RawVoice Podcast Statistics Update!

The team at RawVoice have released their new Podcast Statistics Interface and new features to their 13,000 podcasters. As one of the podcast producers that have been exposed to this new interface for a few weeks, and the data that it brings to table I find the insight into my show pretty incredible.

I have relied on their stats now for over a year, and while the old interface was good this new interface and the additional data points they are sharing is worth the $5.00 a month premium charge.

Let me be frank I am probably biased here a bit due to my relationship with Todd, but the team over their has done a hell of a job with this. RawVoice in my opinion is very much under appreciated in what they do. They provide an awful lot to the community to help them build their shows, so I encourage podcasters to do as Todd says, please support the company that is supporting podcasters.

My show here is hosted on their high performance CDN, I run my audience surveys, advertising, distribution onto Boxee, Samsung Smart TV, Google TV, Roku, and probably more that I am unaware of. That’s only part of it, they have the PowerPress plugin as well. See for yourself what they have done with the new stats interface in the Video that Todd released earlier today.

$49 Roku Might Be the Golden Ticket for Cord Cutters

Roku LT

Roku LT

This morning, Roku announced a $49 model of their popular Over the Top TV solution. The Roku LT is a very slimmed down version of the box. It does up to 720p video (which most content providers are creating content for), and while you cannot play Angry Birds or have a USB and Ethernet port (it’s a WiFi device, too) like the $99 model, it does have all the other functionality of this popular internet appliance.

Roku has been growing, adding many new channels including EPiX, which has been convincing people to cut the cord, as GigaOM discusses. Roku also added HBO Go – which is a On Demand service offered by HBO. You still need to order a cable package to get the OTT channel.

There are other great channels on Roku that do not require a cable connection, such as the TechPodcasts channel and Blubrry. You also have the Netflix, HuluPlus, Revision3, KoldKast, Glenn Beck, NHL, Fox News and many other channels.

The LT also undercuts the Apple TV by $50. Roku was already the lowest priced box, with a $59 and $79 version of the box. But this new magic price point turns the OTT box into a “great gift”. With the holidays fast approaching, this might be the hot item.

So with this news, will you finally be purchasing a Roku? Let us know!

Is your Podcast Making Money?

I feel very fortunate that when I wear my RawVoice hat, and work on the behalf of the 5300+ podcasters that are part of our communities that I know we are making a big difference in content creator’s lives, because my team is helping a large number of them get paid for their hard work.

Every quarter I scour our network for shows that will fit into advertising campaigns that we will be executing. Often times I find a show that fits into a campaign that could be making a lot of money, only to have to scratch them off my invite list because they have failed to do a couple of things that would put them on the road to making some serious cash.

My team is working to enlighten the folks that are part of our communities in what simple steps need to be taken to ensure a paycheck for their shows.

For those that are not part of our communities, membership is free and there is no obligation to take advertising but at the rate we are going you have a good chance of making some serious bank if your show fits into ad deals we have signed. Don’t worry you can keep hosting your show as you are now, all we want to do is help you take your show to the next level.

Check out the simple details of how your podcast can become profitable.

Blubrry.com Re-Launch Sets Stage!

My team over at RawVoice re-launched Blubrry.com with a long over due refresh. This refresh continues to focus on our agenda of creating additional distribution opportunities for the 5,500 podcasters that we work with. It also sets the stage for what we are going to introduce later this year to the podcasting community that will continue the evolution of the new media space.

The site is now iPad ready allowing content consumption and media management directly on the ipad full screen. We have the site fully HTML5 compatible so that when you are using a HTML5 browser you will not get to view and listen to content as the content creator had intentioned.

All shows can now apply for featured status, once they have went through the process their shows can now be distributed through the Blubrry channel on the Roku and other set-top box channels we plan to introduce this year. While we still have a few minor bugs to work out we are very pleased so far with the reactions we have received from the new media company.

Blubrry Channel Live on Roku

Blubrry is proud to announce the launch of the Blubrry Channel on Roku. The channel is live with 200 shows with more shows throughout the coming weeks,

The Roku Digital Video Player offers podcasters on Blubrry.com unprecedented exposure — seen and/or heard directly on your audiences’ television sets. Sit back and watch your favorite video podcast or clean the house and listen to your favorite audio podcast directly through the exclusive Blubrry Channel on Roku.

