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Exclusive Interview with GoDaddy CEO over SOPA

This morning having saw the press release of GoDaddy reversing their decision on supporting SOPA, I wanted to get more information on their decision. Press Releases can be pretty generic, and I wanted to get a voice behind the decision. Warren Adelman GoDaddy CEO Takes about 10 minutes with me to talk about their position. If you have comments on the commentary, please feel free to email

Disclaimer: GoDaddy has been a sponsor of my podcast now for 6 years. Note: I have been a strident opponent of SOPA as my audience well knows. I addressed this last night in my show before the reversal announcement came out. I have found GoDaddy to be very responsive to my listeners when they have issues with their GoDaddy services and still feel that way.

Listen to the interview in the player below.

GoDaddy Official TPN Media Sponsor for CES!

The Team from the Tech Podcast Network is proud to announce as the official media sponsor for our coverage of CES 2012. All of the recorded media from the show will be hosted via a GoDaddy 4th Generation Hosting account (4GH)

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Some of the Features of 4th Generation Hosting:

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GoDaddy Website Tonight Special Offer

Want a website but really do not have the technical chops to build one. The folks at GoDaddy have a great product called, GoDaddy Website Tonight.  That will help people that are less technical enabling them to quickly launch an optimally designed website.

They have over 3,000 design and color combinations, with 120 pre-built websites they make it even easier select a style edit the text and graphics and you are ready to launch.

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There is a great product overview and you can see actual websites designed within GoDaddy Website Tonight.

Note: What I really love about this product is with other GoDaddy services available you can integrate shopping carts and whole host of other services no longer do you have to pay someone thousands of dollars to design you a website.

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Have you been thinking of starting you own online business?  What I have for you is a unique offer to become a GoDaddy Domain Reseller.

While I personally do not have my own re-seller account as it would be a conflict of interest to do so being they are a direct sponsor here, I know a couple of folks that have their own reseller accounts, that have built up a residual income by having their own GoDaddy domain reseller account.

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GoDaddy Deluxe Hosting for Economy Pricing!

As you know I have been using a Deluxe Hosting account for some secondary sites, and have been very happy with the performance and ease of use. With this site being on a dedicated server for about 7 years now, I was totally blown away by how easy it is now to setup a  hosting account at GodDaddy.  The folks at GoDaddy knew that I have been bragging about their 4th Generation Hosting, and put together a pretty amazing deal for you, that is only going to be available the month of May

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Deluxe Hosting offers more space, unlimited Websites, more email accounts, more databases, etc. Click on the feature tab to compare the hosting plan benefits. To better get an idea here is the link to a chart at Godaddy that compares their 4GH hosting to other competitors. It has some pretty remarkable points of comparison.

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GoDaddy Super Bowl Advertisements

While not everyone likes the GoDaddy Super Bowl advertisements, you have to admit this year, they really threw us a curve ball in announcing the latest girl. While I am sure they used some video editing to give the new GoDaddy girl the figure of a 21 year old . I really did find the angle of the ad as the work of a genius.

If you have not seen the new GoDaddy girl, I am not going to spoil it for you as you have to watch the ad yourself. Congrats to the GoDaddy team for making me laugh during the Super Bowl, very few ads this year did that.

Bob Parsons is the man in coming up with a marketing message that guarantees everyone knows who the leader is in domain registrations is.

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