GNC #1141 Electric Jet Powered Garbage Trucks

Audio Only Tonight

Mike Dell here filling in for Todd this week. I do the Podcast Help Desk and Mike Dell’s World Podcast. I have a stack of stuff for you in this episode of Geek News Central.

One thing I noticed tonight while getting ready for the show… Sites are wising up to the ad blockers. In fact will not let you look at anything unless you white list them or pay them. Not sure how I feel about that, but I know one thing for sure, I won’t be reading any Forbes articles anytime soon. Some sites are just lousy with ads and make it impossible to read them (Facebook) without an ad blocker.

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Lompic, California wants to change it’s name to Lompokemon

New iPhone announcement Sept. 7th

No Headphone Jack, No Problem

Woz Warns Apple to not Remove Headphone Jack

Verizon offers 300 mbps LTE

HP Offers Privacy Display on Laptops

$815,000 for an Apple 1

NetFlix Adds/Subtracts shows this fall

RIP Gene Wilder, 83

Solar Eclipse Guide 2016

Asteroid Near Miss Last Weekend

Voter System Hack in Ill. and Az.

Jet Powered Electric Garbage Trucks

3000 Sign Up To Become Commercial Drone Pilots

Pizza By Drone

Electric Self-Driving Race cars. Why?