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PayWizard Product Review

Posted by KL Tech Muse at 7:20 PM on February 12, 2011

Paywizard iconTodd Cochrane spoke to Stephen Petheram, Marketing Director of PayWizard, which is part of MGTpic, about PayWizard. PayWizard allows anyone to take a payment at anytime. It permits the merchant to set up multiple payment options including daily, monthly, yearly, subscription and micro. It enable one click purchase. If there is not enough money in the PayWizard account then the money will automatically be withdrawn from the card that is connected to the account on the sites that the consumer list as their favorites. The transaction data will belong to and be visible to the merchant at all times.

As the consumer you can set a limit on the amount that can be withdrawn a day without having to enter a pin number. PayWizard works cross platforms so that payments that are made on a mobile platform will also show up on systems that take payment from online platforms.

The system is available on multiple devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android, online and connected TV, just to name a few. Right now PayWizard is only available in Europe, but they are working hard to open up the US market.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Toddygear: A Fashionable Cleaning Cloth

Posted by KL Tech Muse at 5:18 PM on February 11, 2011

Toddy Gear

Todd Cochrane and Tom Newman talked to Todd Gable founder & CEO of Toddy Gear. Toddy Gear is a fashionable microfiber cloth. It can be used to clean a tablet or smart phone screen. It is a double sided cloth. On one side is a silk microfiber with various artistic patterns and on the other is a plush microfiber material. It is machine washable and the anti-micro-bile coating doesn’t come off.

There are several lines, the one for men is called Hottie Tottie, the women’s line is called Chic E. Boutiquee. There is even a girl’s line called Misbehave. They also will make cloths with a company brand on it. It is $14.95 per cloth and is available through the Toddy Website, and at the Verizon store,

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central. andTom Newman of The Fogview Podcast.

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Jill-e Designs for Colourful and Stylish Gadget Bags

Posted by Andrew at 4:50 PM on February 11, 2011

Jeffrey and Esby get fashion tips from Jill Wight, President of Jill-e Designs, creators of stylish gadget bags. From SLR cameras to smartphones, there’s pretty much a bag for every device. But these aren’t boring grey or black – they come in a wide range of bright colours and fantastic patterns.

Although aimed mostly at women, there are some very stylish brown leather bags in the collection (see the Jack range) which would appeal to the men too.

Prices from $30 upwards.

Interview by Esbjorn Larsen of and Jeffrey Powers of The Geekazine Podcast.

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Sonomax Self Mold Earphones

Posted by tomwiles at 3:13 PM on February 9, 2011

Don’t you just hate earbuds? They are often uncomfortable and randomly fall out of the average ear. Up until now, you could pay $2,000 to have custom-molded earphones. Well, all that is about to change.

Nick from Sonomax Technologies uses Geekazine host Jeffrey Powers as a guinea pig to demonstrate “sculpted eers” custom molded earphones. The kit, expected to become available in Spring 2011, enables consumers to create their own custom-molded earphones exactly shaped to their ears using a four-minute-long silicone process. The price point is expected to be $199 for the basic one driver per ear model and $299 for the premium two-driver per ear model. I can’t wait!

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central .

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BacTrack Personal BAC Monitor

Posted by Alan at 3:05 PM on February 9, 2011

Carissa stops by the BacTrack booth to check out the latest in breathalyzer technology.  BacTrack produces their devices for both law enforcement personnel and the man-on-the-street.

Almost everyone knows the “legal limit” in their area, but the average person has no clue what a number like .08 really means.  Well, now you don’t have to carry a badge to know if you shouldn’t be getting behind the wheel – you can pick up your own personal, certified-by-the-FDA breathalyzer at your local office supply store.  The one demonstrated in the video is only $149, which is a LOT less than court costs and jail time.  But, you’ll have to watch the video to see how much Carissa has had to drink….

Interview by Carissa O’Brien for Geek News Central.

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Congratulations TechCrunch and Michael Arrington

Posted by geeknews at 9:38 PM on September 28, 2010

The big news today in the Tech Space was the purchase of and associated properties by AOL. The team over at has been a leader in the blogging space for a while now. I want to congratulate the entire team and wish them more success in the future.

The acquisition of a company is always a good thing especially when there is a nice payday behind. This deals gives company owners like myself the continued drive to do good and build a bigger business.

