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Memoto Selected as Finalist for SXSW Accelerator Competition

MemotoMemoto is a Swedish startup company that began as a Kickstarter project in 2012. They are the creators of the Memoto Lifelogging Camera. It is a tiny device that allows users to not only capture, but also share, whatever special moments of their life that they choose to. The idea was to make a camera that was small enough so that it wouldn’t get in the way. The camera allows people to organically capture the small, but important, moments of their lives.

The Memoto Lifelogging Camera takes 5 megapixel pictures. It comes in Memoto Orange, Graphite Gray, and Arctic White. Clip the camera onto your clothing, and it will start taking pictures for you at a rate of 2 photos per minute. When you want to stop taking photos, just put the camera down or put it into your pocket.

Those photos are then safely stored on Memoto’s storage service. There are Memoto apps for both iPhone and Android that will automatically organize the photos on a timeline for you. The Memoto Lifelogging Camera has GPS and records time data, so you won’t have to remember the name of the restaurant you went to while using the camera. It will have the name recorded for you. From there, you can easily share your photos on Facebook. Memoto is currently in the pre-launch phase. Their first edition is expected to ship in April of 2013.

The Memoto Lifelogging Camera has been selected as a finalist in the Innovative Web Technologies category for the 5th Annual SXSW Accelerator competition. The SXSW event takes place from March 11th – 13th, 2013. On March 12th, judges will announce a winner to each of the categories. Their decision will be revealed on March 13th at 6:00 p.m. in the Austin Convention Center in Room 10A/B. Memoto will be presenting in the Accelerator competition in the Innovative Web Technologies at 3:30 on the fourth floor of the Downtown Austin Hilton.


Olloclip The Olloclip is a three way lens that you clip to the corner of the iPhone or iPod Touch and it goes over the lens of the phone. It works with the iPhone 4/4S, the iPhone 5 and the iPod Touch 4, 4s and the 5th generation iPod Touch. The lens can work as a fish eye, a macro lens or a wide-angle lens. The macro has 10x magnification, the wide-angle doubles your field of view and the fish eye gives you a 180 field of view. It comes in a pouch.

They are going to release a case that works with the Olloclip in March. Currently most people who have a Olloclip either use it without a case or an easily removable case. The new case has a tripod mount in both landscape and portrait mode. It also has an option for cold shoe mount for a light or microphone, It will work with a regular shoe mount. The Olloclip works with any photo application including Instagram, Flicker and Camera+. The Olloclip is available for $70.00, the website, at Best Buy, Amazon and other retail stores.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Sigma Lens and Cameras

Sigma Sigma the maker of quality lens for DSLR cameras announced a new global vision. They are dividing their new lens into three lines, art, sports and contemporary. Sigma hopes that this will make it easier for the buyer to decide which lens would be best for them. The newest art category camera is the 35mm F1.4 which is approximately $899 retail. In the Contemporary Line there is the 17–70mm lens with a macro mod of 1–2.8 and optical stabilization. The 17–70mm lens has a light and compact design. Making it easy to carry, the perfect go to lens for someone on the go. The newest lens in the Sports Line is the 120–300mm lens for $3599. This lens is to be released in March. It has a 100 percent weather seal, making it perfect for taking pictures of sports events in in-climate weather. The 120–300mm lens has a USB dock which allows you to update the firmware in the lens. You can adjust auto focus sped and adjust the auto focus at different focus length.

Sigma also makes digital camera. The Sigma digital camera have a Foveon X3 sensor chip which helps to create a high-resolution image. The Sigma digital cameras start at $999.00

Sigma camera and lens have a unique finish to them. Once you know the look you can spot a Sigma product anywhere. Their composite body makes them lighter and tougher then most lens. They also produce photos that have a specific look, they are known for their punchier images.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network, and Interview by Don Baine, the Gadget Professor.

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NeroKwik: All Your Devices Photos Together

NeroKwikNeroKwik is a way to organize and share your pictures between your various devices and online services. It will work on no matter which platform each device is on. The photos show up as a tapestry. You can set it to a random view, a social view or a view by rating. If you rate your photos then in the rating view the higher the rating the bigger the photo will appear. You can also connect your Facebook account.and the more a photo is liked on Facebook the larger it will appear in the social tapestry. You can easily create a tapestry and share that tapestry with friends and then automatically see which ones they favorite. Those they favor will appear larger.

The app is available in the Google Play Store and should be available soon in iTunes and on the Windows Phones Market.  Two devices and as many online services that NeroKwik supports is free. They are releasing a premium version later in the year. If you have more than two devices the cost will be $2–4 a month plus you will be able to connect to the pictures on your computer and add videos. NeroKwik does not store your pictures. The pictures stay on the original device and are just shared to the other devices.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network, and Daniel J Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast

Sony HDR-PJ790 Camcorder

Sony LogoThe Gadget Professor, Don Baine, checks out a forthcoming video camera from Sony which comes with a couple of neat new features.

This prosumer camcorder, HDR-PJ790 has two features that set the camera apart from the rest of the crowd. The first is that it has a built-in video projector, which will project both recorded video and video from an external source via HDMI. The second feature is gyroscopic image stabilisation, Balanced Optical SteadyShot with Active Mode moves the entire optical block at once, with the lens floating within the camera’s housing.

The HDR-PJ790 will be available in February / March for $1599.

Interview by Don Baine, the Gadget Professor.

