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A very short video cast announcing some upcoming events I will be involved in at the Consumer Electronic Show

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VideoCast Link
Consumer Electronic Show

Video Editing Dilema

Since I have been using the Macbook Pro to edit Video’s I have been using the default iMovie Themes and Editing transitions. I want to kick it up a notch or two and I have the need to create some videos that will be used in a new videocast that I will be doing in January and wonder if it would just be smarter to upgrade to a better video editing suite or just buy plugins for iMovie? So if you are a die hard Apple video editor I would love to get some comments on what you think the best approach is.

Geek News Central headed to CES!

CesI have just gotten confirmation that a sponsorship deal has been put together and I will be going to CES again this year with a major sponsor and will produce some special video segments at the show. Geek News Central will have some sponsorship openings in some of the podcast that will be produced during the show, and based on last years listnership and on floor interviews this will be a prime opportunity for a CES participant to get significant exposure. [CES]