Art Undressed (or Cross-Dressed?)

Reith Lectures 2013For many geeks, art is a bit of a mystery. What is art, what makes good art and why is it so expensive? And as for contemporary art, does anything go? Is a urinal art?

This year’s BBC Reith Lectures are presented by Grayson Perry, a “cross-dressing potter from Essex” who is about as far from the Establishment as you can get. Winner of 2003’s Turner Prize, he’s funny, frank and demystifies the world of art in four very entertaining programmes. I say four: only two have actually aired but based on the track record so far, I don’t think the remaining episodes will disappoint. An edited extract from the first episode is available at the Financial Times, but it’s much better to hear Grayson present the lecture.

Available as podcasts via RSS, iTunes and direct download.

As Alan Bennett said, the thing about art is that you don’t have to like it all.

Pogo Connect Stylus is Pressure Sensitive

Ten One Design has created something artists are going to immediately recognize as awesome! It’s called Pogo Connect. It is the world’s first pressure sensitive Bluetooth 4.0 stylus for the new iPad. The stylus can detect if you are pressing hard with it or if you are just barely grazing it across the surface. This is very much like how it feels to use a pencil on a regular piece of paper. Artists won’t have to “re-learn” how to draw in order to use the Pogo Connect.

Another cool thing about the the Pogo Connect is that it has palm rejection capabilities. It means you can draw with the Pogo Connect stylus without worrying about having the edge of your hand be interpreted as the stylus. The act of drawing often requires you to have your hand touch the “page”, especially when you are putting in tiny little details in a small space. With the Pogo Connect, your hand won’t mess up your artwork. The Pogo Connect also works at any angle, which gives artists a lot of freedom in how they create art.

Ten One Design has been named as an International CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree in Computer Accessories for the Pogo Connect. Pogo Connect and other Ten One Design products will be available for viewing at their booth during CES 2013, from January 8th through January 13th, 2013.

Image by Ten One Design

Lego Bridge

In the Germany city of Wuppertal urban artist Martin Heuwold, aka MEGX, has transformed a dull grey concrete railway bridge into a brightly coloured Lego construction.

Here’s the bridge as it originally appeared.

Original Bridge

And here it is after the reconstruction.

Lego Bridge

Of course, the bridge hasn’t really been rebuilt with super-sized Lego Duplo bricks but instead the brick-effect has been painted on. It’s very convincing, though. Regrettably the Lego bridge can only stay in place for four weeks.

Lego Bridge

All pictures courtesy of Martin Heuwold. There are more on his website.