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Did You Get Your iPad on Black Friday?

Posted by J Powers at 10:52 AM on November 29, 2013

Target-Black-FridayApple was pretty secretive on their Black friday sale. Target seemed to be the best option for an iPad this week and people stood in line for their black friday deal as early as 8 PM Thursday night. So did you get a new iPad Air or iPad mini?

After scouring the ads, I chose to stand in line at Target last night. They offered a $100 gift card with purchase of an iPad Air or $75 for an iPad mini. I got there at 7:50 expecting about 25-30% of the crowd was heading toward the iPad line.

Walmart offered $100 gift cards for iPad mini. Best Buy also had a gift card deal. Apple store only had a $75 card, didn’t advertise their deals and also didn’t give any deal for a Retina mini. So hopefully the 20% waiting in front of me for iPads won’t deplete the inventory too bad.

Once the doors opened, the line moved quicker than a one horse open sleigh. Of course, that was the first line. The second line was the true wait – people anxious for their iPads for the holidays.

What was interesting was the people I talked to in line already had iPads. This was either an upgrade or they wanted to get a second tablet for their families. One person was waiting for a Nexus 10 tablet, but decided to get the iPad as well.

Target was also ready for this event as most people got the iPad they wanted. They did run out of 16 GB iPad Air at about 9:30 PM. I was in line for a 32 GB model anyway and I saw a lot of iPad minis getting sold, too.  You could even get 2nd and 4th generation iPads that night.

I tweeted VegasBill during the event, who also was waiting in a Target store line in Vegas. I shouted out “This is what it will look like in a couple hours”.

I don’t normally do Black Friday. Those years I did, I was always disappointed because it was 4 in the morning and we would have to wait 6-8 weeks for rebates of specials.

This year was a bit different. I wasn’t too upset on the 2+ hour wait and I got the iPad Air I was looking for. Best part – I got a gift card which I could use at that moment if I wanted.

I did suggest that next year Target should talk with Starbucks and get a mobile barista to stand at the iPad line selling coffee…

Apple Wins on Black Friday, Could They Be Losing on Cyber Monday?

Posted by J Powers at 7:25 AM on November 28, 2011




Apple sold more than 4 times what they normally do on Black Friday – was said in a report on 9to5Mac. But here we have Cyber Monday, and Apple is back to full price. Are they missing on another record sales day?

It was the first time in a long while that Apple put discounts on their products like that. But this Black Friday, they broke the norm and gave discounts on Macbooks, iMac, iPods and iPads. The best deal out of the lot was the Macbook Air, which was $898. A 16 GB iPad was discounted to $450. What was really missing was the 4S discount (which I would have updated iPhone if there was a $30-50 discount).

However, after Friday, the prices jumped back up to their original amounts. While stores like Best Buy have some great discounts in accessories, the only deal tablets will be anything but Apple.

Is a One day a Year Sale for Apple Good or Bad?

This is the true question: Would Apple continue to have 4x the sales if they would have participated in Cyber Monday? What about Saturday or Sunday?

No matter what, this Cyber Monday will continue to bring some great deals. Microsoft’s $299 Dell computer is already sold out. Amazon Cyber Monday will have computer accessories go on sale all week.

Black Friday Weekend Brings 24% increase

The numbers are coming in and there is a 24% increase this year. 14.1% comes from mobile devices. This means people are using their smartphones and tablets to buy gifts. Of course, it’s a lot different than having that old Pentium computer in the den and slow internet connections. Best part is you could shop while lying in bed, so the kids wouldn’t peek and see the cool stuff your getting them.

So now the question is: Will Cyber Monday be as fruitful as last year? They stole the crown in 2010 for the busiest shopping day of the year. Now that people have had a whole weekend to get some great deals, will Monday continue to overshadow, or be overshadowed?

Tuesday is Eco-Day in Cyber Week?

A lot of retailers are using the whole week to make deals. Last Saturday was “Shop Local” day, which people were encouraged to visit the Mom-and-Pop shops. Tuesday is Eco-Day, buying items that are green in nature. No word if Wednesday and Thursday are going to get categorized.

So we could be having a great holiday season, but we are far from over in shopping. A lot of deals are to be had, so keep your eyes out. is a website to watch for today, but will be on the case all week long.

Before You Cyber-Shop, Become Cyber-Safe: Tips to Shop Safer Online.

Posted by J Powers at 11:56 AM on November 25, 2011

Be cyber-safe

It’s that time to go and get your gifts for the kids, parents, siblings and the hubby. Some of us braved the cold and dark of night to stand in line for some super doorbuster deal. However, others stayed at home with cocoa and a restful nights sleep, for their trip to shop means turning on the computer and getting it all online.

