GNC-2009-10-20 #520 BlogWorld Wrap Up

Glad to be back in the saddle folks. Blogworld was great and I have a pile of things to share about the event. Did you hear about how Elvis made an appearance at our annual party. Lots of tech tonight as always. I have some critical links for you to review at the bottom of the post as well. Take our National Listener Survey.

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Want to see how great the Blubrry Party was at Blogworld? See this Photo!
Todd and Jeff at the Blubrry Party.
Average Betty, Kosso, Matt and Rob Blatt at Blubrry Party!

Show Links:
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1.67b in Apple Profits.
New Roku has Wifi.
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Microsoft opens first store on the 22nd.
Windows 7 Promotion on Family Guy.
Paul Colligan Blogword Review.
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Facebook Groups Improvement.
Apple Testing 4g on Verizon?

BlogWorld and New Media Expo Info

On Tuesday night I fly out to Blog World and New Media Expo. This is one of my most looked forward to trips of the year. It’s more a family reunion than anything. My team from RawVoice is joining me and we have a booth as always.  So while it will be part business it is going to be part play as well.  I have put together a little informational video on what is happening next week in Vegas.

If your going to BlogWorld be sure to come to my two conference sessions.

  • Saturday 11:45 How to prep your show to make it Advertiser Friendly
    Todd Cochrane: In this session you will learn exactly how to make your show and website meet the criteria advertisers are looking for. With four years of experience in podcast advertising, Todd will share with you details you will need to take your show from hobby to a revenue generator. Learn the advertising terms, pricing criteria and sensible expectations of what your show is capable of making in revenue.
  • Saturday 4:15 Promoting Podcasts through the Directories
    Rob Greenlee, Todd Cochrane, Gary Weland will talk about getting your podcast promoted through sites such as Zune MarketPlace, PodcastPickle, and others. We will talk about tips and tricks that will make sure your directory listing is effective.

For more info on what we have cooking check out the full details on the Blubrry Blog

BlogWorld and New Media Expo Speaker!

BlogWorld09_150px_SpeakerIn just a few weeks the Blogger and Podcaster event of the year gets underway in Las Vegas Nevada. BlogWorld and New Media Expo is now a combined event where Bloggers and Podcasters get to hang out together in a single event.

Not only will I be speaking but my company RawVoice will be exhibiting, we have some great swag to give away that we predict will be the coolest show swag at the event.

I will be speaking on Saturday at 11:30 on the topic “How to prep your show to make it Advertiser Friendly”.  This is a session you will not want to miss, bring your pens because five years of experience in the podcast advertising space allows me to bring real experience and not just theory to the table.

Sadly we will miss talking with the folks from Podtrac and Wizzard Media who are competitors of ours in the space, but have opted to not exhibit this year for unknown reasons.

Make sure you stop by our booth Friday as we will be handing out tickets to a special event we are having Friday evening as well.

We are well prepared to talk to bloggers about the benefits of podcasting and they should stop by and have a chat with us as we have some cool ideas to share. You will want to get one of our custom-made T-Shirts as well that we feel will be a major hit.

See you in Vegas!