Westinghouse LED HDTV

Posted by angelo at 11:41 AM on September 17, 2010

Everyday we are being bombarded by advertising that shows sheet after sheet of LED TV’s on sale and available at amazing prices. To think how much I spent on my Sony projection screen 5 years ago, makes me want to cry based on how much I paid for it compared to today’s prices. For the most part consumers are really having a hard time figuring out what manufacture to go with. Over the next couple of months I am going to be looking for information that will help you in choosing your next TV.

Recently I was made aware of a new series of video that they will be introduced over the next few months, that will communicate the value of the Westinghouse Digital brand of LED HDTVs.

In their first video Steve Greenberg, from Innovation Insider talks about a promotion currently running at on the Westinghouse 42” 1080p LED priced at $599.99 for a limited time only.

Check what Steve had to say in this Video hosted on YouTube.

With my wife mandating that we buy a TV and move all gaming gear to the gaming room. The pricing and their green initiatives surrounding their sets makes a lot of sense I will keep you advised on their future videos.

Are new media creators being used?

Posted by geeknews at 12:11 PM on August 2, 2010

Two weeks ago I was contacted by a major marketing firm representing a major Fortune 500.  The pitch was pretty good, they wanted me and a crew of my choosing to come to Palm Springs and cover an event for their client,  a large number of their top partners would be their for three days of training. The basis of the assignment was that I would live stream the event to a site that would be behind a corporate firewall.  They also wanted me to interview and post produce 30 interviews from partner companies at the event. They made it clear that  I would have to submit those interviews to the company within 5 days of the closing of the event for placement behind their corporate firewall, and that I “would not” be able to use them on my site.

I submitted them a very fair proposal for a three people crew that contained expenses for Travel (coach), Hotel, Perdiem, Equipment shipping and a reasonable coverage and post production fee. The grand total of the proposal came in just under $25,000. All told there would be about two weeks of work on this project with post editing of interviews and the 24hrs of show coverage.

The response I got back from the company, was that they would be willing to pay for Travel, Hotel, Perdiem and shipping but not my fee to cover the event or post production costs. When I responded that this was unacceptable,  they were quite incredulous in saying that their would be 5 interviews I would be able to publish publicly, that should be worth the production cost, salaries and other expenses to cover the event.

I am shocked they would ask me to fly three people to palm springs and stay at a  5 star hotel per their request. Where we would be on location for 5 days to cover a three day event, ship in $40,000 worth of equipment. Produce 24 hours of live content,  plus do 30 interviews that would require a week of post event production time essentially for travel expenses?  I don’t know what you thinking but I will say this, they must have been smoking crack to think anyone would do this for expenses. If they had contacted a true production company, their cost to do what I proposed to do would have been a 100k with 10 people on the ground.

I am refraining in mentioning the company holding the event,  and representing marketing company in this piece, I told them that I would be posting an article pertaining to the discussions that broke down last week, and their legal department immediately threatened me with a lawsuit if I named them. That is the last thing I need, and want to warn other content creators to be careful to not be taken advantage of by companies looking to scam you into what they promote as a great deal for your time.

We could have really hit a home run for them in the production of this event, as I know the space and the players. But I refuse to be play along with this charade, like this is some great deal for my company, if the company was a sponsor of my show or something else maybe I would have considered it differently, but they want something for virtually nothing at my expense and time

If I had exclusive rights to the content  to post as I see fit and stream the event live, then I could have weighed this differently as well. The insinuation that was made that was because we are new media the trade of services for access was an acceptable trade off. I disagree and as a business person am in business to stay in business not do charity work.

So the question needing asked are companies now trying to take advantage of small companies like mine because they perceive we can be taken advantage of because we are new media?

$1.99 .Com Domain Names at GoDaddy Limited Time Offer!

Posted by geeknews at 12:59 AM on August 2, 2010

For a very short period of time New Customers at can use a very special Promotion Code that has a limited number of uses.  If you have been waiting to buy a domain name or try the services at GoDaddy, this is a great opportunity you are not going to see .com prices at $1.99 for a long time.  The promo code for new customers is “199geeks” that can be used specifically for new .com purchases.

GoDaddy has been a long time supporter of this site and my show. We have a full selection of Godaddy Promo Codes listed below. Again the “199geeks” code is a limited time offer for new customers. Existing customers can use one of my other promo codes.

