Polaroid Remote Controlled Panorama EyeBall Head Review

polaroidThe Polaroid Remote Controlled Panorama EyeBall Head could not be a cooler accessory. Designed to stand on it’s own or attach to a tripod. You can mount your GoPro, Digital Camera or Mobile Phone to it with the provided accessories.

Designed to pan right or left, swivel 75 degrees or advance 5 degrees every 10 seconds you can capture panoramic images perfectly. The best part you can link your device to it via bluetooth, and then using the provided remote control you can snap images to capture the perfect selfie or family picture.

The Eyeball head fits in the palm of your hand, and can be easily stashed in a backpack pocket.  You charge the device with a standard micro usb cable. With 3 hours of active use per charge take it anywhere you go. The Polaroid Panorama Eyeball Head costs $49.99 through Amazon.

XY Find It Review

xy-find-itThe XY Find it Bluetooth item Finder was a product that simply was made for me. I swear my car keys have legs and walk off and hide themselves in the couch crack, under the bed etc. It seems like the keys are anyplace but the hook on the wall where they belong. Because of the busy lives we live and the amount of stuff we are touting around it is real easy to leave things behind.

The folks at The Findable Company have made it simple to find any lost item that has one of their  XY Find it tags attached. By downloading their iOS or Android app you sync your purchased tag to your app and then you can have the tag beep or buzz when you need to find the item. Or you can enable the Keepnear feature which causes an alert if you have left the item behind.  You can even see your gears last location on a Map. The device is detectable up to 150ft away, and from my test I was able to easily detect it up to that distance.

I even placed a tag inside a computer bag pocket among other gear, and the Keepnear feature worked flawlessly.  This is great for students that are going to college to add a layer of easy to implement security to their valuables. Each XY Find It tag is $25.00 the XY Find it website has multi packs available as well at very reduced pricing.

RAVPower 22000mAh External Battery Pack Review

ravpowerThe RAVPower 22000mAh external battery pack is simply a power monster.  I am on the go daily with a mobile phone, tablet, laptop and even a MiFi.  No mater where I go I see folks fighting over power plugs. Those days are over with this external battery pack charge 3 devices at once with a combined max of 5.8 amps or a max of 2.4 amps each.. With plenty of power in the battery to do numerous rounds of charging.

I keep this battery pack in my car, it always has 3-4 days of power to charge up devices that are running low. @ $39.95 you cannot beat the price on this 22000mAh capacity external battery pack from RAVPower.


GNC #1138 Mobile Unlimited Data is Back!

Some minor changes to the show intro format part of a bigger plan on some things coming down the line. Lots of thought provoking news in today’s show. Big thank you to all of our insider supporters. If you are not an insider consider becoming one today.

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Twitter is Rolling Out a Quality Filter

Twitter iconTwitter announced some new changes that are in the process of being rolled out to users. Their blog post about the changes is titled: “New Ways to Control Your Experience on Twitter”. These new features are intended to give Twitter users more control over what they see and who they interact with on Twitter.

When turned on, the filter can improve the quality of Tweets you see by using a variety of signals such as account origin and behavior. Turning it on filters low-quality content, like duplicate Tweets or content that appears to be automated, from your notifications and other parts of your Twitter experience.

It goes on to say that the feature will not filter content from people you follow or accounts you’ve recently interacted with. Every user gets to choose for themselves if they want to use the quality filter feature. You can turn it on or off whenever you want (and can find it in your notification settings).

The other feature is a change that allows Twitter users to limit the notifications they see. Starting today, everyone will be able to limit notifications to only people they follow on mobile and on Twitter.com. Just like with the quality filter setting, Twitter users can decide for themselves if they want to make use of this change to notifications.

I’m assuming that when Twitter says the quality filter will filter out duplicate Tweets or content that appears to be automated, they mean it will filter out spam accounts and those annoying automatic direct messages people push out seconds after someone follows them. It is unclear if it will, or will not, filter out Tweets that were automatically scheduled (via the use of something outside of Twitter itself).

Ideally, I want to believe that the quality filter, that looks at “account origin and behavior” will put an end to the serial harassment that occurs far too often on Twitter. I’m also hoping the quality filter will finally make looking at a trending hashtag (or any other hashtag, for that matter) nicer by finally filtering out the accounts I’ve blocked.


Amazon Echo Coming To UK on 16 September 2016? No…

echoIs the Amazon Echo coming to the UK on 16 September 2016? Nothing official from Amazon but a Bing search throws up the following link to a pre-order page on Amazon.co.uk which currently doesn’t seem to be live.

