Publicity Promotion for Podcaster News Network

From the website see disclaimer below. We are working hard to get the word out to the masses on the Podcaster News Network and thought we would introduce a publicity promotion. From now till the middle of February we will be watching what listeners and podcasters have to say about PCN via their blog entries. We will take the top five submitted entries and give them some free air time across our family of shows.

So if you like what we are doing at PCN, or you love a specific show or category of the network and you write a web post on it let us know, it could turn into some great publicity for your own site. Drop us a email at feedback “at” with the URL to the post, and we will add you to the list of sites that we will vote on. If you are a podcaster, and talk about us on your show be sure to send us episode and time hack.

Disclaimer: I am the CEO of RawVoice the Parent company of Podcaster News Network

If you don’t trust the media, do it yourself

Headline borrowed from a article and the associated write up prompted me to write a post on my perspective of media and the relationship and goals of what we are doing over at To my knowledge what we have built over their and are continuing to add content producers every day is all about citizen media and the evolution in news reporting.

We don’t go on the philosophy that all media cannot be trusted but we do believe that much of the media coverage is driven by agendas of the specific network. The content producers are podcaster news network need only have an opinion and we will do our best to have a balanced offering of commentary.

Will this always be possible, in a sense we are at the mercy of those content creators that want to dedicate time to creating short format shows for the network. I have been focusing some of the recruiting efforts in areas where we need people but needless to say we want to add as many shows as possible on the widest variety of news, politics, business, sports, lifestyles etc that we can.

But getting back to the crux of this headline, I think if we continue to focus on the content and not get hung up on the politics of being a new news organization we will attract the eyes, ears and repeat listeners and subscribers of content on the network. []