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Nikon’s Wireless Adapter

wireless adapter Nikon has introduced new adapters the WU–1a and the WU–1b. These adapters allow the camera to connect wirelessly to a smart phone. It’s a small adapter that can be use with the new DSLR and Nikon 1 models. It cannot be used with older cameras because they do not have the correct circuitry. Not only does this adapter allow you to send the pictures from your camera to the phone wirelessly, it also allows you to trigger the camera directly from the phone. For example let’s say you want to take a picture of a group and you want to be in the picture; you can set your camera up, then place yourself in the group, then arrange the group the way you want using what you see in the phone as a guide, knowing that what you see in the phone is what the camera seeing, you can then trigger your shot using the phone.

Nikon’s newest camera is a D5200. It has a 24.1 megapixel sensor. You can take high-speed continuous shots up to five frames per second it has a high ISO sensitivity range of 100 to 6400. This allows you to get good pictures even in a low light situation. The D5200 Includes a stereo microphone and the ability to film in full HD. The LCD screen on the back flips out making the camera easier to use. The D5200 is $895 with full kit and $795 for just the body. The base price for the Nikon 1 S1 is $499 and for the J3 it is $599. You can find more about these cameras in the adapter at the Nikon website.

Interview by Don Baine, the Gadget Professor.

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The latest from Canon – the Powershot N

canon logoThere are plenty of digital camera makers on the market, and several of them have solid, recommended devices, but Canon is arguably the leader in the space. At the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the company showed off a new member of the family — the Powershot N.

The latest member of the Powershot family has some unique features. First, it is tiny. In fact, it takes the “pocket” concept to an entirely new level. Second there are no buttons — sort of. Shooting and zooming in built into the lens  Its hard to explain and you will really need to watch the video below to understand.

The Powershot N also features a capacitive screen, which also allows the user to snap a photo, much like  a smartphone does. It also features WiFi, a creative shot mode, 8x zoom and USB charging.

The Canon Powershot N will go on sale in April and retail for $300.

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Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine

Flickr Releases a Brand New iPhone App

Flickr AppFlickr has just released the all new Flickr app for iPhone. I learned about this when I went to Flickr today to search for a creative commons image that I could legally put into a blog I was writing. Near the top of Flickr’s page, a colorful banner read “Smile. The All New Flickr iPhone App is Here”. A bright pink, conveniently located button was in the banner, just waiting for me to click it.

We’ve been hearing, and reading, quite a bit about the feud that has been going on between Twitter and Instagram. In short, the disagreements have to do with user’s photos. More specifically, it seems to be about control over where users are allowed to put their photos, based upon what app they are using. It is a bit of a competition between the two companies to see which will end up with more people using its apps to alter and post photos of their dinner.

The all new Flickr app for iPhone has 16 unique camera filters that you can play around with in order to alter your photos. It has editing features, and allows for geo-tagging.

The app lets you share your photos with your Flickr groups, with your email contacts, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumbler. You can make your photos as public or private as you would like to. You can view photos from your groups and see recent photo activities from your friends and family (and leave comments on them).

Flickr also has an app for Android that was updated on December 4, 2012. It, too, has the same features that the brand new iPhone Flickr app has. It appears that Flickr has become another competitor in the battle for users who want to alter their photos and then post them online. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Veho MUVI X-Lapse

The new generation of smartphones and digital SLRs make it very easy to take panoramic photos and time-lapse films that would be inconceivable at the price point a few years ago. But if you want to take the pictures to the next level without investing a fortune in accessories, you need to check out the Veho MUVI X-Lapse. It’s a camera mount that automatically rotates 360 degrees to take really good panoramic shots but it’s priced just under £30.

Muvi X-Lapse with Smartphone

The MUVI X-Lapse takes up to an hour to gradually rotate a full circle or it can be set to only rotate through part of the arc. Mounts for both smartphones and standard cameras (1/4-20) are included, and the X-Lapse itself can also be mounted on a tripod. Fold-out feet ensure a steady platform for heavier SLRs and video cameras

Veho Muvi X-LapseVeho Muvi X-Lapse

The X-Lapse doesn’t come with any app but there are plenty to choose from in the applicable app stores. If there’s a photographer in your life, I’m sure that they’d love one of these for Christmas. On sale from Veho for £29.95.

GigaPan Shows You Every Face in the Crowd

GigaPan brings you Gigapan images that you can explore by zooming in, zooming out, and moving the image around. This is a whole new way to look at photography, and it combines very nicely with social media.

What’s a Gigapan? Gigapans are gigapixel panoramas. They are digital images that have billions of pixels. They have a clarity that other photos simply do not, and they do not get “fuzzy” even when you zoom in to pick out the faces in the crowd.

They have several galleries for you to browse through. One gallery has images from Hurricane Sandy. Others let you explore celestial images, cityscapes, or underwater. This is definitely a website that a person can go to “just for a minute” and end spending much longer than a minute exploring.

The most interesting gallery, at least to me, is the one called “Capture the Crowd”. It has Gigapan images of several different sporting events. I’m not big on sports, so the part that captured my attention was the fact that you really can zoom into the Gigapan image in order to see individual people who were in the stands watching that game.

It’s a little weird to think about. On the one hand, these people all knew that they were in a public place, and probably realized that a television camera might pick up their image. One might assume that they consented to having their photo taken under these circumstances. If you attending a particular sporting event or concert, you could search for yourself in the crowd and then tag yourself.

On the other hand, I doubt very many of the people who went to the events know that there could be a Gigapan image of the event they attended. The incredibly clear image, and the ability to literally scan the entire crowd for someone, could make some people feel as though their privacy has been violated.

Oh, and there is the potential that your friend who went to the event with you could decided to tag you as well as himself. Those tags will connect to both of your Facebook pages, and anyone who wants to can easily find exactly where you were seated at the event.

This might not be so great for people who faked a sick day in order to get out of work so they could go watch the game. However, it is really awesome for people who want to have a unique memento that proves that they really were there!