Brinno TLC200 Pro Review

Brinno is well established in the time lapse video market, and their flagship TLC200 Pro Model is literally a set and forget it device that does all on-board processing of the recorded video. The linked video below was simply recorded and uploaded to YouTube with no other processing.  I found myself experimenting with frame rate setting and found that the longer time lapse I was going to take the lower the frame rate and the shorter the video the higher garnered better results.

The Brinno TLC200 Pro is especially dynamic in low light. If your not satisfied with the field of view you can buy additional lenses for the unit to really cover any recording situation. Recording up to 24 hours of content on a standard SD card. With a 1280×720 recording resolution and battery life capable of capturing 240,000 photos you will be able to be up and capturing time lapse videos in no time.

Brinno has a full line of time lapse cameras with a variety of options and specification. I like the TLC200 Pro model as it has features like White Balance, can act as a webcam if needed, the ability to change out lenses is a plus and with a Tripod mount on the bottom you can setup secure shooting anywhere. I used a standard car camera mount to shoot the video below which is remarkably stable considering the rough roads here in Hawaii.

Priced at $149 at various outlets you cannot go wrong.

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