This year marks an apex in the evolution of alternative distribution capabilities for RawVoice and their family of podcasting sites. The plan is to launch other alternative distribution applications in the coming weeks and through out the year.

Disclaimer: I am the CEO of RawVoice as most of you know. I am beyond excited about bringing the Blubrry channel to the Roku Device.

GNC-2009-10-20 #520 BlogWorld Wrap Up

Glad to be back in the saddle folks. Blogworld was great and I have a pile of things to share about the event. Did you hear about how Elvis made an appearance at our annual party. Lots of tech tonight as always. I have some critical links for you to review at the bottom of the post as well. Take our National Listener Survey.

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RawVoice / ADM National Listener Survey
Want to see how great the Blubrry Party was at Blogworld? See this Photo!
Todd and Jeff at the Blubrry Party.
Average Betty, Kosso, Matt and Rob Blatt at Blubrry Party!

Show Links:
Virgin America Free WiFi!
Windows 7 Upgrade Tips!
Progress to ISS!
Atlantis to Launch Pad!
Hubble shows Galactic Collision!
20 Photoshop Tips!
10 iPhone Apps..
Mozilla disables Microsoft Plugins!
IAB says Blogger Disclosure rules need work!
40 Million of you have Wrong Security Software Installed.
UK Extradition hits another snag!
iPhone on more Carriers = Lower Cost?
Verizion 4 Way Play.
32 New Exoplanets.
FCC and Court throws cable a bone?
48kbps or 160kbps can you tell the difference?
Giant Ribbon at Edge of Galaxy?
Monster Energy Link has lost their minds!
Hollywood puts thumbs on Actors!
Citibank Upsells Security!
YouTube Bandwidth Bill = Zero?
GIS yes GIS not GPS!
Augmented Reality through your contact!
More Evidence iPhone App development is full of risk.
Nook eReader from Barnes and Noble.
1.67b in Apple Profits.
New Roku has Wifi.
Google Voice in Search results?
Microsoft opens first store on the 22nd.
Windows 7 Promotion on Family Guy.
Paul Colligan Blogword Review.
Ad Network Guide.
Facebook Groups Improvement.
Apple Testing 4g on Verizon?

Podcast Publishing refined with PowerPress and Blubrry Hosting

I want to break down just how much time the PowerPress Podcast Plugin and Blubrry Hosting has saved me when I publish my podcast. Most of us are so busy today anytime we can get some time back through new tools and more efficient ways that it is worth sharing.

Disclaimer my company RawVoice  is the company behind Blubrry.com and the PowerPress plugin, everyone’s publishing process will be slightly different but from my perspective this was well worth sharing.

I have had a set routine for publishing my podcast over the past 5 years that I have followed for over 480 shows after with little variation. That routine has changed since we rolled out our new tools let me give you a comparison so you can see where the deltas are. first let’s look at old way I did the show.

  • Show Material Preparation 1Hour
  • Tricaster, Ustream, Adobe Audition, Show Intro prep 10 Minutes
  • Announcing Live Event on Twitter and Facebook 5 Minutes
  • Podcast Recording 75 Minutes
  • Saving Recorded Audio 5 Minutes
  • Filling in ID3 Tags 5 Minutes
  • Uploading Podcast to Server and Creating Show Notes 30 Minutes
  • Announcing Show on Twitter and FaceBook 5 Minutes
  • Sending NewsLetter to Audience Members 5 Minutes

Total Time for Show Production 3:20 Minutes

Here is the comparison using WP, PowerPress, Blubrry Uploader, Blubrry Hosting and our publishing Tools.

