Olloclip Adds Lenses to Your Smartphone

Olloclip LogoTaking photos with your smartphone is quick and easy. Unfortunately, there are limitations to what the lens of a smartphone can do all by itself. The Olloclip was designed to improve the photos that you take with your smartphone.

Daniel visited the Olloclip booth at CES 2016 to find out about what Olloclip can offer photographers. They have a range of photographic lenses and accessories for mobile phones. Most of their lenses are for iPhone, and some are also available for Android phones. These lenses are great for people who are traveling, for photo journalists, for media, and also for people who love taking photos.

The Olloclip Active Lens is composed of two different lenses. The Ultra-Wide lens expands the photographer’s field of view. It works on the front facing camera and the back facing camera. The Ultra-Wide lens is great for taking group selfies – because you can fit in a lot more people than you could with a typical smartphone lens.

The same device includes a Telephoto lens. It is a 2x telephoto lens. Line it up with the lens on your smartphone and it will sit snugly. This lens is great for taking photos that require a wider or closer view than what a smartphone lens can do. It is easy to switch between the two lenses as needed.

The OlloClip Active Lens is priced at $99.99 and is available through the OlloClip website.

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