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January Tech Podcast Round Table Line Up!

Join us today Saturday January 30th at 1:00PM Pacific – 4:00PM Eastern for the Tech Podcast Roundtable.

Joining us Today is

  • Mark Smith – CEO of -We provided TPN updates from CES by phone right from the show floor, in audio podcast form. Learn how the technology from the UK Company spearheaded coverage of the disaster from Haiti a few days after CES.
  • Rob May – offering a way to safely back up all of the data that you have stored in the cloud – such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Gmail.
  • Jeffrey Powers will be talking about ways to Podcast via your Mobile

To participate in the Round Table is very simple, 15 Minutes before we start Simply Click this link! GotoMeeting will load automatically and then you can then choose to either dial in, or participate with a headset via VOIP.

GotoMeeting is the official sponsor of the Tech Podcasts Round Table you can get a free 30 day trial at

Mobile Podcasting for iPhone and Android –

Our Friend on the Tech Podcast Network, Andy McCaskey from SDR News has been out at CES with Todd, Jeffery and the bunch covering the show. Andy has found this website/service that allows for phonecasting. I’ve been listening to his updates all week and they are great.

ipadio allows you to broadcast from any phone to the Internet live. Phone blog, collect audio data, record and update the world, or simply let your friends know what you’re doing – ipadio is integrated with Social Media & Blogging platforms.

Ipadio will allow you to record using your iphone or android phone and upload the file via your data connection as a “phlog” or phonecast. You can also do live audio streaming by calling a toll free number and when your live event is done, it saves the file and puts that into your podcast feed (on ipadio).

I signed up for an ipadio account for Mike Dell’s World and have done a few updates myself. It couldn’t be easier from my Droid phone. Just launch the app, hit “record”, talk and then hit upload. Done.. The amazing part was I did this at 4am while on my lunch break at my “day” job. I then wanted to put up a link on my blog site. Well, at that time, there was only a way to post individual links to a single show. I sent a feedback email to ipadio asking if they could maybe make a sidebar widget or some code that I could embed a badge where the last phonecast would be playable and update as I make more phonecasts. At about 5am I got an email back from them that said they had added a “tools” section on the website and that the badge I was looking for could be found there. Now that’s what I call customer service!

The best part about it is, is FREE. The apps are FREE and it works flawlessly.

If you have an iphone or an android phone, you should check this out if you are looking for an easy way to do a audio blog / podcast. Check them out over at

Draft 2009 24hr Podcast Schedule!

Folks this is the rough draft and I am sure some times are going to change somewhat over the next couple of days. I also have some more participants to add. We have plenty of time slots for the middle of the night on the 13th please consider participating.

As a reminder this is a charity event to raise money for Ronald Mcdonald House Charities Donate Today. 100% of all Donations will go to this charity on December 21st 2009

Announcing the 3rd Annual 24hr Podcast!

24hrThe third annual 24hr podcast is slated for Saturday Dec 12th starting at 11am EST. It is a charity event to raise money for Ronald McDonald House.  You can follow them on Twitter @rmhc When my father was killed in an Automobile Accident several years ago my niece was with him. Her injuries resulted in long-term Intensive care. Without the Ronald McDonald House in Indianapolis, Indiana my sister and her husband would have incurred huge financial cost to stay in hotels in the local community. Ronald McDonald house was there to help.

My family is grateful to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and I look forward to sending them a big fat check.  We have raised thousands of dollars in previous years to select charities as part of my annual 24hr podcast.  I encourage you to donate this year as well.

This year during the 24hr Podcast we will have a special event and that will be the 2009 People’s Choice Podcast Awards Ceremony. I figure it’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

S1If you want to appear on the 24hr Podcast I encourage you to send me an email @, topics I cover with a variety of guest during the 24 hr event include. Podcasting, Science, Technology, Social Media and any other topic that I think will be of appeal to my listening base. This event has been well followed in years past and I look forward to another successful event.

