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GrandCare Systems

Posted by KL Tech Muse at 4:30 AM on January 28, 2013

GrandCare System GrandCare Systems is a comprehensive software system that can be used to help caregiver monitor their love ones from a distant. It was originally created to help maintain social contact, through chats, email, pictures, video, games, reminders and things like local weather and news. Overtime it was discovered that it could also be used to monitor health conditions, such as glucose level, blood pressure, and other medical information. It can capture the information on site and in almost real-time. It does this through add ons such as a device that indicates when a pill-box has been open or when a scale has been used. These add ons are connected to the main device wirelessly. Alerts can be sent to the caregiver either through email or text message based on the need of the patient.

The GrandCare Systems is software based and it is built into a specific device at the present time. This is something they hope to change in the future so that the software can be used on various devices. The caregiver may access the alerts and information on any device. The base cost for the device and software is $600. There is an additional cost based on the number of add ons. There is also a monthly fee to for text messages and email to the caregiver.

If you have an elderly parent living alone, this can help you give you peace of mind.  Knowing that you can still care for them even if you are not there.

Interview by Chris Montera of  and the Health Tech Weekly

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