Back from CES #1251

Back from CES I give you the insider run-down and whats to come. Very happy to be back in Hawaii and back in the studio even though I am still totally fragged from the show and vegas. Regular scheduled shows for the next month.

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Skylink Group Debuted Alexa Compatible NOVA at CES 2018

Skylink Group, a leading provider of connected home safety solutions, debuted the NOVA at CES 2018. NOVA is a Wi-Fi enabled, universal garage door controller device that can be retrofitted directly onto most garage door controllers on the market. It transforms existing garage door openers into smart openers through the SkylinkNet iOS or Android app.

In addition to remotely opening or closing most garage doors on the market, through the SkylinkNet app, the NOVA is compatible with the If This Then That (IFTTT) platform and Alexa Voice Services, allowing homeowners to manage a variety of connected home accessories from a myriad of manufactures through one device.

Doubling as an LED light fixture, the NOVA is also designed to detect the audible alarm from smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home, automatically opening the garage door for added ventilation in case of an emergency.

Additional NOVA Features:

  • Integrated with Alexa Voice Services to open and close the garage door and to control other smart home devices through voice command for added convenience
  • Connects to a majority of existing garage door openers and smart home accessories on the market through the IFTTT platform
  • Features smart Wi-Fi connection protocol, allowing users to seamlessly connect to the home’s Wi-Fi network
  • Meets the UL 325 safety requirement to ensure a safe home for families across the world
  • Requires minimal wiring for a safe and easy install and set-up process
  • Designed as a 12W LED light, delivering the same brightness as a traditional 100W tungsten

Skylink’s NOVA retails for $99.99 and will be available at the in Spring of 2018.

Beyond Zero Showcased Machine that Freezes Alcohol at CES 2018

Beyond Zero showcased its disruptive technology at CES 2018. They displayed the “world’s first” machines which enable any user to make liquor or wine cubes to cool drinks while eliminating the need for drink-diluting water-wasting ice.

The machines are plug-and-play appliances which consume under 100W of power while automatically freezing pure liquor, wine, or mixed cocktails into ice in a matter of minutes. There is no use of chemical additives to freeze the spirits.

The liquor ice maker and accompanying storage freezer are in production, UL/NSF approved and available for sale.

The iconic design was created to capture the eye in any home or commercial environment. The lighting, use of colors and movement all sync to direct the user’s attention toward the technology by highlighting the process of the alcohol being frozen. Its intuitive touchscreen interface allows a user to push the boundaries of cocktail culture with the press of a button.

Beyond Zero also offers other creative new cocktail possibilities such as combining more than one liquor together in ice, making ice in different colors or providing drinks that get stronger, not weaker- as ice melts.

Spectra Unveiled SO-2000 Bluetooth Clock at CES 2018

Spectra Merchandising International, Inc. an industry pioneer in consumer electronics, unveiled the SoLIS SO-2000 Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Wireless clock with the Google Assistant built in at the CES 2018.

With the Google Assistant, the SO-2000 allows users to ask questions, play music and manage tasks. The unit includes two high fidelity speakers and an easy-to-read LED clock that automatically sets the time from the Google Cloud.

The SO-2000 also features Chromecast built in to stream music from your phone, tablet or laptop to the built-in speakers.

With the Google Home app, you can stream music to a single speaker, different music to individual speakers, or create groups for multi-room listening. Multi-room sync controls the music and plays the same song to any combination of multi-room compatible speakers at the same time.

SO-2000 product specifications:

  • Wireless Wi-Fi Streaming with the Google Assistant built in
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Multi-Room Streaming and Wireless Control from Anywhere in Your Home with Chromecast built in
  • Front-firing 5W speakers
  • Power: 120V AC 60Hz
  • Output: 2x5W RMS
  • Dimensions: 6.25” (W) x 5.5” (D) x 7” (H)

The SO-2000 will be available mid-2018 in black or white for $169.99 MSRP.