Guest will be able to appear live this year on our newly configured video conferencing system, which install was finalized today.  This will make for a much more dynamic event. Audio conferencing will be provided once again by the good folks at

Why I walked away from “TWO” 4 Figure Twitter Ad Deals

twitter-advertisingI’ll be honest it was very difficult to walk away from two separate Twitter advertising deals that would have netted me over $10,000 over the Thanksgiving holiday. I am sure many people will tell me that I am nuts to have walked away from that kind of money. The companies involved were both great companies, and the products I would have been pitching would have lined up well with my twitter followers. The more I thought about it though the more I scratched my head and here is what went into my thought process.

My Audio Podcast audience has grown dramatically and is now north of 150,000 unique listeners per episode. That audience is used to hearing advertising in the show, and I can take the time during the show to talk about the products and services offered. The main advertisers for my show have stayed with me for nearly five years.  Now if you compare this to my 5000 followers on twitter the delta between the two audiences numbers is significant. Yet I was being offered nearly $2.00 a twitter follower which is simply an amazing amount of money across both deals to simply tweet about some products and services on sale over the Thanksgiving holiday.

What puzzled me is that they wanted to advertise on my twitter account  with 5000 followers yet had no interest in my 150,000  dedicated listeners via my podcast?  Lets break it down via Twitter each company was willing to pay $1000.00 per 1000 followers. On my podcast they could have reached 1000 listeners at our lowest advertising rates for $20.00  at our highest advertising rates of $65.00 per 1000 listeners it would have been a  bargain.

On my Podcast I could have given the companies a full 2-3 minutes of promotion and relationship building versus some  140 character messages over 5 days.  What campaign would have gained higher ROI?  Well let me talk about what I know. Today I know that 93% of my podcast audience of 150k listener listen to “97%” of my 75 minute program twice a week. I know that 60% + of my listeners annual salary is greater than $80,000 a year and that 70% an greater spend more than $5000.00 per year online. I could have stats them to death, broken down demographics, married versus single, and a host of other standard metrics and some not so standard via our podcast statistics service.

Now lets look at Twitter I probably miss about 95% of the tweets of people I follow, so what was their goal SEO or actually reaching my followers? I have no idea of the actual demographics or my twitter followers, I have no idea how many read my post, I have no idea if they are even using twitter anymore.  What that equates to me is a lot of risk for the companies that wanted to advertise and likely very little ROI.

So with rock solid podcast stats why would companies not advertise in my podcast verses to my twitter follow list? You would think that after 5 years of having the same advertisers on my show, and across our network of podcasters that other companies would have woken up by now and figured out that they know something that they don’t!  I have a challenge to some campaign manager out there, I would love to go head to head in a CPM campaign where we pitted Podcast versus Twitter pushing the same product. If I was allowed to deploy the campaign the way I wanted I would predict that a podcast campaign would have ROI 25-50x higher than what could ever be obtained in a twitter campaign.

So why did I walk away from 10 grand? It’s pretty simply if you have been following my show and this article. First my followers trust me and they expect me to provide info in my Twitter feed that is relevant to what I do. In my podcast they come for the same reason but they also know I have bills to pay. The difference is in my podcast they trust the products I put in front of them of which have been vetted by me in advance.  When I endorse a product and sponsor in my show it is because I have a relationship with the vendor. On a twitter campaign, there is no vetting of products, there is no time to develop a relationship with the company. The twitter campaign would have rang hollow to my followers as there was no time to build  a (Vendor+Host+Audience) relationship.

It is way overdue for advertisers to wake up and figure out that there is a better way to get ROI from a social advertising campaign. If advertisers want to know how we deliver the goods and put companies messages in front of 10’s of millions of listeners and viewers each month they can reach out to me over at RawVoice. My team will show them how we can drive sales and life long customers. We build relationships and no twitter, print, tv or radio campaign will “EVER” do that.

