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Concepter Improves Your Photos With iBlazr2

Concepter logoTaking photos with your smartphone can be difficult if the lighting conditions aren’t good. Concepter has solved this problem with a small, yet powerful, LED device. It is called iblazr2 and is the second generation of Concepter’s iblazr flash series.

Daniel spoke with Vlad from the Concepter company at CES 2016. Vlad demonstrated what you can do with the iblazr2. It is a small LED flash that can be attached to any smartphone with a clip. It is also possible to hold the iblazr2 in your hand and tap on it to trigger the camera on your smartphone.

You can control the light temperature on the iblazr2 by sliding your finger across a sensor on the back of the device. Slide up to raise the temperature of the light and down to lower it. It is also possible to raise and lower the light temperature through an app. The light goes from 3000 kelvin up to 5600 kelvin. The battery in the device will last for about one hour on the first power mode and about 25 minutes on the second power mode. Charge the iblazer2 via a micro USB cable.

The iblazr2 is priced at $59. It is available through the Concepter website.

Daniel J. Lewis dares you to get started in podcasting with The Audacity to Podcast.

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VUZE Unveiled World’s First Affordable Consumer 360 3D VR Camera at CES 2016

VUZEHumanEyes Technologies, a leader in photographic 3D, animated content, and lenticular graphic arts, has unveiled VUZE, the world’s first consumer, portable 360° 3D VR camera and dedicated software studio that is set to bring immersive content creation to the masses.

Priced under $1,000, the VUZE camera and software studio is both a technological breakthrough as well as a quantum leap forward for the industry that is currently only served by large, complicated devices requiring Hollywood blockbuster type budgets.

The VUZE camera combines advanced 3D and 2D capture technology using 8 Full HD cameras within an easy-to-use “point-and-shoot” form-factor. The VUZE Studio brings groundbreaking advances in 360 3D content creation with near real-time processing (1 minute per minute) and seamless stitching thanks to a proprietary technique called Adaptive Blending that mimics the way the human eye interacts with the brain to form pictures in the mind. Finally, the VUZE agnostic approach means content can be enjoyed on its own lightweight VUZE VR Headset or on ANY VR player, VR headset, cardboard or 3D device or TV.

Featuring a stylish design, the highly portable VUZE camera will be available in a variety of vibrant colors and comes with its own purposely engineered and versatile “selfie stick” and tripod. It’s battery and removable SD card can capture up to one hour of video allowing people to capture and relive every part of the world around them in breathtaking detail.

VUZE has been built on its own innovative technology architecture and is controlled by a dedicated iOS and Android app. Inside the device are 8 Full HD cameras that simultaneously capture images, videos and sound to facilitate full stereophonic and 360° 3D spherical content.

Each camera uses ultra-wide and vertical angle lenses to capture 120° and 180° vertical images and together generate 4K VR content. Within the app, users can see any of the 8 camera views as well as preview and delete content. VUZE can capture both 2D and 3D 360° spherical images and videos and can effortlessly switch between the two. Finally, its internal processing and compression capabilities render easy-to-edit H.264 HD video files that transfer to users’ home computers and laptops.

VUZE will be creating and demonstrating 360 VR throughout CES at the Sands Expo Center, Hall G booth # 82717.

ProDrone Introduces ProDrone BYRD at CES 2016

ProDrone ByrdProDrone has announced the introduction of their new Ultimate Flying Platform line with a static mount capable of lifting and integrating with several of the world’s most popular DSLR cameras. This marks the first time a consumer drone had been able to integrate with heavier DSLR cameras, increasing the ease and value of producing super high quality aerial photography.

The ProDrone BYRD best known for its unique ability to fold up to the size of an iPad for hyper portability, has now added another unique ability by introducing a static mount for DSLRs. The new mount is integrated with several Sony cameras (DSC-RX100M4, ILCE6000, a7RII) and the RICOH GR2.

The system is also available with limited operations for the Panasonic GH4, Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera BMD and the Canon 5DII. Full integration will be available for all these cameras by Q2 2016.

