Urbanears Brings Gear to CES

Urbanears LogoSwedish headphone outfit Urbanears today announced a new line of accessories for the traveller, commuter and music fan. The colourful gear will be released throughout 2015 and will include the everything needed to ease the stress of modern life.

If you are an Urbanears fan, you’ll notice their DNA and design aesthetic in the accessories. Fabric cables and tags echo their headsets, and the clever SnapConstruction keeps the pieces together.

Urbanears Accessories
The first accessories to hit the stores this spring are the Thunderous Lightning Cable, the Concerned Micro-USB Cable and the Helpful Phone Case, for iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. Available in seven different colours – black, dark grey, tomato, true white, chick, jam and mint, they’ll be on sale at select Urbanears retailers worldwide, and at urbanears.com by March 24th.

The Helpful Phone Case is simple but clever. It looks like any normal iPhone case for the 5 or 6, but it has a hidden slot to take an RFID travel or metro card. It’s then a case (sorry!) of swiping your phone to get through the barrier and on your way. Genius.

Virus in a RFID Tag

Imagine your one of those idiots that had RFID chips implanted in their arms so that they could access computer equipment, well it seems they may now need to jack in from time to time and make sure they have not picked up a virus. Or here is on better, you know that load of plasma televisions that are in a container headed to the US. Well someone could inject data into them so that the load of 100 plasmas could register as 50. Do you think running Cigarettes is bad wait till crooks can mess with inventory control.

Competitor walks into a Walmart and with a hand held device changes the inventory numbers of every item in the store triggering massive over ordering forcing the store into supply issues. Think it can’t happen well just wait. [ComputerWorld]