As you get ready to brave the online crowds on the website, let’s run through a little checklist so you can be safe in purchasing items. With these ideas, you are better protected from malware and scams.

Update Your Computer, Browser and Anti-Virus

This is probably the most important thing to do. There are several security updates that patch holes to your computer. If you are planning on entering a credit card, you want to make sure nobody can watch your transaction. Run some scans on your computer, run the updates to the computer (Mac or PC), then open up your web browser and check for updates.

- Chrome : Choose the wrench icon on the right and “About Google Chrome”. It will update software automatically.

- Firefox: Choose the “Firefox” tab on the top-left. Choose “Options -> Options”. Select “Advanced” and the “Update” tab.

- IE: Go through Windows Update to get the latest version

- Safari: Through the software update option

- Windows 7: Windows Start button – Type in “Windows Update” in the Run box.

- Windows XP: Open IE browser and type in

- Mac: Choose the Apple and Software Update

Anti-Virus may be trickier since there are different versions out there. Most important, if you don’t have anti-virus on your computer, put it on now. Avast and AVG are two great programs that have free versions.

What Websites are You Shopping At?

If you are going off the beaten internet path, it’s important to make sure the website is a verified seller. Most of the time, you can find badges on the site saying if they are trusted. When in doubt, do some simple searches. Also check the retailer’s reviews at a site like Resale Ratings.

Finally – When you are checking out, make sure you are on a secure page. Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE all indicate if your credit card will be encrypted or not. If the lock icon is closed, you are on a secure page.

Email: Trusting links, Query Confirmation Email or Bank Email

You might be getting tons of “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” deals through email. Be careful what you select – there are misrepresented Spam mails out there. I just got one the other day from the New York Times to get a 1 year subscription. The email looked like it was from the NYTimes, but the links went to some other site like newyorktimes.some_domain_name dot com.

When in doubt, do a Google search on the email deal. If Walmart is having an online sale, then go to and find the deal through their website.

You might also see confirmation emails that could be phishing schemes. You get an email saying “Congratulations: You just purchased…”, but you didn’t purchase anything. There is a link saying “I didn’t purchase this” or something related. When you click on the link, it tells you what to do on a refund.

DON’T CLICK! (don’t even trust the links in the email)

What you should do is go to the website directly and find a phone number to call. Verify with an agent there is a purchase for you. Also, check your card statements. some purchases update within minutes.

Buy with Credit Card

Speaking of Credit Cards, most major cards and Paypal come with fraud protection. If you feel unsafe about any purchase, make a call to your credit card company. Never purchase online by sending a check or  wiring cash to someone’s account. If they cannot get a verified payment service like Paypal, Amazon, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or more, then this purchase isn’t worth it.

Ask For Help

Ok, so you are not Internet savvy. You read through this article and your head began to spin. If that is the case, then ask people for help. Talk to your friends. Seek out someone you know that does this stuff on a regular basis. What is worse is if you do not update your computer. Never think “Oh, I’ll just do it later…”

Cyber crime rises during the holidays. We are purchasing more online. So it’s important to stay safe. That, and get the best deal on a tablet…

GNC-2011-11-12 #722 CES 2012 Support Needed

Posted by geeknews at 12:55 AM on November 18, 2011

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GNC-2009-11-26 #531 Thanksgiving Special!

Posted by geeknews at 11:56 PM on November 26, 2009

I hope your belly is full of food, lets see if we can fill your brain with Tech I also introduce Skypesaurus. I cover in detail why I walked away from the Twitter Advertising deals. Plenty of tech to cover tonight. Plus we are going to extend to the Tuesday show the GotoMyPC challenge. I want to hear about your Thanksgiving tech support horror stories as well.

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Virgin Media to Monitor Users P2P usage.
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iPhone Worm Developer now building iPhone Apps.
Silverlight for iPhone versus Flash?
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Best and Worse Gadgets.
More Black Friday Ads.
Godfather of Spam goes to Jail.
Verizon thinks their King of 3G?
Microsoft and Apple users play games.
Some people question everything?
Weird is all I am gonna say.
Apple wants Psystar shut down now.
Black Friday Camera Deals.
Joost is in Trouble.
Run Chrome OS on a USB Stick.
Shuttle finishes up at ISS.
iPhone App Rejected see the List.
No more Space Tourist for now.
Google Wave and Why.
US Zip code Map scribbled.
Cuban on the Economy.
Deal Roundups.
Electric car you are going to want.
Robo Suit in Action.
Bad Black Friday.
Windows 8 Time Line Questioned.
Bing Does Video.
Mac Sales Price.
Ustream comes to Android.
Geek News Central on the Move.

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GNC-2009-11-24 #530 Lots of Action on this Show!

