Get the +1 Lowdown from Google Themselves

If you are wondering about implementing the new Google +1 button on your website, but worried about the proper way to do it, then you may want to free up your calendar next week.  Google has announced they will be holding a special, open-to-the-public webinar on Tuesday 21st at 3pm ET.  This should go a long way towards clearing up some of the misconceptions and unknowns about exactly what +1 can and can’t do for a web site.  For instance, there is a lot of speculation about +1 being a boon for SEO by raising the search ranking of pages.  But, Google can be very particular and very unforgiving about how their apps are displayed on sites – often banning users from Adsense for unknown reasons.

Google claims they will answer such questions as “how do you make sure this experience is user friendly? Where should you position the +1 button? How do you make sure the correct URL is getting +1’d?” The webinar will be conducted by Google Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan.  He will cover “technical implementation details as well as best practices to ensure the button has maximum impact.”

You will need to register for the event, which you can do here.

If you don’t, or can’t, attend then you can find some good information on +1 embedding code over at this unofficial Google blog.  If you just want automatic imtegration of +1 along with other sharing buttons like Twitter and Facebook, among others, then check out Socialize plugin for WordPress, which has already done an excellent integration of +1.

Put the Google +1 Button on your Website

If you have a website then you are almost certainly interested in drumming up visitors and generating interest – what’s usually referred to as SEO.  Many sites use buttons on the home page and on individual posts to prompt readers to “like” the article on Facebook, “tweet” it on Twitter, or share it is some other way such as Digg or Reddit.

Now there’s a new player on the viral sharing block – the Google +1 button.  Google announced this several months ago and webmasters have been waiting for the opportunity to add it to their sites.  Given that Google is THE top player in the SEO game, this one has been very highly anticipated because of the potential traffic that may come along with it.

The wait ended yesterday when Google sent out the following email to everyone who signed up for the notification list.

Hi there,

You asked to be notified when the +1 button code was available, and today’s the day!

The +1 button makes it easy for visitors to recommend your pages to friends and contacts exactly when their advice is most useful — on Google search. As a result, you could get more and better qualified site traffic.

You’ll need to add a small snippet of code on the pages where you want a +1 button to appear. Ready to get started?


To stay current on updates to the +1 button large and small, please sign up for the Google Publisher Button Announce Group.

If you have questions when adding the code, check out the Google Webmasters Help Center. Thanks for your interest!

The Google Webmaster Central & +1 button teams

Already I have seen the button popping up on various websites.  This could be a huge traffic boon for many sites, since clicks on the +1 button seem to lead directly to better Google search rankings.