Disclaimer: is sponsor of this site, Geek News Central is hosted on a GoDaddy server, we pay for all of our hosting and domain registrations at retail just like you, we stand behind GoDaddy services and use many of their secondary products as well. As the Executive Producer of Geek News Central and the Podcast, I fully endorse GoDaddy products and services.

OTT And Paid Content

Posted by tomwiles at 11:41 AM on July 9, 2010

OTT, short for “over-the-top-television” is an up-and-coming acronym that we are all likely going to become familiar with in the near future, provided someone doesn’t come up with a different marketing name. The concept is simple – it’s TV that comes “over the top” of traditional channels on a cable system via the Internet delivered in digital packets. It can either be live streaming video, on-demand streaming video, or in the form of a pre-recorded on-demand podcast.

There are many aspects of over-the-top TV that have yet to be shaken out. Specifically, here in the early stages there are some still-murky areas when it comes to details of how advertising is going to work.

Things that we know about how OTT works successfully so far:

People are willing to pay for bundled on-demand professionally created OTT content in the form of Netflix on-demand streaming of movies, TV shows, and other content. The bundled Netflix price for all-you-can-eat on-demand streaming OTT offers the consumer a real value. In most cases, a great deal of marketing money and effort has been spent promoting the majority of individual movies and other content that are available on Netflix, so the consumer has a fairly high degree of familiarity with much of the on-demand streaming content they offer. These are essentially repurposed movies that are already on the shelf.

People are willing to watch on-demand streaming OTT of professionally-created content with embedded ads as demonstrated by the ongoing success of Hulu.Com. The consumer is likely already familiar with a portion of the content, but Hulu also allows the consumer to discover and explore previously unknown TV show content in an on-demand stream with embedded ads. These are essentially repurposed TV shows, some movies, and other content.

Live streaming OTT of live content is still catching on. The most successful live OTT content as typified by what Leo Laporte and company are generating still offers an on-demand podcast version that can be downloaded later. Currently, on-demand, after-the-fact podcast versions of live OTT generated content end up with many more downloads than people watching via live streams. Both live streaming OTT and the on-demand podcast versions can contain ads. For the ads to be effective in this format, they need to be relevant to the audience’s needs and desires. The old “shotgun” advertising approach does not work in this format. This specific type of content is closely associated with word-of-mouth promotion.

There are a few questions that remain to be answered. Will consumers pay for on-demand streaming of TV drama-type content they are unfamiliar with — in other words, will consumers pay to watch an on-demand stream of a new TV show drama, documentary or reality show? Using myself as a gage, I wouldn’t pay for individual on-demand episodes of a TV show or movie I wasn’t fairly familiar with. Promotion and word-of-mouth still has to take place.

If consumers will pay-per-view for an unfamiliar on-demand TV show, can the content still contain ads? I think the answer to this depends on the content and its perceived value – i.e., how well it is promoted, and the resulting perceived value that is generated in the potential consumer.

Once “Lost” was a hit TV show, would the fanatic fans have paid for on-demand streams of new episodes? Probably they would have, if they could have gotten them, say a week or so in advance of the actual broadcasts. “Lost” fans would have also put up with ads in the advance on-demand stream. They might have grumbled about it, but if that were the only way it was available in advance, many of them would have opened-up their wallets and paid the price monetarily and with their attention to the embedded ads in order to satisfy their “Lost” habit. Clearly, the producers of “Lost” – ahem – “lost out” on a time-sensitive revenue stream opportunity.

Bottom line, I believe it all revolves around the content and the real and perceived values that the content delivers.

I liked last season’s remake of the old “V” television series. If I could be assured the production values remained just as high, I might pay to subscribe in some manner. If the “V” series is picked up again by ABC next season, I would also pay to subscribe if I could get episodes via on-demand streaming before they were broadcast.

In the meantime, we are still dealing with the death-throws of the old broadcast model with its old appointment based viewing schedule combined with the old shotgun advertising approach. ABC broadcast TV affiliates would have had a cow if “Lost” episodes had been made available as a paid on-demand OTT stream before the episodes were actually broadcast via the network.

The final destination of OTT and when it ends up at that destination depends on what is right for the time. Both delivery infrastructure capabilities and consumer demand will make that determination.