SCOSCHE Industries Unveiled New RHYTHM24 Armband Heart Monitor at CES 2018

SCOSCHE Industries, innovators of award-winning consumer technology, powersports, and car audio products and accessories, has unveiled RHYTHM24, the next generation of SCOSCHE’s hyper-accurate waterproof armband heart rate monitor at CES 2018.

A successor to the RHYTHM+, a 2014 International CES Innovations Award Honoree, RHYTHM24 continues the company’s advancement in fitness wearable technology with an all-new look, expanded features, and variable activity modes to ensure accurate biometric measurements are captured, stored and shared with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ devices like smart/sport watches, smartphones, tablets, exercise equipment and more.

RHYTHM24 boasts key upgrades to its predecessor, including a 24-hour battery life, IP68 sweatproof/waterproof rating, five changeable training/use zones/modes, and two multi-modes (designed for biathletes and triathletes training and activities), an LED batter indicator and on-board data recording.

The recording feature allows users to leave their mobile devices behind while they do fitness activities and then upload their workout data later.

RHYTHM24 heart monitoring modes offer a wide range of data capturing, including heart rate variability (HRV) mode, which allows users to monitor the time between each heartbeat for increased stress and recovery tracking. The device also now features heart rate profiles for a variety of activities, including swimming, running and cycling.

The RHYTHM24 measures blood flow and movement to calculate heart rate and calories burned more accurately than conventional heart rate monitors. The monitor is a silicone and polycarbonate hybrid with a soft elastic strap, which makes it both comfortable and functional during indoor or outdoor workouts.

The device is compatible with hundreds of the most popular fitness apps, such as RunKeeper, Map My Fitness, Strava and all other apps that support Bluetooth Smart, as well as fitness devices that support ANT+ technology, allowing users to utilize their data across numerous platforms.

The RHYTHM24, as well as its interchangeable armbands in a variety of colors, will be available starting Spring 2018.

iDevices and Hubbell Debuted Co-Developed Tech Products at CES 2018

iDevices, the preeminent brand in the connected home industry, partnered with two portfolio brands of parent company Hubbell Incorporated to develop a Wi-Fi enabled electric vehicle charger and a ceiling fan controller. Both products debuted at CES 2018.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger allows users to control, monitor, and schedule their charger from anywhere with their mobile device. The Ceiling Fan Switch gives users the ability to control fan speed and lighting with their voice or mobile device.

The compact and powerful EV Charger gives users the ability to remotely control, monitor and schedule the charge of their vehicle from anywhere with their mobile phone and the free iDevices Connected app. Users can track their vehicle’s charging status, get an instant alert if their vehicle is unexpectedly unplugged, and set custom charging schedules and time delays.

The EV Charger was developed with Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems, a division of Hubbell Incorporated.

Like all iDevices products, EV Charger doesn’t require a hub, works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. EV Charger is available in both hardwired and plug-in models that mount directly to a home’s garage wall.

The Ceiling Fan Switch, a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled fan controller, reinvents the traditional ceiling fan by adding smart functionality through an elegantly designed wall switch and canopy receiver – allowing users to control their fan’s speed and lighting with a simple voice command to Siri, Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

The Ceiling Fan Switch works with most ceiling fans, features three speeds, and energy monitoring from anywhere with the iDevices Connected app. It was developed with Progress Lighting, another leading brand in the Hubbell Incorporated portfolio.

The EV Charger and Smart Fan Control will be available in 2018.

Elaphe’s In-Wheel Propulsion is in EU-LIVE L5e Demonstrator Vehicle

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies, a technology company and leading developer and supplier of in-wheel electric propulsion for battery-electric and hybrid vehicles, announced the recently released EU-LIVE L5e demonstrator vehicle uses Elaphe’s in-wheel electric propulsion.