Mount Capabilities:
* Mounts available for all levels of BYRD

* Flight time for these cameras range from 12-15 minutes

View footage via the ProFlight app
Take photos and video via the ProDrone controller
Focus and zoom from the controller

View footage via the ProFlight app
Take photos and video via the ProDrone controller
Focus and zoom from the controller

View footage via the ProFlight app
Take photos and video via the ProDrone controller

View footage via the ProFlight app
Take photos and video via the ProDrone controller

* Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera BMD
View footage via the ProFLight app

* Canon 5DIII
View footage via the ProFlight app

* Panasonic GH4
View footage via the ProFlight app

The new Ultimate Flying Platform mounts will be available for sale in Q2 2016 with new features and capabilities being added in Q3 2016. Visit ProDrone at CES 2016 at booth # 25417

Bevel 3D Smartphone Camera Attachment at CES 2016

c2c19d4a2dcda42f24831c2918091871_originalMatter and Form is bringing their newest smartphone photography accessory– the Bevel 3D camera attachment– to CES 2016.

While most other 3D attachments merely create a 3-dimensional illusion by enhancing the depth of a photograph without actually creating a usable file, Bevel allows you to capture real 3D photographs using any smartphone or tablet.

Bevel works by plugging in to your phone or tablet and capturing a panoramic view of the person, place, or object you want to photograph. Bevel’s eye-safe laser light and your device’s camera work in tandem to scan the object and create a stunning 3D image that you can use in countless ways. You can even use Bevel for 3D printing!

Bevel comes in multiple color options (white, orange, green, blue, and black) and is compatible with both IOS and Android smartphones and tablets. It’s currently available for pre-order for $79 here, and is scheduled to begin shipping in early 2016.

Bevel will be at CES 2016  at LVCC, South Hall 2- 26530 in the Augmented Reality Marketplace.


PicLab HD: Spice Up Your iPhone Photos

hd-iconLike many photographers, I’ve spent countless hours experimenting with a seemingly endless stream of photo apps for iPhone. While Photoshop is great for hardcore RAW editing on a desktop, sometimes you need a quick and simple solution for editing photos on the go. The latest addition to my mobile photo arsenal is a beautiful little tool called PicLab HD.

PicLab HD is a powerful design studio that enhances your photos with a plethora of effects and overlays. Just import a photo from your photo library and browse through the extensive catalog of filters, moods, stickers, and overlays. You can also perform basic adjustments such as contrast, brightness, saturation, and blur.

The cool thing that sets PicLab HD apart from other photo editors is its wide variety of text and artwork overlays, all created by professional designers. You can customize the size and color of the overlays to create the perfect addition to any picture. The $1.99 app includes several collections of these stickers, and you can purchase additional packages for $0.99 each, or purchase the entire catalog of artwork for $2.99.THIS TO THISThe free version of PicLab doesn’t include as many features as PicLab HD, but it’s a good place to start experimenting with what the PicLab ecosystem has to offer. You can upgrade from within the free app to access the features of the HD version, or download PicLab HD directly for $1.99 in the App Store. If you’re a serious photographer/designer/artist/enthusiast, I recommend making the plunge and buying PicLab HD– it’s most definitely worth it!

BASE Sends Photos to Pictures

British Inventors ProjectGNC’s Gadget Show Live coverage kicks off with two concept product ideas entered into the British Inventors’ Project. First up is Kristina Parkes’s BASE which “enables new forms of connection between distanced people, creating a tangible channel of communication through a system utilising flexible displays and remote app-based transmission.”

BASE Shelf

In plain English, you send photos from your smartphone using an app to Polaroid-style flexible displays in a friend’s or relative’s home. It’s a neat idea that builds on the impact of Instagram to keep family and friends together, and the display shelf concept shows BASE as attractive and functional. The video below demonstrates the concept well.


Element Case Turns Your iPhone Into A Pro Camera At CES

Element case poster

There’s no doubt that smartphone cameras have improved immensely in the past few years, but they still haven’t reached the quality of a DSLR. Element Case is partnering with optics company Schneider to transform your iPhone 6 into a photography star.

