GNC #969 Is Apple Lost?

Glad to be back after putting my back out last week that was a fun adventure. Spend a little time on the soap tonight so enjoy. The question is ask is Apple Lost? I Also update on my Transformation. Discounts are still available by using promo code “podcast” @

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Show Notes:
Apple TV Update (BORING)
Will there be enough Horse Power?
Verizon is Pathetic.
AI more dangerous than Nukes?
Social 101 (FAIL)
Comcast trying to get Brownie Points.
Hybrid 101.
Rover reaches Summit.
Coffee Alarm Clock.
Right to be Forgotten issues.
Stupid Patent of the Month.
Uber Beijing.
National Geo Photo Contest.
Hack the in-flight Entertainment System.
NFL to Apple TV.
NASA Impossible Thruster.
Hack your Car Remote.