The EU-LIVE L5e demonstrator vehicle was built within the Horizon 2020 GV5 Research and Innovation programme, coordinated by Virtual Vehicle, and developed by renown PSA Groupe, Peugeot Scooters, Continental, Samsung SDI, Brembo, Elaphe and many others.

The main objective was to showcase an innovative vehicle and underlying technology, suited for both concentrated city driving as well as speeding down highway roads. As the project focuses on multiple L-Class vehicles, the goal was to use as many modular components as possible, to maintain maximal cross-platform functionality and reduce production costs.

The L5e runs in zero-emission mode with exceptional acceleration, and the 48-volt battery, designed by Samsung SDI, can be recharged using highly-efficient regenerative braking, as the in-wheel motors have the ability to directly regenerate at the wheel level in the optimal range of operation.

The mechanical disc brake system, required for scenarios where larger braking torque is required, such as emergency cases, was designed and built by Brembo S.p.A. And consists of an innovative aluminum caliper integrated in the motor’s stator, resulting in superior motor compactness.

The vehicle’s small footprint (2.4 meters x 0.85 meters) and upward-rotating doors facilitate perpendicular parking and free up road space. Besides an enclosed, heated cabin, the vehicle also features seatbelts and an airbag, making helmets, gloves, waterproof jackets and other protective gear, well known to motorcycle riders, unnecessary.

Elaphe presented its autonomous applications focused in-wheel propulsion platform at CES 2018.

Immersive Entertainment with Philips Hue at CES 2018

At CES 2018, Philips Lighting have announced the latest evolution of the Hue ecosystem which brings immersive interaction between entertainment – gaming, movies and music – and Hue lighting. Simplistically, Hue can colour the room around you to complement the action in the game. Sweet!

Following a free, over-the-air software update, Philips Hue customers with colour-capable lights and a Philips Hue v2 bridge can enjoy truly immersive home entertainment experiences. The new software, created as a result of pilots (Sharknardo!), insights and feedback gained from leading companies in the entertainment industry, synchronizes Philips Hue lights perfectly with gaming, movie and music content. Razer, the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers, is the first partner to go live.

Accompanying the new Hue Entertainment functionality, Philips Lighting will introduce Hue Sync, an application that will run on any Windows 10 or macOS High Sierra-based computer, in Q2 2018. Philips Hue Sync creates immediate, immersive light scripts for any game, movie or music played on the computer, so consumers can enjoy the content they are playing, watching or listening to even more. I have to say that sounds pretty cool but I hope they bring out a version that can work with DVRs like Sky Q or Tivo and media streamers such as the Roku or Fire TV.

Finally, In summer 2018, Philips Lighting will take the Hue experience outside the home with the debut of an outdoor line. This new line of products will let consumers get more out of their exterior lighting by allowing them to personalise their ambience for any moment outside, whether simply relaxing with family or entertaining friends. It will also increase their peace of mind when arriving home or while away.

Keep an eye on for further Hue updates.

Elaphe Presents In-Wheel Motor at CES 2018

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies, a technology company and leading developer and supplier of in-wheel electric propulsion for battery-electric and hybrid vehicles, announced a cutting-edge in-wheel electric motor at CES 2018.

It is an integral part of a working L5e demonstrator vehicle developed together with Groupe PSA and a consortium of 12 partners from six countries. The technology is intended to be industrialized with possible start of production as early as 2020.

Elaphe partnered with Brembo S.p.A. (that supplies brakes for Tesla) to design and manufacturer a fully integrated and extremely compact in-wheel drive solution for light electric vehicles.

The Brembo – Elaphe joint development effort resulted in a modular, air-cooled in-wheel electric motor, which pumps out an astonishing 256 Nm of direct torque (no gearbox necessary), delivering upwards of 25 kW of power per wheel.

The motors are designed to fit into the rear wheels of L-class vehicles. Directly-driven wheels vastly simplify the use of tilting mechanisms, as the vehicle does not require any mechanical transmission.