GNC #967 Is Title II the Answer

This has been a great week, and I share some of the happening including all of the tech news of the day. I also dig into should ISP’s be categorized as common carriers aka Title II. I Also update on my Transformation. Discounts are still available by using promo code “podcast” @

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Show Notes:
Selfie Mirror.
Flux Capacitor.
YouTube Star Sued.
1 Million to Deliver Efficient Power Converter.
Verizon Cash Machine.
Eye Tracking Heat Maps.
Hiding a Money-Making Bot.
Wheel Treadmill.
Quantum Computing.
Underground Water Map.
New Soviet Weapon.
Amazon Makes and Spends a Lot. Auction.
Rumor Apple Timeline.
Is your WordPress Site Hacked?
Watch list Outtakes.
Facebook and Uber on Messigner?
No Passport or Visa for you.
Jimmy Kimmel Spoofs the iTime.
Samsung 850 Pro Series SSD.
Amazon to spend 100 Million on Original Content.
Twitch to Google for 1 Billion.
ISP’s not Capitol Investing.
5 Smartphone Mounts.