GNC-2011-10-24 #716 Back to Basics

Back to basics on this show and, I tighten up the timeline. Lots of tech as always and a huge number of comments have come in pre-show… Today I try pulling unique articles from Google+. Hope you like the new sources.

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Jack Ellis – Executive Producer
Mike Baine – Associate Producer

Pogoplug Mobile Lets You Put Your Cloud on Your Desk



In this day and age, we talk about Cloud like a car dealer talks cars. We put stuff in the cloud and take it down. We don’t even know where this cloud is – but a lot of us trust it for our photos, music, movies and more.

Now we can put a cloud on our desks, and share media through our mobile device. All through Pogoplug.

Pogoplug is a device you plug into your network, plug in your USB drives, then share the contents across the web. You can set access to private or public viewing on desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android or other mobile device. You can also set permissions so your workmates can collaborate on files.

Today, Pogoplug announced their newest product in the line of devices. Pogoplug mobile is a version of Pogoplug geared at taking all the media off your smartphone and keeping it on your personal cloud.

“Pogoplug Mobile is the perfect companion to your mobile phone or tablet.” says CEO Daniel Putterman. “Not only can you stream the media from your hard drives straight to your mobile device over WiFi or your cellular connection but you can also automatically back up your camera roll to your Pogoplug.That means, no matter where you are, the photos and videos you take on your mobile phone are automatically backed up to your Pogoplug.”

Pogoplug Mobile lets you attach USB drives and now SD cards into the device. You configure the drives up on, then download an application for your PC, Mac or mobile device. When configured, you can access your mobile data through your own cloud.

Prices for Pogoplug Mobile start at $79.99 (£59.99 in the UK). For more information, go to Pogoplug Mobile site ( It is also one of the 5 Backup Cloud Solutions I reported on back on September 21st. You can also check out the video we did with Pogoplug at CES2010.

It’s The Content, Stupid

Admittedly I’m coming in late to the party. I had all sorts of excuses – I already have a MacBook Pro, as well as the latest generation of iPod Touch. Why would I need an iPod with a giant screen to run mostly the same apps I can already run on my iPod?

After buying an iPad 2, I understand what all the fuss is about. It has also become immediately clear to me why there is a booming iPad market but currently not much of a tablet market. The reason is staring everyone in the face, yet few seem to see it, particularly large tech companies that are struggling to compete in the wrong arena.

The iPad is admittedly an incredibly nice piece of hardware – however, that’s not why it is so successful. The reason for the iPad’s overwhelming appeal and success is very simple – it revolves in large part around being able to run well-written targeted iOS iPad-specific apps that take advantage of the iPad’s screen size and svelte form factor. At about the size of a traditional magazine, it takes the best elements of the multimedia computer and puts them into a highly-readable, touch-interactive color screen that will easily fit into places and situations where even laptop computers don’t work so well.

In short, it’s all about the content and being able to easily consume it anywhere. The content isn’t just about browsing, listening to music or watching videos. The content in large part is the iPad-specific apps themselves, some of which are incredible, such as the 100% free Flipbook RSS reader app.

Amazon has a chance at success with the 7” Kindle Fire, not so much because of the $200 price point, but because Amazon has a lot of ready-made content hanging out in its cloud. Many people pooh-poohed the original Amazon Kindle, only to witness it quickly morph into a success. The Kindle was not and has never been a success because of the Kindle hardware – the plethora of Amazon ebook content is what caused the original Kindle rise to stardom. The availability of the content finally got the ebook ball rolling in a huge way, and the mass market finally realized the incredible convenience and advantage of having a cloud-connected ereader.

Would-be iPad competitors will never effectively compete with hardware alone, no matter how sexy or inexpensive they are able to make it. To borrow part of a phrase from an early 1990’s presidential campaign, we would all do well to paste this sign on our wall:

“It’s the content, stupid.”

iTwin – Reinventing Mac, PC USB Drive as Cloud Device



I have looked at this interesting product called the iTwin for a few weeks now. It’s a dongle for your computer that pairs two machines together – no matter where they are located. As long as they are on unrestricted WiFi, they can talk to each other.

Using military-grade encryption, the iTwin is pretty easy to use. Plug in one USB dongle into one computer, the other USB dongle into another computer. Connect up to an internet connection, then pair up the machines. When paired, you can pass information between the two. There is no storage limits (besides what the computers can hold).
The system comes with a “Remote Disable Code”, which you get via email. If your machine gets stolen, then initiate the code and your iTwin is disabled.
The main advantage to using the iTwin is you can have a machine with little or no data on it. Your other computer could become a cloud source only you can access. If you have PC or Mac, you can use this system.
“We are excited to be able to offer iTwin to both OS X and Windows customers,” says Lux Anantharaman, co-founder and CEO of iTwin. “We are confident that Mac users will be satisfied with the features iTwin offers, and which both consumers and small businesses have come to enjoy.  Now both Macs and PCs will have full, cross-platform capabilities with this revolutionary device that is perfect for their sensitive file sharing needs.”
The iTwin is available for $99 on their store or through Amazon.

