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Robot Underpants Podcast

Robot Underpants: 12.04.13 (130)

Posted by Langley at 10:06 PM on December 4, 2013

Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice and “Starman” Michael Gaines survive Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the attack of the drones (Amazon). There’s World of Warcraft news, Batman/Superman/Wonderwoman news, smart bras, sunken ship news, SpaceX launches a rocket news, and more!

* Paul Walker Dies (Autopsy)
* World’s Ugliest Dog Dies
* Amazon Drones
* World of Warcraft Casting News
* Wonder Woman Casting News
* Man Rescued from Sunken Ship
* Sunken Sub Found Off Hawaii
* Foods Equal To Krispy Kreme Donuts in Sugar
* Smart Bra from Microsoft
* Pope was a Bouncer
* 2 Million Accounts Hacked
* SpaceX Rocket Launched
* Theater Shows Wrong “Steamboat” Movie
* ANOTHER Hulk Movie Coming?

Robot Underpants: 11.27.13 (129)

Posted by Langley at 1:18 AM on November 28, 2013

Happy Thanks-uhkkah-giving, from Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice and “Starman” Michael Gaines. This week we talk about not participating in Black Friday madness, Thanksgiving, Beastie Boys vs Goldiblox, the scent of George Takei, Doctor Who’s 50th, Family Guy’s death in the family and more!

* Goldiblox vs Beasties
* Eau My Cologne
* Eccleston Talks About Why He Left Doctor Who
* RIP Winamp…?
End Track: Nick Browning’s cover of “Alice’s Restaurant”

Robot Underpants: 11.20.13 (128)

Posted by Langley at 12:36 AM on November 21, 2013

Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice and “Starman” Michael Gaines talk BBS’s, PS4 vs Xboxes, South Park, Robocop News, Star Wars news, and more!

* Robocop Trailer 3
* PS4′s Bricked
* Kano Computer
* Harrison Ford vs David Blaine
* Mike Tyson Returns Holyfield’s Ear
* Stars Who Started on ‘Miami Vice’
* Andy Kaufman  Dead or Alive?
* Psychic Sylvia Browne Dies
* Star Wars News

Robot Underpants: 11.13.13 (127)

Posted by Langley at 2:08 AM on November 14, 2013

Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice and “Starman” Michael Gaines are back after a trip to Blizzcon ’13. Langley has con-cold, so don’t mind the snot snorting. Eric rants about YouTube, there’s Star Wars talk and more!

* Blink 182 at Blizzcon
* Langley, Eric and Starman’s Blizzcon Voiceover. (It’s not good)
* Star Wars Revisted
* Princess Bride Live!
* Murder She Wrote
Outro: “What’s My Spec Again” by Electric Sex Pants

Robot Underpants: 11.06.13 (126)

Posted by Langley at 6:41 PM on November 6, 2013

Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice and “Starman” Michael Gaines record an early show, as Eric and Mike will be hitting up Blizzcon this weekend. Langley recaps Comikaze. Plus Robocop news, jelly fish ice cream, 3D bio printing, and more!

* 3D Bio Printing
* Robocop Trailer Preview
* Blockbuster Gone For Good
* SWATCH Beat Watch
* Langley’s Comikaze Photos
* Skydivers Uninjured After Planes Collide Midair
* New T-Rex
* Glow in the Dark Jellyfish Ice Cream

Robot Underpants: 10.30.13 (125)

Posted by Langley at 12:02 AM on October 31, 2013

Happy Hallow’s Eve from Mat “Langoliers” Luschek, Eric “Spin Reaper” Rice, and “Starman from Mars” Michael Gaines! This week: Gripes about Google Glass on drivers, new domain extensions including Yer Mom, Star Wars news, and more!

* Glasshole Driver Ticketed
* New Top Level Domains available for Pre-Registration
* Star Wars Kinkade Paintings
* Star Wars VII Gets Kasdan
* Harrison Ford Rumor
* Star Wars Bloopers
* Star Wars Archives

Robot Underpants: 10.23.13 (124)

Posted by Langley at 1:19 AM on October 24, 2013

Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice and “Starman” Michael Gaines are NOT on vacation! This week’s discussions include such riveting topics as New OSX and iPad release, Hoverboard (with wheels) on Indiegogo, ghost copters, Evil Dead news, Sherlock news, Beetlejuice news, dinosaurs for sale and more!

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

* Teacher accidentally sends home porn to students
* Dinosaur for sale
* Evil Dead 4 / Army of Darkness 2
* Beetlejuice news
* Sherlock series 3 has a premiere date
* Hover Reaper Copter
* Hoverboard with wheels
* Oderus from GWAR reads “Goodnight Moon” (NSFW language)

Robot Underpants: 10.009.13 (122)

Posted by Langley at 1:41 AM on October 10, 2013

Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice and “Starman” Michael Gaines are back again this week to discuss New York Comic Con, Doctor Who news, “Avalanche Sharks” and more.

* NYCC Exclusives Pimp2-D2  –  Spaceballs Poster

* Lucas talking to JJ Abrams

* Avalanche Shark

* “Carrie” prank

* GTA V cats

Robot Underpants: 10.02.13 (121)

Posted by Langley at 12:15 AM on October 3, 2013

Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice, and “Starman” Michael Gaines couldn’t agree on a show so it’s shut down this week.

* Doctor Who Simulcasts

* Tom Clancy Dies

* JJ Abrams apologizes

* Warcraft Movie

* Killer Bees

* Comikaze

* Jon Stewart Gov’t Shutdown

* Jimmy Kimmel Obamacare or Affordable Care Act

Robot Underpants: 09.25.13 (120)

Posted by Langley at 12:09 AM on September 26, 2013

Join Mat “Salt” Luschek, Eric “Pepa” Rice and Michael “Spinderella” Gaines this week as they “push it.” No, that’s not it at all. This week there’s hair news, robocop news, star wars news, Agents of Shield and Gotham City news, where are the comments going? And Steambox (No it’s not a dirty term for some sex thing.)

* Goodbye Comments

* YouTube Comments

* Steambox

* Robocop IMAX

* Gotham City Show

* 10 Things you didn’t know about Jedi

* Houdini Crime Show