Ever Type a Domain in Wrong?

The way I type it happens everyday, and it annoys me when I land on domains that have nothing but Google Adsense ads on it. Well a unlikely company Microsoft is going after these typo domain squatters and are tracking there every move. I just wonder how many Millions of dollars poor companies are paying in false clicks. [eWeek]


I keep my eye on articles that talk about Adsense optimization and everything I read in these articles essentially requires a complete website re-design and at this point I am not up to do that to squeeze some more money out of Google. Sure it’s nice to pay the server bill with the earnings but at what price to those that visit the site. Most of the regular readers are getting the commentary via RSS and most of the traffic is being driven in from other sources. So what do you think is a good trade off. [adsense.blogspot.com]

FeedBurner CEO playing up Ads in RSS Feeds are GREAT! (GAG)

First of all if you trust putting your eggs in one basket, and pushing your readers to pick up your RSS feeds over at FeedBurner, then you are asking for trouble. No one is going to track my readers, and we don’t track or analyze our RSS feed subscribers.

Those of you using FeedBurner, I suggest you look at your RSS feed every time you post something new, and see how long it takes before FeedBurner updates your feed. Test we have done here show it can take sometimes up to 24 hours for new post to show up, at least I know hosting my own that as soon as I hit enter it is updated.

Apparently the CEO of FeedBurner says that people are not un-subscribing from feeds that have Google Adsense ads in them. I am sure they are TRACKING your subscribers very CLOSELY. I talked to several people who have put RSS Ads in their feeds, and guess what, they lost subscribers no specific numbers. More importantly I have been told by at least 6 website owners that are running ads on their RSS feeds that subscribers are not clicking on the Ads! click through is as low as one or two on a 100,000 views.

I read a lot of RSS feeds, and I can tell you the way ads are placed now every other article is pissing me off to no end. If they would limit the Ad to one a day it would not be so bad, but reading the feed is distracting, and I have begun to skip a lot of sites that are doing this.

Case in point Engadget, this site has great content but their RSS ads in their feeds is beyond distracting I look at maybe the first 5 articles and move on at least Gizmodo is not jamming this stuff down my throat. I am finding myself at their website a lot more. [MarketingStudies]