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GNC #676 Thank You Sponsors!

Posted by geeknews at 12:51 AM on June 3, 2011

Geek News Central Podcast I want to thank all of our Sponsors for staying committed to the show. In may we had our biggest month ever with GoDaddy so I want to say a huge Mahalo to all of our Ohana! If we could do that every month I could hire an assistant immediately so big huge thanks for your support. I have an absolute metric ton of tech content tonight enjoy!!

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Show Notes:
Are people just Stupid?
E-Coli Super Mutant.
PunchTab — See the Rewards Tab at GNC!
Crime Hot Spots.
Go to Twiter and say Sorry 100 times.
SmartView App for SmartTV Users!
Loosing Faith in Sony!
Apple Location Integration.
AT&T 2-3 years behind.
Most Crazy P2P Lawsuit yet!
Sales Tax for all your Net Purchases.
Garmin to track mans best Friend.
Put +1 on Your Website.
A New Way to Film!
Roswell and Area 51 Conspiracy Theories.
Groupon IPO!
Apple to the Cloud?
YouTube CC Sharing Implementation.
Facebook gets the knife out.
No Apple Giveaways to Anybody!
Felony to Stream Copyright media.
Windows 8 Specs.
10 Things about Windows 8.
Time Capsule Refresh.
Apple Malware Battle Royale.
California to Expel for Sexting.
Chinese Teen sells Kidney for iPad2? (WT)
Endeavor Thank you for your Service!