Jamie spoke to Jeff Sasaki, CEO of Element Case, about Element’s new iPro 6 lens case. The sturdy case protects your phone, and the attachable lenses securely fasten to the case to drastically improve the quality of your iPhone’s camera. The range of interchangeable lenses includes wide-angle, super-wide-angle, macro, fisheye, and telephoto so you can create the perfect image every time. And with the ability to attach a handle and/or tripod, iPhone photography has never been better.

The iPro 6 case and lenses will be released Q2 of 2015 with prices between $100-$300 depending on your chosen lens configuration. For more details, check out the Element Case website.

Interview by Jamie Davis of Health Tech Weekly.

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Gripix Is An Innovative Wi-Fi Trigger System For GoPro At CES

Gripix logo

GoPro cameras have become almost ubiquitous in the outdoor tech scene, and the folks at Gripix are making it easy to capture amazing GoPro footage, both on land and in the water.

Todd got to talk with Tyler Reid, co-founder of Gripix, about the newly-announced Gripix Wi-Fi Trigger System for GoPro. Gripix uses your standard GoPro remote to create a durable, easy-to-use stainless steel mount and trigger system. Their add-ons and accessories allow you to push the limits of your GoPro even further.

The basic Gripix handle ($99) and two add-ons; the top pole ($49) and the low-pro system ($59) will begin shipping in March and are available for pre-order now.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.

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GIROPTIC’s 360Cam Named CES 2015 Innovation Awards Honoree

GYROPTIC Innovation Award honoreeGIROPTIC is a company that is based in Lille, France. They have a versatile line of robust 360-degrees cameras and accessories that enables people to self-capture full HD, 360-immersive footage of themselves enjoying their favorite activities. GIROPTIC has been named a CES 2015 Innovation Awards Honoree for its 360Cam.

The 360Cam is the world’s first 360 palm-sized camera that allows users to record videos, take still photos, and stream video in real-time over Wi-Fi from “Up, Down and All Around”. It is lightweight, weighing in at 6.3 ounces, it is also rugged and the most versatile cam on the market.

GYROPTIC 360CamThe 360Cam features three, 185 degree fish-eye lenses with optical assembly and is synchronized to simultaneously capture and stitch images in real-time inside the camera. It can capture photos with a resolution of 4K (4096 x 2048) and videos with a resolution of 2K (2048 x 1024). The 360Cam also can store a micro SD card up to 128GB.

Additional features include three microphones. It has integrated Wi-Fi to post photos or stream videos in real-time with automatic geotagging, letting the users’ followers know where the action is taking place. It is also waterproof! The 350Cam can be paired with other GIROPTIC accessories to enhance its usability.

The 360Cam will be on display during CES 2015 at the Sands Booth #72070.

Kodak Returns to CES 2015 with Consumer Showcase

Kodak LogoAfter an absence of three years, Kodak is returning to CES in January 2015 with a range of innovative consumer products including action cams and baby monitors.

Building on a history of digital and video cameras, Kodak will be introducing a line of PixPro cameras, including the PixPro SP360 action cam which provides a 360-degree view. In addition, Kodak will be showing off a smartphone as well as line of headphones and earbuds.

Returning to its photographic roots, Kodak will be demonstrating the Kodak Picture Kiosk and My Kodak Moments app for making prints and other photo products from mobile devices.

Finally, Kodak will be bringing out the Kodak Baby Monitoring System CFH-BVA10, which has already earned a prestigious CES Innovation Award in advance of the show.

Kodak has one of the world’s most powerful brands and we intend to renew it and apply to it to expand our consumer business and grow the company,” said Steven Overman, President, Consumer & Film Division, and Chief Marketing Officer. “The world’s love affair with Kodak Moments has spanned more than a century. Building on that legacy, Kodak today presents a broad range of consumer products – reliable, accessible and easy-to-use.

Other Kodak products on show at CES include:

  • Flash drives and storage media.
  • Photo mailing labels, stickers and other paper imaging specialty items.
  • A full line of batteries and new line of chargers for smart phones and tablets.
  • Photo-related accessories and equipment, including binoculars, camera cases and memory card readers.

The Kodak booth is #21818 in South Hall 1.