GNC #966 T-Minus 34

I want to thank all the new GNC 1000 supporters listed below. Great mix of content tonight and the new battle for municipal broadband projects get real. Also update on my Transformation. Discounts are still available by using promo code podcast or visit

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Show Notes:
Neil Armstrong Honored.
Municipal Broadband under Assault.
USA falls to 16th in Internet Penetration.
iOS Backdoor.
Hijacking Chromecast.
Genome Editing.
Conference Cuts by Microsoft.
Windows 9 Start Menu.
iPhone Rumors.
Hidden Mac Features.
Air Force One Phone Upgrade.
EFF Open Wireless Router Tech.
WD 6TB Drive $299.
Verizon Fios Upgrade.
Smart Toilet Paper Holder.
Blackberry Really?
Red Alert App Israel.
Drink Tester for Alteration.
Facebook Save.
Finger Printing your Browser to Track You.
Netflix Earnings.
YouTube Star Sued for Copyright Violations.
Verizon Loyalty Program.
Facebook Stolen Dress Picture.