GNC #976 Design Decisions

Thanks for making August our largest Audience month ever. In today’s show I talk about the transition of the website design. We have moved the New Media Show already and also transitioned The Elder Divide onto the new template. Send me some feedback on the design. Also I am looking for a cool header graphics for GNC. Have an idea. Submit a 320×165 and a 640×330 design and if I pick your design you will win a cool prize.

I cover all the latest in tech news including the Apple iCloud break in that happened to some celebrities.

I Also update on my Transformation and finally geting into smaller cloths.. Discounts available now by using promo code “podcast” @

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Listener Links:
Microsoft Defies Court Order.

Show Notes: gets hacked.
Tim Cook on iCloud Security.
Hacker World of Nude Pics.
FCC Chair talks about no competition in ISP Space.
Sept. 10th Internet Slowdown Day.
Apple to stream Tuesdays event Live.
Verizon hammered in Privacy fine.
Withings New Homekit Camera.
Facebook Privacy Cleanup.
Facebook Privacy Settings Guide.
Feds want Dotcom’s money.
On the Payroll of Comcast / TWC.
MonoPrice LED Review.
SweetBeat Life Review.
Galaxy S5 Sport Review.
SmartBag $$$.$$.
Going to Trial on salary fixing.
Our Criminal Justice Horror Stories.
Google to Refund 19 Million.
United 787-9.
Dysone Robot.
WordPress 4.0
Tesla Battery Plant Announcement.
Google Indoor Mapping Backpack.
Cool Kid Toy.
Drop Test you Batteries.