GNC #965 Announcing the GNC 1000

Tonight I talk about all the latest tech and I introduce the entirety of the GNC 1000 and the different support levels. I am hoping the resonates with the audience and falls in line with the show history and heritage of producing it here in Hawaii.. I also will share a secret with you on the next show..

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Show Notes:
18K Job Cuts at Microsoft.
Xbox Original Programming DOA.
Restaurant Truth.
Net Neutrality is it gonna Hold?
RIAA has lost their collective minds.
New Watermarks.
Space Logs.
How much Underwear do you need?
Budget Riders effect FCC and Muni Broadband.
Patent Troll Smacked Down.
NASDAQ Malware.
Chrome Battery Eating.
Japan Train.
Mars Geo Map.
Voice Diagnosis.
Brain Implant.
Carbon Capture.
Verizon gets Burned by Level 3!
Mophie Space Pack.
Earthquake Hot Spots.
Tesla Direct Sales Answers.
Aereo Mess gets Worse.
Japan Blue Box?
Dropbox Questions?
Bill Campbell out at Apple.
Cisco Home Router Hacker Flaw.