GNC #975 iPhone 6 Mania Begins

iPhone 6 Mania has already swept the tech space. Blogger and Podcasters ๐Ÿ˜‰ are going to spend countless hours speculating about the phone which is rumored to be priced north of $1000. This is a monster show again so I am back to limiting my article count to keep the show length where it should be.

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Show Notes:
ALS and Trademarks.
Psychotic analysis of a invitation card.
iPhone 6 Price rumors if true “ridiculous”.
Bad 14 years ago but ok in 2014?
Chase Hacked.
MPAA new tactic.
Chrome 64 Bit fo Mac.
Money and ISP’s.
Swatting gone bad live on the net.
Tased Father gets video and phone back.
iPhone 5 Battery Swap Challenges.
Complain and get charged $250 by Accessory Outlet.
Galactic Core.
Awesome Hubble Images of Dirt?
Conception App.
Court Digital records Trashed.
Woz on Wearables.
Is Google Maps Tracking you?
New Apple Building for iPhone 6 reveal?
Hyperlapse Videos.
IRS and Erased Cell Phones.
Keurig Unlocked.
Google Project Wing Demo.
Sprint Overseas Call deals via WiFi.
HP Power Cord Recall.