GNC-2009-11-10 #526 Soap Box Time!

Huge thanks to all the listeners that did Podcast Awards reviews. I get on my soap box tonight about hate mail I have received in regards to my State of the Podcast Sphere simply amazing. Lots of tech to talk about tonight. Want your feedback on the videos in the first two articles along with your personal thoughts on the droid and Android plugins.

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National Listener Survey
See how I have been using GotoMeeting
State of the Podcasting Sphere!
Can Hackers shut the United States Down?
Cough into Phone get Diagnosis.
Time Lapse Video pretty cool!
LitePanels used Underwater.

Show Notes:
Watch the Video in the Article!
Watch the Video in this Article!
Did you get Rick Rolled?
Snow Leopard Massive Update by Apple!
Is Skype the New Medium for Tech Savvy Grandparents?
Clearwire needs another 1.5 Billion!
Scoble Hates the Droid!
Winer Loves the Droid!
Pro Video Editing Reviews!
Hawaii Finally on Google Streets.
Come Visit our Beaches Google Style.
WiFi Free just for searching Bing!
Mark Cuban thinks Twitter is Google’s Biggest Threat?
Rupert Murdoch to Block Google Search?
Google buys Admob 750 Million.
Sony to Sell Videos on TV First?
Ten Android Apps to check out.
Data Breach Law Crawling through Senate?
Firefox at 5.
Firefox Security Issues in 2009 Troubling?
UK Residents to be Spied on even more?
Microsoft Defends Windows 7 Security.
Vermont City wants dome over city?
Progress in Parkinson’s Treatment.
Phoenix Lander Spotted will it call home?
More Space Junk to Dodge at ISS.
Panera Bread does not trust you on their WiFi.
AT&T 7.2mbps Aircard.
HD Radio for your iPod or iPhone.
Google Making Major updates to all of it’s online applications.
Bot Admins hiding in Google Cloud!
Discovery Launches Science and Tech News Sites.

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Video Produced by Jack Ellis

GNC-2009-08-24 #505 Live from Silicon Valley

Ok meetup on Wednesday will be at 6:30pm at On the Border, in Milpitas (Hwy 880 and Hwy 237) see map link below all are welcome to attend. Please RSVP ASAP to Bandwidth is fantastic here at the Hilton in San Jose at the convention center 5 stars some other hotels could take some lessons from these folks.

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Meetup Location:
On The Border

Listener Links:
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UFO Water Cleaners?
Firework Fail!
Wallops Island
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Show Links:
Blogger to sue Google?
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Rhapsody on iTunes
New Sanyo Xacti
Duracell Energy Drink.
iPhone call recorder!
Mini Cameras trouble for ISP’s?
Yahoo updates Mail!
Clearwire may run out of Money?
Scoble 2000 Tech Trend Setters
TPN Weekly new Show Available.
Co-Browsing Tools.
Wikipedia no longer open!
Flash Memory under fire from Patent Trolls.
Zune Applications?
Foreign Student attendance down.
Review cheating in the App Store!
Computer Modeling for Disease.
Mass Website Infections.
Shuttle Night Launch!
Snow Leopard available Friday!
Can AT&T keep up with demand?
Windows 7 eats batteries!
San Francisco Hacker reduced charges!
Is your PC Bot Infested?
Apple responds to FCC!
Microsoft launches OneApp
If you Multi-task you should read this.
1000 Cameras in Britain solves 1 crime.
Piratebay under take down attack!
Wisconsin Sports team sends bill to newspapers!
Gov’t tries to scare lawyers!