GNC-2009-12-18 #537 Yes I am still Here!

Ok folks I am still here, while I do not want to go into the circumstances of the emergency travel it appears at this point that we probably will not have to go anywhere. I cover a huge amount of ground in tonights show and there is a wealth of information about what is coming up next. Thanks to the listeners that have signed up for monthly contributions it is heart warming to see how much you care. I will continue to do my best in delivering you the most content of any tech show in the space.

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Listener Links:
Operation Chokehold!
Link to a Litopia Podcast that was a guest on the 24hr Podcast!

Show Notes:
Flip Strikes back with Flip TV
Zune + Twitter + Censor = Fail
Gotta have me one of these Hover craft!
Green car driving Assistant?
Crazy Stuff Here on Drones!
LED Traffic Lights trouble in Snow Belt!
Psystar final nail in coffin!
Are you an Audiophiles nut?
Prepare to be blown away! Watch the linked Video!
Auto Translation with FeedDemon!
To cancel your cell phone or not!
Blip.TV on a roll!
Verizon FIOS 10 GBPS to home!!!
Mobile Firefox.
Big Brands understand Value of Smaller Blogs!
Yelp to be purchased for 500 Million?
Android on a Roll!
Google + Audi A8= Cool
Adaptech For Sale!
Cool USB Hub!
New Diabetes monitor connects to PC!
Have they detected Dark Matter?
FTC to put serious Smackdown on Intel!
Bitly.TV use trending to their advantage!
CNET 20 Top Gadgets of 2009!
YouTube Top 5 Videos.
Are you a Trackball User?
9 Things to do with your GPS.
Titan confirmed to have lake of Methane.
Slow News day talking about Space Battles?
BBC HD content 50% reduction in Quality!
NCAA hates Fan Sites!
Teachers to sell school Lesson Plans?
Google does not walk the talk.

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GNC-2009-03-13 #459 Back In Honolulu

Rare Friday morning recording of the show. Jet Lag got the better of me Thursday night. Lots of tech to cover today. New show segment starts next show if you have any mobile applications you would like me to review drop me a line.

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How big is 1 Trillion Dollars
Mobile Phone Battery Charges in 10 Seconds
Scientist to be reading our minds Next
nvidia 2600APX
Best Buzzer Beater Shot Ever
Google Voice
Med Patches and MRI = Not Good!

Show Notes:
MPAA Cuts Staff Size
BBC Botnet
Camtasia for Mac Beta testers
iPhone 3.0
GrandCentral = Google Voice
Firefox 3.1
Mars Orbiter Rebooted
Web at 20 Years
250k for Twitter Suggested List?
New Mobile Carrier Unlimited Everything
Windows 7 Release Candidate Features
Interesting Diamond Heist Story
Look at all of these wires what is this?
New iPod Shuffle GAG
Battle Stations on ISS
SXSW Twitter Stream
12 Domain Tools
New Battery using Magnetic Tunnel Junction
10 Gmail Filters
More Climate Emergency always a Emergency?
6gb Free Music form SXSW
iPod Touch Fires it up Literally
Twitter Time What was Sacrificed

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Welcome BBC Viewers!

First I hope you liked my discussion with Nikki on drive this morning for your benefit I have linked to several resources to get you started listening to podcast. First and foremost you do not need a portable media player if you have one, you will be able to experience the power of walk away content and the full impact of podcasting. For those of you that like technology news make sure you check out my personal show where I break the content down so that the common man or woman can understand. The show is available under the podcast link at the top of the page.

Finding podcast in a category you are interested in is easy for the best of independent podcast visit Podcast Alley for a mix of commercial and independent shows visit the Yahoo podcast directory, those of you with iTunes already have a podcast directory at your fingertips through the music store even though the directory is quite unorganized.

If you have portable media players the application I recommend to use, for synchronizing podcast to your device automatically is Juice, this application will work with tunes and Windows Media Player or you can utilize iTunes.

If you want to get started podcasting make sure you order my book on Podcasting. “Podcasting The Do it Yourself Guide

Update: Nikki referred to me as the PodFather but as I clarified to her I am a podcaster and the title of PodFather belongs to Adam and Dave.

BBC Interview Today

At 5:40pm GMT or 7:40am (-10 GMT) today I will be on the BBC program Drive for a segment on Podcasting and Mobile media. I look forward to chatting with Nikki Beddi host of Drive. On a side note if you have a DVR, I would love it if someone recorded and forwarded the segment to me. [BBC]

Attention BBC Viewers who are also Geek News Central Podcast Listeners

On Tuesday Dec 6th and possibly Wed Dec 7th at 5:40pm GMT or 7:40am (-10 GMT) I will be on the BBC program Drive for a segment on Podcasting and Mobile media. I look forward to chatting with Nikki Beddi host of Drive. On a side note if you have a DVR, I would love it if someone recorded and forwarded the segment to me. [BBC]