  • Show Material Preparation 1Hour
  • Tricaster, Ustream, Adobe Audition, Show Intro prep 10 Minutes
  • Announcing Live Event on Twitter and Facebook 5 Minutes
  • Podcast Recording 75 Minutes
  • Saving Recorded Audio 5 Minutes
  • No longer fill in ID3 Tags Blubrry Hosting Does that for me automatically! 0 Minutes
  • Publish Media 3 Step Publishing 20 Minutes
  • Announcing new Show available Twitter 0 Minutes (Automatically Done by Blubrry)
  • Announcing new Show available on Facebook 2-3 Minutes
  • Sending NewsLetter to Audience Members 0 Minutes (Automatically Done by Blubrry)

Total time for new show production 2:58

I would have never thought that I could shave that much off my Podcast Publishing Time. Some people may say what’s the big deal, well when you are recording a show twice a week saving 20 minutes or more is huge when you look at the time savings over a year or more. But honestly here is the bottom line, as I walked out of the Studio over the past couple of weeks my wife has been saying wow your finished already!This was motivation enough to do some in-depth comparisons.

GNC-2009-07-03 #490 Happy Indepence Day

Have solved my FF crashing issue and we have show notes once again. My winning podcasters check in and are ready to roll. Lots of tech news tonight but I take a little time at the beginning of the podcast to talk about Q3 Advertising and how things are going on that front.

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Summer of Podcasts Contest

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BagelTech News
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Self Regulation of Web Advertising
3G Test Report

Show Topic Notes:
ASCAP wants your Monet to Play Ringtones
7.2 Billion to build Rural Broadband
Firefox 3.5 sees 5 Million Downloads
100GW of Solar Power across 24 Sites
Ariane Lifts Big Sat
Google App Engine Issues Again
Some New Lunar Images from LRO
Clear’s Wimax does not live up to Hype?
Google Updates Apps
New HIV/Aids Vaccine to be Tested!
Judge lets Lori Drew Off?
Comets and Earth Relationship
Hawaii Affiliates contracts Canceled by Amazon plus others!
Shuttle passes leak check July 11th Launch
California Economy RIP
Blubrry New Features
Psystar is back after Chapter 11 Filing
50 Years since the First IC!
Podcasters Required Watching GaryVee
Scoble and the US Navy
Pirate Bay ripped a good one by Users
Drug to make you have photographic memory
Lyman Alpha Blob
What ET is watching!
White House Salaries

GNC-2007-10-30 #313

Recorded this show with little or no sleep in the past 48 hours so fair warning it should be entertaining from a sleep deprivation stand point.

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Listener Links:

Show Notes:
You Tube Time?
Blogger Grammar Errors
NBC Crying about Apple iTunes Pricing
Google Spam and how it works
CFL Bulbs Savings
Cable Rulings for Apartments
Controlling the Internet
AT&T does the Right thing for once
Jail Break iPhone from Web Application
Nick Wants more use of NOINDEX
Video Not Easy or Cheap???
Automatic Turns away 200 Million
Harmony Mounted and Occupied
New Pages on Blubrry!
Net Neutrality Rears its head
RIAA has another Set Back :{
Comcast P2P talk can get you Fired
User Contributed Meta-Data
Leopard Hacked to Run on PC
Solar Wing Gears at ISS
Vinyl Sails to kill CD Sales?
Whois to go to Junk Pile

Caught my Eye:
Colbert for President :))
Did you get a Ticket

GNC-2007-07-31 #289

Started the show very late here in Hawaii but a huge amount of news tonight and info on a upcoming FCC decision you will want to pay attention to.

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Special Links:
Tech Podcast Round Table Recording

Listener Links:
Portable Fuel Cells
Water Resistant USB Drives

Show Notes:
FCC To Rule on 700mhz Spectrum
IT Conversations
Moon Gas?
RIAA = Privacy Breacher
Brits like to DL P2P
18 Months for Hearing Aid?
MS Breakthrough
Meteor Picture
150 Writing Resouces
AT&T Analogy
No TOS Changes
AOL – Yahoo Email Charge
Security and Web Pages
State of Blubrry
SMS Charges
Vista Service Pack Beta Leaked
Door Handle Innovation
Apple TV USB Hack
Google Wireless Plan?
Joost as a Web Application?
ICANN Wants Feedback
Second Life Terrorist Camp?
RIAA Hates Webcasters
Dark Vision Invades Hackers Inner Sanctum
Watch FIOS Bill Number One
More FCC news on Wireless Spectrum
Mars Phoenix Mission