Meanwhile I wish the companies luck over the Thanksgiving holiday, and if my analysis is correct and the twitter campaign did not deliver what you expected maybe the same media buyers will reach out and we can do something really cool down the road.

Note: While I am sure many of you will be asking me who the companies are, I assure you I will never disclose that privately or publicly as I would love to do some deals with these companies in the future on a much bigger scale and show them what can be accomplished through advertising in podcasts.

Todd Cochrane

Mic Boom Showdown!

Screen shot 2009-11-14 at 10.12.12 AMOver the past couple of years I have had major challenges with the Boom Mic that I use for my Podcast. Up until last week, I used a Boom Mic from the O.C. White Company.

While the boom mic from O.C. White served it’s purpose when I hung my “Mouse” from Blue Microphones on it the Mic Boom had a heck of a time staying in place even though the Mic and accessories only weighed 3lbs. The O.C. White boom drove me simply crazy as it was always settling plus the boom mic bolt did not allow me to secure the mic in a specific position it was like I had to balance the mic to get it into the proper position .

My solution has been to switch to a Heil PL-2T, this Mic boom is night and day difference. It holds my Mic in an absolute fixed position and the boom does not settle over the course of a 90 minute show. Not only that they have hidden the tension springs inside the boom which gives it a cleaner look.

The true test is to see how it fairs a year from now we will see if it has the same stability even if it does loose some stability over the course of a couple of years I will be very happy to buy a new one based on what I have experienced so far.

Hands down the Heil PL-2t is a winner over the Boom Mic from O.C. White.

Update: 8-14-10 The Heil PL-2T continues to perform unlike any Mic Boom I have owned in the past. I have used a variety of Microphones with the PL-2T and so far the stability, and ability to keep the mic in the location I want it to be has been perfect. Worth every penny and then some!

Tech Podcast Round Table This Saturday

Announcing a Tech Podcast Round Table
Saturday October 28th
1:30 PM Pacific, 4:30 Eastern

Our Lineup is not a 100% complete but we will be Covering TalkShoe Pamela, Google Coop along with covering other Technical Topics

Important Changes Below

To attend the event this coming Saturday follow the instructions below, please be aware that Windows is required for the Interactive Presentation using GotoMeeting, we encourage all Mac users to tune into TalkShoe for Audio, and submit questions via the TalkShoe Chat.

# 1st – 15 min. before event starts, click this the link listed in the e-mail or click here and let the GoToMeeting software install. The actual meeting code is 605-156-082

# 2nd – Important Notice:  We are now using a service called TalkShoe and we hope that you will join us on Talkshoe, as this will be our primary Audio connection method. Show up about 15 minutes early download and install the Talkshoe client. You can Skype In or connect to TalkShoe via dial up. This is the Link to TalkShoe

# 3rd – At a last resort you can join our live Skypecast as well! Bt we prefer that you connect via TalkShoe

GotoMeeting is the way we will be doing the online presentation so you will want to run GotoMeeting in the Foreground!

Dave Winer reminds us of the history of RSS with Enclosures and Podcasting

Some of you love Dave, some of you hate Dave but I will tell you one thing he at least does not sugar coat stuff. I like that in a person, because when people always sugar coat a discussion and play politically correct or suck up to someone just because they think that is the only way to get their attention. Say what you want to say but you always know exactly what his position is. [Scripting News]

GNC-2005-11-1 #113

First of the month so as always we ask you a single time each month to vote for the Geek News Central over at Podcast Alley Click to Vote Here!

Are you coming to the Podcast Academy? The agenda is set and looks to be very informative. If you have some video skills I need someone to do a little project I will make you famous. Podcaster News set to Launch Nov 11th

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GNC-2005-10-28 #112

Little ranting and raving tonight. Stats we have stats what kind of podcaster thinks their is a big mystery with their show stats. You tune into this show and get the whole story, no secrets here we tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Yes I have some comments tonight and I am going to dispel some comments I have been hearing on other shows!

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