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Music Clasps by Castiv

Posted by KL Tech Muse at 4:17 PM on January 22, 2012

Castiv Are you a musician who uses your smart phone or tablet as a way to see your lyrics or music while on stage. Perhaps you like to play one of the music apps that are available in the Android or iOS Market. Then you need something to hold the smart phone or tablet, that is where products from Castiv come in.

They make three clasps, the Guitar Sidekick, the Tab Station and the Smart Station. The Guitar Sidekick attached to the top of the fret board and then you clip your device into the clasp. You can rotate the device to the position that is best for you. It easy to attach and remove. The second clasp is the Tab Station which screws into the top of a tripod, like a camera. You then place a tablet into the clasp and rotate the device so the tablet is either vertical or completely horizontal, which is great if you play one of the keyboard apps. The final clasp is the Smart Station, which lets you clip your smart phone or device anywhere on a standard microphone stand. The Guitar Sidekick is $24.99 Smart Station $24.99 and the Tab Station is $34.95 and all are available through the Castiv Website.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of the Geekazine Podcast and the Tech Podcast Network

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