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Windows Live Writer

I have been expermenting today with various Blog writting applications. I think I am the most pleased with BlogJet which I have used for a number of years. It has been the easiest to manipulate the graphics within post. The only thing though that I do like about Windows Live Writter is that I am able to to put tags in the post. This is something that BlogJet is missing.

Movies Available for Download And DVD?

The word out is that it is possible that Apple will offer movies that can be downloaded and burned onto a DVD. This could be part of a reason for the delay in the iTunes movie store debut. The DVD Copy Control Association is the one hurdle that Apple has faced in their pursuit of the copying of movies to disc. The DVD Copy Control Association has the Content Scrambling System(CSS) which is placed on DVDs to prevent illegal copying. There is also a rumor that blank DVDs might be made with the CSS system in place.

It sounds like you’ll need this special kind of blank disc for this to happen. But it also is pretty clear that this is not near the end and there will be some more discussion on the legal side of such a task as this. has the story on their homepage.

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Hotmail blocking E-mail!

Well I have been fielding e-mails from people voting at the 2006 People’s Choice Podcast Awards, seems Hotmail thinks the verification e-mail we are sending is spam and has blocked all e-mail coming from the domain.

This happened last year as well, I understand companies trying to protect their customers from spamming but we are 100% in compliance in all e-mail we have sent, yet they are blocking every last single piece of mail. Now imagine if Hotmail decided to start blocking e-mail from your customers how mad would you be.

This is one service I will never ever use again. Good luck getting removed from their block list it is nearly impossible unless you want to pay some company a $100,000 a year to make sure all of your e-mail is delivered, this is beyond criminal.

Friendster Playing Friendly?

I knew it was only a matter of time before a social networking site would receive a patent. It was to be expected I guess. The surprising part of the whole situation is that Friendster is in on it! MySpace could be expecting some backlash in the future. There has been no talk about what this patent news will mean in the means of law suits or fines for social networking sites. Friendster has not revealed any plans as to what they plan on doing with these shiny new patents.

What is going on here!?! Internet sites are getting patents? This is exactly what was mentioned yesterday in the General Public License article. Patents are being giving under the wrong circumstances. Now what will happen to somebody who wants to do social networking but can’t because of patents. Will this happen? Is the scare to possibly get Friendster back in the limelight? It is very hard to see exactly what will happen with such an issue, but it has me on the edge of my seat.

I would like to take some time to mention that my company’s website has officially launched as of 1pm PST. The link is XiTechnology ( We specialize in software development at no charge! Check it out!

-michael novak

Friendster Article Link (

AOL Commits Suicide with Ad’s in E-Mail

Imagine your paying $14.95 per month for your AOL account that you are using largely for e-mail to only start getting advertisements jammed into e-mail. This has to be the most stupid move I have heard about. AOL is nothing more than a over priced ISP, for them to do this is beyond comprehension.

When you have a free account place somewhere you expect ads, this will add another nail in AOL’s coffin. [InfoWorld]

FeedBurner and Typepad

I am sitting here shaking my head, sorry you knew I was gonna say it. For those that have been reading this site long enough you know what I am thinking about the announcement of being able to have your Typepad RSS feed re-directed to FeedBurner automatically. At least the folks at SixApart were smart enough to make it optional. What I don’t understand is why companies like SixApart have given up on RSS stats.

In my humble opinion they should have there own reporting system. There is nothing magical about a RSS feed it is a file that sits on your website, and when an application needs to be updated it reaches across the web pulls a copy from your webserver and your webserver logs the encounter in a log file.

Then it is just a simple mater of processing that log file and providing very detailed infomation about your RSS feed.
You can bake that data any way you want and your good to go plus you don’t have to pay someone for advanced stats that in my opinon are pretty piss poor. The folks at SixApart had a chance to make their service better, but instead went the easy route and gave a large percentage of their unsuspecting customers a easy way to offload the single most important link on their blog.

First some will say well they can’t read my rss feed on my site, guess what I don’t want people reading my RSS feed I want them on my website. Second many will say using FeedBurner is easy, my response do you realize every blog application in existence today has RSS baked in already.

For those using FeedBurner pray they have a endless supply of money, and that they become very profitable on the backs of your feed because heaven forbid their site goes dark, thousands of you could be singing a different tune. I just hope people make educated decisions on using there service just before opting in. Many really like the service and I am cool with that but having used the service before I am not drinking the koolaid.

Here is my final thought on this, of the two URL’s below which makes the most sense to you. or

[FeedBurner & Typepad]

FeedPass do not republish our feeds!

Anytime I see a service that has the potential to cause ones feed to be Hijacked it gets my attention. Looking at the FeedPass interface I became instantly aware that anyone could take our feed and sign up for an account, have Google Ads inserted and start making revenue by placing that same content on a service that could feed up my RSS feed and someone else’s advertisements.

I am putting FeedPass on notice that if I find any feeds from any of our companies being hijacked and ran thru their service that we are going to hold them liable.

I don’t need stats or help from any third party in figuring out what my stats are and I don’t want anyone coming across our content subjected to advertisements in our RSS feed. [Scripting News]