Right Eye Offers Eye Health Tracking Technology

Right Eye logoThe standard acuity chart, commonly called “The Eye Chart”, is great if you are standing still. But, life isn’t static. Right Eye has leveraged the technology of tracking eye movements to create more accurate and informative eye tests.

Jamie spoke with Adam Gross, CEO and co-founder of Right Eye They have created tests that not only track eye movement, but also replace subjective, non-repeatable, cumbersome, often slow, and unavailable tests.

One example is with the case of concussions. Right Eye has digitized the “follow the tip of my finger” test that is widely used for concussion diagnoses and treatment with something more accurate. It is a 15 second test that tracks eye movement to the tune of 120 per second per eye. The test is digitized, accurate, objective, repeatable, and reportable.

The test can produce a report for a doctor or a patient. The report can help show where a patient stands and can monitor the progress of the treatment the patient is receiving. It enables health care providers to determine when the patient is ready to go back to work, when to go back into the game, or when to go back to play or school.

In addition, Right Eye was at CES Unveiled to launch their Right Eye Essential Vision, which is a core set of metrics that relate to vision, such as depth perception. At the same time, they launched their Right Eye Performance Vision. They will launch Neurovision on September 1, 2016.