GNC #690 Professional I think Not

Wow huge response to our Roku Contest congrats to Mason Mannie of Fargo ND… We have more ways to win, listen to tonight’s show.. It’s like the Keystone cops for about the first 5 minutes of the show. Watch me juggle about 10 things at once and you will at least have your laugh for the day! Lots of tech today… But best news of all is Shoko is back in Hawaii. Probably the reason I cannot think straight. :)

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GNC #689 Bandwidth Challenged

Looks like someone is messing with my net connections while I am streaming the show. Twice in two weeks the net connection has went dead while live time to do some digging. Lots of tech tonight but the last two shows the intro has slipped a bit in length. I will get that re-aligned next show. So far nothing but postive feedback on the HD version of the show. See the bonus links in the show notes and check out our iTunes network provider listings.

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GNC #682 Honoring Commitments

Geek News Central PodcastOhana, I will be visiting my sister tomorrow and will not be having a meet-up. First time to get to see her in a couple of years. Headed back to Honolulu on Saturday and will be home for a while. I have a great on the road show tonight. UK Listeners please pay attention for the UK specific contest.

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Wave Accounting: Free Online Accounting Software?

I was going through the Chrome Web Store to see what cool apps are out there. One thing most don’t know: You can do a lot without paying anything for it. Case in point – Wave Accounting: the online accounting site.

Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting

I was set back – an accounting program that is FREE? Not a “lite” version, nor a trial, but absolutely, positively nothing but free, FREE.

It looks like the company makes money by working with other banks to help people clean up the “shoebox”. After all, if you get your accounts in order, you can pay your bills on time. If you pay your bills on time, you can get loans. If you get loans, you can make money. Etc, etc, etc.

Wave Accounting came on the scene in November 2010. They have raised $1 Million in funding. The Toronto Canada based business employs 10 people.

Setting up Wave was very straightforward. You sign up for the account, then go straight to a page to enter invoices, expenses and more. You can connect your bank account to the site (which I didn’t do). You can also connect your credit cards and other loans into the system so you have one place to do your accounting.

For a brief time I had Microsoft Money installed on my computer. It was nice to corral all my bills into one system. I guess that this free service is just like Money. Now I know why Microsoft killed the product…

Is Wave Accounting Software Safe?

They boast 256-bit encryption. It does have the Verisign seal. When you log in, you are using an encrypted site, just like you would with your online bank account.

Wave also will back up your data. Since your accounting information is in the cloud, you can access on any machine. Therefore, if something fails, you can still get to your data.

Invoicing at your fingertips.

I hate to write invoices. Before, it was Microsoft Word, emailing each invoice separately. This system seems pretty straightforward, sending the invoice to the customer via email.

This was the main reason I wanted to try the site out. If invoicing was the only thing I used this site for, I would be happy. But the additional option to moderate my expenses and tell me when a bill is due is pretty sweet. I can even set permissions for someone else to view or edit an invoice.

wave invoice

wave invoice via email

What Wave cannot do (just yet)

I don’t see any time tracking. Import features are in beta right now, but I never used Google Docs or FreshBooks for accounting.

The big thing it doesn’t do is give you access when you are not on the internet. Of course, that is always the issue when you are working in the cloud.

I have just started using this software. With any cloud accounting software, you should try to back up your data as much as possible. Nonetheless, if I can get invoices out easier, then I am all for this program. If I can do it for free, well, let me get to work!


Gmail Finally Fixed

You have probably heard about the plight of a small fraction of Gmail users who recently lost all of their saved email.  Who know that when Google rolled out Gmail and said “never delete another email” that they meant that because they would do it for you?!  It only affected about 150,000 users, but 1 is too many when it comes to this sort of experience.

Well, today there is good news.  According to Google they had to retrieve the missing information from offline tape backups, but all accounts should be restored.  The problem cropped up on Sunday, so it’s been four days of nail-biting for that small (less than 1%) amount of users.  Today Google posted the following to their App Status Dashboard:

The problem with Google Mail should be resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and continued support. Please rest assured that system reliability is a top priority at Google, and we are making continuous improvements to make our systems better.

Gmail should be back to normal for the vast majority of people affected by this issue. If you are still experiencing an issue, please contact us at [email protected] Thanks again for bearing with us.


Based on a quick search I did of some social media sites I have to think that all accounts may really be back online.  At least, I found no recent complaints.  This does make you wonder some about the cloud, though.  After all, that’s where all of our data seems to be headed and we keep being told how wonderful and secure and redundant it will be.  I think I will continue to keep a local copy though…

Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition

If you are in the market for a new external hard drive (and which of us isn’t buying one regularly these days?) then Iomega may have one you will want to look at.  Just announced at CES is the Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition.  It is intended for both home and small business users and features the ability to share work files, photo slideshows, music libraries and other files with co-workers, friends and families anywhere in the world (with an Internet connection, of course) via what they are calling the “Iomega Personal Cloud”.

It’s a service that Iomega will be building into all of their new NAS-type devices.  According  to the company this is how it works:

Users of Iomega’s new NAS devices can create their own Personal Cloud in just minutes. The onscreen Personal Cloud setup page asks you to name your Personal Cloud and then confirms creation of your Personal Cloud. You can invite up to 250 members (devices) into your Personal Cloud, giving your business contacts, co-workers or personal friends and family around the globe the ability – determined by you – to copy and share files directly between computers as though they were all together on a local network.

As for these drives themselves they will features Gigabit ethernet connectivity directly to a router, remote access from anywhere, built-in iTunes server, DLNA, one-touch copy, public cloud connections to Mozy and Amazon S3 online storage, two USB 2.0 ports to add storage capacity, and Time Machine support for Apple users.

There will be two models available later this month – a 1 TB that will retail for $169.99 and a 2 TB retailing for $229.99.