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RIAA ordered to justify its Piracy Charges!

RiaaFinally the RIAA is being required to justify why it charges people it catches people pirating $750.00 a single rather than the 70 cents that retailers have to pay.

This is pretty huge in that the RIAA is now going to have to come clean on there fuzzy math, and it will be made part of a public record. It’s about time they were held accountable. []

Note: I can understand accesing damages but not to the tune of $749.30 per single that has been pirated. That amount in my opinion is extortion!

Music Industry Issues 8000 new file-share lawsuits

Looks like the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), has read a Chapter out of the RIAA handbook titled “How to Rob Consumers”

It is very obvious that the RIAA and IFPI lawyers have found a way to justify their existence. They have found the practice of suing people highly profitable for sharing music. If my math is correct they will collect an average of $3034.00 per person, this round of lawsuits will net them over 24 Million dollars.

Makes you wonder if they have anytime to do anything else. [Reuters]

BitTorrent moving into Mainstream File Distribution

Is it not time that Apple, Microsoft, MPAA and the RIAA acknowledge that BitTorrent is good when applied legally, and incorporate BitTorrent into applications such as iTunes, Windows Media Player etc. The only way we are gonna keep the train moving forward with a rocket engine driving the new media growth in videocast, and podcasting is to give some relief to those in the trenches creating this content by incorporating BitTorrent into there applications to reduce cost as the audience grows.

The inking of several deals to distribute movies legally has taken place. Thus the industry needs to pony up to the bar and get aboard the content delivery train and make sure that as new media replaces old that you are wisely positioned to have helped continue to broker that content delivery.

It makes me irritated though that the folks who have created Juice and other applications did not step up and go the extra distance to make BitTorrent transfers in those applications seamless so that the user did not have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. [CNET]

RIAA pretty happy with itself and happy about suing people

I just read a interview with some of the folks at the RIAA and like normal they seem to be pretty happy with themselves for suing thousands of people each year. They are also very happy with the way their lobby effort in congress has paid off.

I have been advocating for a long time that people start picking up the phone and writing to there congressional delegates and express how they fell about all of the ongoing issues that the RIAA are pushing that will limit your fair use rights even further.

Until enough people vote with their wallet their is not much we can do but watch them systematically chip away at the digital world. [CNET]

Recording Industry says it’s ok now to Rip CD’s for you MP3 Player

Well it’s funny that the RIAA is saying that it is now legal to RIP your CD’s onto your MP3 players. Don’t they realize that the entire world has been ripping CD’s onto MP3 players for a long time. These fools are just showing how stupid they really are. They actually asked the government to change the copyright rules. This is so beyond ridiculous that I am sure all of you are just shaking your head. [TechDirt]

How many times have you paid for a single song?

Did you realize because of DRM that if you really liked a single song you would need to pay for it at least ten times to be legal. A recording industry executive was quite pleased we have so many choices when he rattled of this impressive list.

“ringtone, master ringtone, phone download, phone stream, a-la-carte download, disc, subscription, online stream, UMD music for PlayStation, kiosk and video. Without DRM, these options simply wouldn’t be possible.”

I don’t know about you but are these some crooked bastards or what. [Techdirt]

RIAA and MPAA want to freeze the progress of consumer electronics!

Don’t believe that their are all kinds of sinister acts happening now. Well you need to wake the heck up and listen to some of the stuff I have been talking about. If the following two articles don’t make you sit up and get very angry then I will ask you to comment on why not. Read and pay close attention to what is being attempted. [ArsTechnica] [EFF]

This will be a topic for tonights podcast where I am going to have a few things to say!