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Verizon working on 4G sooner than later?

Verizon and AT&T are going to transfer their systems over to the 4G LTE systems throughout 2010 according to past releases.  It appears that Verizon could be accelerating that time schedule according to a report on Appleinsider. Could it be to accomodate a new 4G equipped Apple product?  Who knows.  Anyway I digress.

So I was in my local Verizon store switching up some details of our family plan (one family member now moving on to their own plan. Yeah!)  And naturally, being an Apple fan, I slipped in a bit about the iPhone.  The salesmen said, “Well you know it won’t be with only AT&T forever.  It could be here some day.”  I added that it certainly would as Apple is greedy and wants to sell more phones, but that it wouldn’t happen until the change to 4G later in 2010 and early 2011.  He suddenly became coy with a slight smile.  Hmm.  Could it be word is sifting down that the change over is accelerating?

Verizon fans are salivating.  You know it.

Verizon Math Debacle

A frustrated Verizon customer spent a good twenty minutes and then some trying to explain to several Verizon customer service reps simple math. He was misquoted on a usage charge and they just didn’t seem to get it. For our amusement he recorded and posted the whole conversation. Eventually Verizon refunded the guys money and sent him a letter admitting the confusion as well as a new pricing policy. It’s a great listen! [link to original call] [link to concession letter]

Verizon implements questionable surcharge that is really a Rate Hike!

Last week one of the readers to this blog and a listener of the podcast sent me e-mail about a new surcharge that Verizon is charging it’s DSL-Only subscribers, I covered it in the podcast but not on the blog, well it seems the story has made it onto the radar screen of other blogs and news wires.

Last year a ruling did away with the Federal Universal Service Fund charge for DSL subscribers. The Federal Universal Service Fund was set up to help communities in need gain access to the Internet. The fund helps schools, libraries get Internet access, in turn companies like Verizon received some of the USF subsidy back in a round about way. In the end the telco was a large benefactor of the USF. Don’t get me wrong the scope of the USF is larger than schools and libraries getting net connectivity subsidies. Verizon and other telecommunications companies have been collecting this surcharge since 1996.

With the ruling last year that the telcos could not collect the fee from DSL customers Verizon and other telcos had to stop the collections. But in the place of the Tax, Verizon has added a new surcharge that is almost exactly the same amount as the USF. They think most people will be to stupid to notice the change in description of the charge.

Their cover story for this “Rate Hike”, aka special surcharge is said to help cover unexpected cost. When a company normally has unexpected cost don’t they announce a base subscription fee increase instead of a sneaky surcharge?

I can very easily deduct this as a sinister motives, that smell of anti competition and fraud in the worst way. My advice is that if you are a Verizon DSL customer that you call the company, and get mad. Demand the removal of the surcharge and demand that they call it what it is “Rate Hike”

When will companies figure out that back room deals and shadowy terminology on bills may have worked in the past but todays consumers do not put up with this monkey business. [DSL Reports]

GNC-2006-08-18 #197

This show is packed end to end with a lot of content with a special appearance of Chris the two year old who brings the house down. We have a new spokes person for GoDaddy in his segment!

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Verizon reporting your late payment to credit agency is gift!

Well with a gift like that it makes you wonder what they do when they send a collection agency or fire someone as an employee. What company in there right mind would say that reporting your late payment is a gift. Sure we all don’t like to see negative stuff on our credit report but it is hardly a gift. So I suppose this post is a gift to Verizon, I wonder what other kinds of gifts I can give them. [Free-Gift]

Verizon essentially says Google is Stealing!

What is the deal with this company. Check out the comments coming out of Verizon.

“A Verizon Communications Inc. executive yesterday accused Google Inc. of freeloading for gaining access to people’s homes using a network of lines and cables the phone company spent billions of dollars to build. The comments by John Thorne, a Verizon senior vice president and deputy general counsel, came as lawmakers prepared to debate legislation that could let phone and cable companies charge Internet firms additional fees for using their high-speed lines.”

Whats this all about well Verizon wants to charge Google a tool. Hey Verizon let me break it down for you..

1. Verizon Customers Pay for Internet Access
2. Verizon Customers go to Google Pages
3. Verizon has been given Billons in subsidies to build a Public Infrastructure. (Look at your Phone Bill)
4. Verizon wants to double dip and Charge Google for content that their customers have paid for.

Verizon is going to do everything to make sure that they maintain control of their monopoly on telecommunications and data lines. But I tell you what Verizon why don’t you pay me for the pleasure of allowing your customers access to my website. Simply a bunch of blathering greedy suits. [Washington Post]