Never Forget Your Charger Again with Perch

Have you ever forgotten a charger at a hotel or coffee shop, my bet is you have at least once in your life. Buying new chargers can get expensive if you do it enough. There is not only the expense to you as an individual but also to the businesses who have to dispose of the chargers and to the environment. Most chargers will continue to draw power even if nothing is plugged into them, this is known as vampire power, which is an additional cost.

Perch has developed a product that will help solve this problem. It is called the Perch Alarm. The Perch alarm is simple to use, you simply plug the charger into the Perch Alarm and then both into the outlet. Connect your device and you are charging as normal. When you are ready to leave if you try to disconnect the device and leave the charger behind, you will hear a chirping sound reminding you to take the charger with you. There is a home mode so you can turn the alarm off. Perch was a semifinalist of the Last Gadget Standing Award at CES 2012. They hope to release the product within 60 days and will be $9.95 one-third the cost of a replacement charger which cost around $29.95.

I really like the concept behind this product, but I do see a couple of problems with it. One of the problems with this devices is it another thing for people to carry and people complain enough already about the stuff they have to carry with them. Another problem is its size, it is actually fairly large, hopefully they can get it down to a smaller size, so it doesn’t take as much room up. Despite these complaints, I think the Perch Alarm is a great idea.

Interview by Courtney Wallin of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.

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