Posted by geeknews at 1:58 AM on November 24, 2009

I had lot’s of fun on this show.. Pile of things to cover. I am headed to Texas next week so will be taking the show on the road. I will be doing a Thanksgiving evening show so if your full of Turkey and still awake, I will try and knock out a show earlier in the evening Hawaii time. Drive safe and have a great holiday! Your trials of our sponsors products and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Hackers steal electronic data from top climate research center.
Video of Hadron Collider Firing Up.
The Current State of Windows Mobile.
Apple Better Ease Up At The Guard Shack.

Show Notes:
We are still here no big bang!
How GotoMyPC saved me last week!
Photoshop App now on Android!
Serious iPhone worm for Jailbroken handsets!
Apple Exec makes excuses for iPhone App Store Process.
Is Apple Evil or Not?
Spotify no works on Symbian Phones.
Firefox and Mozilla Foundation appear to be doing good.
Roku adds Limited content from Select Partners?
Apple deals now and on Friday!
Windows 8 Roadmap.
Telcos mad at Harvard Berkman Center?
1000 Mph Speed Attempt!
Is Adobe doing enough about Security?
The Evil Empire Strikes back at Verizon :)
Man Not in Coma just Paralyzed for 23 years!
Prepare for Cyber Monday.
New PogoPlug!
AOL had some kids in for new Logo Design.
Windows 7 Security!
Intel I9 Six Cores
Drobo Goes Enterprise.
Apple makes Single Use Monitor?
ISS work goes Great!
Bing to buy Fox Traffic?
This is what I want for Christmas (Not).
AT&T Data Connect Day Pass!
Radiation repairs eyes in Blind!
Target Black Friday Ad.
Newegg Black Friday Ad.
Walmart Black Friday Ad.
Sewell Display Link Adapter good Reviews.
Altona Wireless VGA.
New Sony Pro XDCAM
Full or Partial feeds you be the Judge.
Browser Compatibility Web testers.
Chrome Extensions Coming Soon!
New Facebook Worm!
Wikipedia Loosing Free Help.
What are you doing with Ssesmic?
Smoking Voids Apple Warranty!
Gmail Creator says email not going anywhere soon.
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GNC-2009-11-03 #524 Where we are going from here!

Posted by geeknews at 1:39 AM on November 3, 2009

I talk about the plan I am laying out for the show, while the Audio format will not change I am moving aggressively to improve the video quality in an effort to be in a position for what I feel is forthcoming in the new media space. The exercise while expensive is one that I think is one that I need to take to see if the content will bridge over time into as big a hit with video hit as the audio format is.

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Show Notes:
Congress to lockup NAB and Musician Rep to battle out bill terms!
Black Friday and Monday is coming be prepared to shop and get great deals.
Bing gets Real Time NFL Scores and Flight Updates.
Pirate Bay Closure increases P2P sites by 300%!
Google and Asian Telecommunications companies lay new Fiber Cable.
Pepsi looses battle it did not know it had to fight ordered to pay 1.26 Billion?
Sarbanes Oxley may be waived to small public companies?
Google playing Logo games with Firefox in Google Search?
Adobe plays hardball with iPhone and iTouch users who do not have a clue.
Apple to bring TV to iTunes for $30.00 a month Sign me Up!
Sprint turns on Wimax in some cities is your area next?
iPhone + Intel P55 Chip + Windows 7 equals a broken iPhone Sync.
Idiot ejects himself from Airplane Ripley’s Believe it or Not!
Microsoft Data Center in Chicago pretty amazing pictorial.
Dell Customer Support replaces mans Laptop with a Hard Drive!
Do you have a Femtocell in your home if so listen in.
Hulu subscription realities are charge for service imminent?
Scobles Tech News Feed is Money.
Cisco knows where the world of Media is headed buys Chinese set-top box company! Follow the money folks.
DIY USB Charger simply simple.
Review of Video editing suites all under a $100.00.
Does CBS 60 Minutes have any street credibility left?
Google Voice Search goes Mandarin.
How are you getting your mobile Apps built DIY or hired Firm?
Support Nick through purchases of FeedDemon>
I think Google just killed the Mapping and GPS industry. The wolf in sheep’s clothing strikes again.
Hacker earns 1 million in providing free Internet Service and now faces 6 Felony counts. DIY Prison terms.
Japanese HTV full of trash and ready for De orbit Incineration.
WordPress Template Cheat Sheet.

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GNC-2009-10-22 #521 Bye Bye Sunshine State

Posted by geeknews at 7:10 PM on October 22, 2009

On my way home, I have had a very productive week here in the Sunshine State, sadly tragedy in the National News in the area I have been staying the past couple of days. Next stop Sand Hill Road.. Will be in Silicon Valley next week look forward to bringing you the show from California. One more week on the road and then home for a spell. Take our National Listener Survey.

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Pirate Bay ordered to delete Torrents!
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