directly to the Internet.

Cerevo LiveShell

That is what Cerevo adds to the equation the Cerevo LiveShell. The Cerevo LiveShell attaches to the Contour+ by HDMI cable and then it can send out a live stream either by wired LAN or 802.11 b,g and n compatible wireless LAN. The Cerevo LiveShell can run for 2 hours on batteries. You can control the LiveShell thru a Web-based application on a smart phone or computer. The LiveShell has a maximum resolution of 480p. It is the first device that was given the “Ustream Compatible” seal of approval by Ustream. It does come with a power adapter allowing for 24/7 stable broadcasting. If you want to see an example, the Cerevo LiveShell is currently running in Akihabara, a section of Tokyo, Japan. The Cerevo LiveShell works not only with Contour products but a multiple number of video cameras, including cameras with analog inputs.

Contour began in 2003 when two University of Washington undergraduate students attempted unsuccessfully to film a ski run down a slope. The company now makes world-class hand-free video cameras, for the adventure and sport enthusiast in all of us. Cerevo is a Tokyo, Japan based company started in 2007 they specialize in live streaming. The Contour Connect is currently available in the iTunes store and should be coming to Android 2.2.1 and above in April. The app is free. The Cerevo LiveShell was launched in Japan in November 2011 and will be available through the Contour Web site starting February 1, 2012 for $299. The Contour+ is available now for $499.00. If you want to stream your adventures live to Ustream than you need to take a look at both the Contour+ and their new partner Cerevo LiveShell.