GNC #971 Good Evening Listeners!

I update you on what happened in the storm and all of the tech news with some extra time taken on fitness tracking applications and the privacy implications. Also as a reminder I will be out to the Podcast Movement and I will attempt to get a guest host for the two episodes I will be gone for..

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Show Notes:
Fitness Data Privacy.
More Police Recording Legal Rulings.
FCC Net Neutrality Meetings.
Judge Throws out Settlement.
Cyber Leaders at Black Hat.
Reno new Startup Meca?
Passwords are Crap.
Messenger Settings Page.
Digging Deep for the FCC.
HyperLapse Video totally awesome.
Ad wars heat up.
Don’t Like everything in Facebook!
70’s Privacy Videos.
Tax Dollars at Work #1.
Fiverr Raises 30 Million.
Pay for your meal with Open Table App.
Comcast Customer Care Audio #2.
I want a job at the USPTO.
Laser Explosive Detector.
Nanosheets to protect burns.
T-Mobile Pay as you go.
Liquid Metal for Cancer Treatment.
Uber Busted Spoofing Lyft.