GNC-2009-07-17 #494 You have a Mission!

Your geek here at Geek News Central is looking for some info from the Ohana and I am sure you will come through for me. Looking for a lot of feedback on a couple of issues. Lots of great tech tonight as always that you are going to find very stimulating.

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Listener Links:
Podcast Madness Continues
Private Company Launches Satellites
Facebook and Canadian Privacy Laws conflict
A US Government Agency Speed Test Results SHOCKING!
iPhone 3GS Video
Action starts at 26:03 in this Video!
15 Year old Commenter
No more shock therapy for Internet Addicts!
Monkey Moves Robot with Mind Control?

Show Topic Notes:
Google Health gets you Prepared for Death!
Apollo 11 Videos Restored
New Space shots of Sea Ice.
Journalist know the end is near.
RIAA to have to open books during trial on finances!
Unknown Substance in Alaska Waters.
Crew Inspects Endeavor after Launch!
Fonera 2.0 Wireless routers available in the United States!
1.5 Billion Apps downloaded from Apple App Store!
12% of us are real dumb as we respond to spam by buying something?
Would be Sat hackers arrested on DMCA charges!
Did you get a 23 Quadrillion Visa Over charge and $15.00 over limit charge as well?
Yes your being watched on Twitter by Advertisers.
Microsoft Fights Fire with Fire opening stores Near Apple Stores!
Apple drops to 5th in computer sales!
Palm in trouble after Apple locks them out of iTunes!
Will you pay for that News Site?
Twitter corporate docs spread for world to see quite shameful!
Twitter who left the door unlocked?
Rebooting RSS?
Google Reader tries to go Social.
Personal Damage Control Suggestions! Remembers Apollo 11 in Pics.
Firefox tools for Web Workers.
Stumbleupon’s Awesome URL shortner!
Do you need advanced e-mail search?
Google wants you to fight for National Broadband!
Google Launches Best Mobile Location Information Feature yet!
Free or Paid what do you think is more popular? Easy Deduction ehhh!
Chrome OS all about Advertising in your Face
EVGA Interview 1770 has possibilities!
Bill Gates Yawns on Google OS says just another Linux Systems.
Did Apple really ask Microsoft to stop Laptop-Hunter Ads?

GNC-2009-06-02 #482 Some more Contest Announcements!

June and July are going to be months you will want to follow the show as I announce some new contest for June and what we have planned for July. You have to listen to win. With my Internet connection being flaky tonight no line show recording but I recorded it locally will post later.

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Listener Links:
New Solar Cycle Perdiction
Guantanamo Prisoners get Laptops
Laser as hot as a Star
Ever wonder what happens when you Day Dream?

Show Topic Notes:
AP Announces Plan to Curb Misuse of Content
Cable DVR should stay Legal.
Texas Blogger Jailed after Refusing Judge request.
HP to get Tough on Ink Fakes
ISS has 6 man Crew!
What’s the deal with Real ID?
Windows 7 Lifts App Limit
Vudu goes the way of Embeddable Platform
First Gen HP Media Server to get Update
Will Nascar suffer from GM Bankruptcy
Laser makes bulbs more bright!
Band fights back over Pirate Bay Conviction!
Newspapers think there better!
Time Magazine to charge for online?
AOL Spinoff means Dead Pool?
Storage to last 1 Billion Years
Supreme Court Nominee friend of RIAA
Ultimate Lock Picker
Twitter your Away and get Robbed.
IE Usage Graph past year.
Power Strip that is spy device!
Belkin Tune Base is Nice
Verizon Selling iPhone could increase iPhones sold by 100%
MIB show up on un-marked cut Fiber?
Doc Searls reviews court ruling as win for Consumers.
Apollo through Astronauts eyes.
National Geographic blows me away! Massive Tornado on Blue Sky
RIAA it’s not about the Money?
Nielsen underestimates BitTorrent adoption.