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Windows Vista Podcasting Integration

Microsoft reached a major milestone on it’s climb to releasing Windows Vista, in that this months Community Technology Preview is Feature complete. But what’s missing from the preview? Here is what I keep getting asked daily, will Windows Media Player 11 have podcasting support? Well the rumors on the street are really flying.

From the pieces of repeatable information I have picked up here and there, I can guarantee that Microsoft has a lot more than one person working on the podcasting integration. At CES I was told a couple of things but a lot of it was dis-information. One part of the dis-information was that only one person is working the integration and that the person was a new hire. From what I am hearing that could not be further from the truth, if rumors hold true they have some very big guns working the integration/

If rumors are correct they have a whole team that is dedicated to getting the integration done. I probably know more than I should, but until I can get someone to go on the record, all I am gonna say is make sure you have contingency plans to handle the new listeners that Microsoft will bring to the community in addition to the new podcasters that will be joining the party in having podcast creation applications loaded by default on the desktop.

The rumors don’t stop there but thats all I am gonna say for now.