Update: Nah…..looks like Bing actually picked up on the release date of a CD called Echoes by the Young Guns, not Amazon Echo. Sorry, that’s entirely my fault as I was so looking forward to getting Alexa.


Curse is Now Part of the Twitch Family

Twitch and CurseTwitch, the leading social video platform and community for gamers, has agreed to acquire Curse, a leading global multimedia technology company focused on creating content and products specifically for gamers.

Curse might be best known for the add-ons it makes for World of Warcraft, Minecraft, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and other PC games. Curse also has helpful information in the form of wikis and news guides, that can help players. Business Wire says that more than 30 million people visit Curse’s web properties, video channels, social media channels, and desktop application each month.

Twitch is the go-to site for people who stream their video game play, and therefore, also for the people who want to watch those streams. More than 100 million community members gather to watch and talk about video games with more than 1.7 million streamers each month.

In 2014, Amazon purchased Twitch for $970 million.

Twitch has posted a very happy and excited announcement that Curse is the newest member of the Twitch family. Curse has a brief note that points out that Curse is now part of the Twitch family (with a link to the announcement on the Twitch website). Part of that announcement says:

This acquisition will help provide gamers with the tools and resources they need to achieve the ultimate gaming experience, a mission shared by both Twitch and Curse. Together Curse and Twitch will help gamers connect, interact, and share information with one another.

There is some speculation that this acquisition could result in a push for gamers on Twitch to use what originally was called Curse Voice (and is now called Curse) instead of Discord, Teamspeak, Skype, or other similar services. Many gamers use those types of services to communicate with the other players on their team while gameplay is going on.

Zappar Brings the Page to Life at WTS

Zappar LogoReturning to my interviews from this year’s Gadget Show Live and the Wearable Technology Show, I’m with Jeremy from Zappar. Their two dimensional Zapcodes generate a three dimensional augmented reality, bringing the printed page alive within the Zappar app.

ZapcodeA Zapcode is a printed symbol like the one on the right, which has 4 billion different combinations. It’s recognised by the Zappar app (available for Apple and Android) using the smartphone or tablet’s camera and then overlays animations and other content onto the real-world as seen through the camera. For example, a flat architect’s drawing shows a 3D model in the Zappar world or a comic book about planets whizzes with rockets and spinning worlds. Very cool.

Here’s what a Zappar augmented book looks like – the printed page is on the left with the app view on the right.

Zappar Sun Zappar AR Sun

Here’s a quick demo of a building.

Zappar’s client list is impressive featuring brands like Asda, Coca-Cola, BBC Radio 1 and Mothercare. There are plenty of demo Zaps on the Zappar website, so download the app and try them out. The app works fine with computer screens so there’s no need to print anything out – just point the camera at the monitor.


GNC #1137 Google Hangouts RIP?

Google Hangouts will no longer be supported on Google+ but for those with YouTube accounts will live to see another day on that platform. Update on Muni Broadband, it appears that the EFF is going to join the fight in getting states to overturn legislation that prevents muni-broadband projects.

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Study Finds “Chemtrails” Do Not Exist

Contrails by Pete Nowicki on StockSnap io. jpgA study published in Environmental Research Letters was done for the purpose of addressing the claims made by some people about “chemtrails”. In short, the results showed that “chemtrails” are not real. What people are seeing can be explained by other factors.

The authors of the study included Ken Caldera of Carnegie Institution for Science.  The authors conducted a survey of two groups of experts: atmospheric chemists with expertise in condensation trails, and geochemists working on atmospheric deposition of dust and pollution. The purpose of the study was, for the first time ever, to evaluate the claims of those who believe in “chemtrails”.

“Chemtrails”, which are also refereed to as “covert geoengineering” could be described as a conspiracy theory. Some people believe in the existence of a secret large-scale atmospheric program (SLAP), which they say has been engaging in widespread chemical spraying. Those who believe that secret chemical spraying has been going on say that it has negative impacts on human health and the environment.

The study referred to an international survey of 3,015 people. Out of that group, 2.6% of the respondents said it was “completely true” that there was a secret government program that uses airplanes to put harmful chemicals into the air. Another 14% said it was “partly true”.

A total of 77 scientists took part in the study. A total of 76 out of the 77 scientists said they had not encountered evidence of a SLAP. They also agreed that the alleged evidence cited by the individuals who believe that secret atmospheric spraying was being done could be explained by other factors. Some of those factors included typical airplane contrail formation and poor data sampling.

One of the most interesting thing about this study, at least to me, is that it is not the authors’ goal “to sway those already convinced that there is a secret, large-scale spraying program”. The authors note that these believers “often reject counter-evidence as further proof of their theories”. Instead, the goal was to establish a source of objective science that can inform public discourse.